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Topic 316 was started on 1999-11-26. There are 68 messages available to read.

I just discovered that I've been stolen from. Grrr.

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Message 68 was left by Gregory Koster on 2002-05-11 23:07:07. Feedback: 0/0

For Dave: Have you considered writing your experiences up for SPECULATIONS. I'd like to read more about them. Kent would buy, and all of us would read. Give this your best thought.

Best regards,
Gregory Koster

Message 67 was left by DaveK on 2002-05-11 21:53:30. Feedback: 0/0

Pam, T.Rex is correct. When I search for one of mine that HAS been stolen before and is now distributed more than I ever expected might happen, I look for it by placing certain key words in the search engine. In the case of my story that was copied, I search for "Georgia butterfly puddle" without the quotes. Yes, I get lots of non-hits in the search results, but those are easy to ignore because the real hits show about one line of text from each site found. All I have to do is recognize that one line of text to know whether it's that particular story of mine.

By the way, don't look for anything of yours by its title. The story of mine that was taken and distributed now has about six different titles. Its original title was "A True Story of Love and Courage." It's also titled now as "Now I Knew," "Butterfly Courage," "Butterfly Love," "Attack Butterfly," and one other that I don't recall at the moment. There could be more by now.

Your options upon finding something stolen are to either request that it be removed or negotiate for payment. If it's a short story, you might want to consider what I've done which is ask to have my byline restored so that the story gives me some promotional value. Yes, my story was distributed without my byline when it was first taken without permission. Most of the site owners are only too happy to add the byline and not worry about legalities that might cost them dearly. Most are not businesses, but private individuals who just happen to like the story intensely. For me, I felt this was better than slapping them and potential readers in the face and losing them for my other writing.

Of course, this means that I have to do a fresh search of the Internet about once every three or four months to find new sites. The total is already approaching 100 with that one story. A number have even added graphics, animation, and music to enhance my story. I guarantee you that I wouldn't be this nice if one of my novels was at stake instead. Then I would demand removal.

Anyway, you have to make such a judgment call based upon your own needs and motives should you discover anything of yours had been copied without your permission. Most likely, it will be a short story, essay, or poem, if it happens at all.

Message 66 was left by T. Rex on 2002-05-11 20:55:53. Feedback: 0/0

Dear Pam:

I think what they do is a few, occasional web searches
using some of the more powerful engines. They search
for titles, for peculiar phrases in their stories, etc.

Somebody else correct me if I'm wrong.

Oh--and there is of course the "heads-up" from someone
who knows the writer.


Message 65 was left by Pam on 2002-05-11 16:35:28. Feedback: 0/0

How do writers find out that they have been plagiarized?

Message 64 was left by Dorothy Neddermeyer on 2002-03-02 15:35:00. Feedback: 0/0

Hello Everyone: I don't know if anyone is coming to this site anymore, but I will post this in case anyone comes by from time to time and doesn't write anything because there is nothing new to say. There is something new regarding ABP. Those who filed a complaint have received phone calls from Detective Wilkins from the Salt Lake City Police Dept. She has just been assigned the case to investigate C. Lee Nunn and ABP. She would like any of you who would like to speak with her regarding any and all issues, to CALL her at the following numbers ASAP.

Desk phone 801-483-6092
Cell phone 801-637-2672

If you have ANY possible evidence or items you'd like to send to her, here is the mailing address

South Salt lake Police Dept.
c/o Detective Wilkins
220 E. Morris AVE.
Salt Lake City,
Utah 84115

I urge all of you who have any complaints which could be 'evidence' to add to the list of complaints to PLEASE call Detective Wilkins immediately. It does not matter if you did file a complaint before. Detective Wilkins wants as much evidence as she can find to determine if there is indeed reason to get an indictment for fraud. Let's all help her help us.
Best Regards

Message 63 was left by Heather on 2002-01-30 12:09:00. Feedback: 0/0

Sorry, forgot to mention to those who don't know that I am a former ABPG author. I just pulled my "contract" out a couple of weeks ago in favor of self publishing my novel.

Message 62 was left by Heather on 2002-01-30 12:06:00. Feedback: 0/0

No need for me to go into a lengthy rant about Cheryl Nunn and American Book, I see. It's comforting and refreshing to see that some of my fellow ABPG survivors have put their two cents in here. My advise? COMPLAIN LOUDLY, to whomever you can if you've been scammed by that woman/company. I still think that the IFCC is a promising option. (The reason the AG complaints are turned away due to lack of jurisdiction is that she doesn't run an incorporated company, but a sole proprietorship, so complaints have got to be sent to either a more localized agency or to a broader one - states have no say in this, as ABPG is not registered in a particular one.)
As for illy procured information and content on the ABPG site, I entered a request this morning for them to take my name and any content I may have provided off immediately. (Content meaning an article or two, a stupid quote from me appearing to be happy with their "services," and links to my own site.) We'll see how that works out.

