America must declare war on terrorists wherever they are

The video footage of the attack on the World Trade Center in New York was so unbelievable it exceeded human comprehension. This cowardly act has created devastation never before experienced on American soil. The perpetrators must be brought to justice, as President Bush has declared. More than that, however, America must declare war on all terrorists wherever they exist. Terrorism is akin to a huge demon octopus. When one tentacle is severed, the body simply grows another. Now is the time to destroy the body wherever it hides.

It is no secret that certain countries tolerate the presence of terrorists within their borders. Some support and protect them while they train and plan their next dastardly attack. The United States must insist that those countries cease all protection and support. Further, they must also surrender all terrorists charged with crimes against humanity. If these countries are unable or refuse to comply, our military will forcefully intervene.

We must resolve that these senseless acts never occur again. If we fail in this resolve, no American will ever feel safe from harm here or anywhere in the world.

Milton H. Towne


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