Message 61 was left by Didk Cress on 2002-01-26 01:46:00. Feedback: 0/0

I am presently working with other authors, publicists and former employees of C.Lee Nunn who have filed Internet Frqaud charges in Utah, Califotnia, New Jersey, Florida, Washington and maybe some I don't know about. I will post a link to this list on our private web page and try to make others aware of its content.

BTW . . . We have long believed that CLN, the main character, and other 'so called employees are one and the same.

My friend, a contracted author with CLN cancelled her contract with Nunn 60 days ago yet Nunn still lists her book on the ABPG bookstore page.

Dick Cress

We have seen a minimum of AG activities to this date.

Message 60 was left by Charlotte Meyer on 2001-11-04 17:13:00. Feedback: 0/0

Lament, Lament, Lament! I "feel" for Sharon Hanson, even though I do not know all the particulars. I have been equally hood-winked and spooked by the cunning of C. Lee Nunn and have
contemplated legal action against her. In good faith I signed on, by contract, as a publicist/ PR writer for Forbes Publishing
as a result of a recruitment effort through Free Agent.Com. and was led to believe it was the real thing, not necessarily a Forbes subsidy, but at least a legitimate endeavor.

Had I been shrewd myself, I would have been aware of this website and the warnings it contained. But, I innocently assumed that Free Agent.Com offered genuine opportunities.
It was explained to me by Ms. Nunn, that the company was going thru a name change and as a "test" of my potential" fitness for thepossition, could I show my creativity by coming up with possible new names and ways I would promote their publishing objectives. I am embarassed to admit that my PR pieces are still on the site and that the name I suggested: American Book Plublishing Group is being used. I am also angry that other intellectual property in the form of a well researched Publists Manual for on-line marketing was also secured from me without payment, and my list of grievances gone on from there.

I learned a BIG lesson thru the experience, and take solice in the understanding that anyone who has to "rob" another of creativity will run out of "gas" before long. She can never rob me of my capacity for good ideas and in the long run I will reap the reward I deserve for a reputable job on her behalf by utilizing what I learned to bank roll other opportunities.
What she took was only on the physical level. She, thank God, could not take what she apparently doesn't possess, genuine talent.
However, I believe she is a sinister presence on the Web and I would like to see her site shut down. The chapter on this episode for me has not ended. In the long run, I intend to have the last word.

Thanks you for providing this valuable site.

Charlotte Meyer

Message 59 was left by John Savage on 2001-08-02 23:26:00. Feedback: 0/0

The attorney letter in question would flunk first-year legal writing—not to mention first-year college composition. Just remember that the truth is a complete defense, and that Nunn et al. puts her own reputation on the line by making such a claim.

Message 58 was left by Dave Kuzminski on 2001-08-02 18:27:00. Feedback: 0/0

Received a recorded phone message today from someone advising me that C. Lee Nunn is on the warpath and apparently about to serve papers on SFWA for the Writer Beware information that is preventing her from making a living.

Message 57 was left by Dave Kuzminski on 2001-06-09 20:12:00. Feedback: 0/0

Hey, Ralan, check out American Books at URL http://www.american-book.com/writerslinks.html and scan carefully down the page. There's a link there to your site that isn't even properly identified. It looks like you've been quoted without using any quote marks and reads more like someone else is taking credit.

Message 56 was left by Kent Brewster on 2001-06-08 16:35:00. Feedback: 0/0

Thanks for being so nice about it.

Message 55 was left by Sharon Hanson on 2001-06-08 14:48:00. Feedback: 0/0

NO appology necessary Mr. Brewster. My endevor to enlighten did others about the dubious Ms. Nunn did get carried away. I will refrain from saying more.

Message 54 was left by Kent Brewster on 2001-06-08 14:28:00. Feedback: 0/0

Sorry, need to post a test message now to make sure I didn't muck it up. Please ignore the man behind the curtain.

Message 53 was left by Kent Brewster on 2001-06-08 14:18:00. Feedback: 0/0

Hi, Sharon. You don't know me; I publish Speculations and make the Rumor Mill available. I've never done this with a Rumor Mill topic--and we're coming up on five years online--but I'm going to delete your messages #39 through #51. They go into an awful lot of detail that I might personally be held liable for proving in court, since it's my site.

Please don't take this to mean that I'm "kicking you off" the Rumor Mill. I am very sorry for what's happened to you.

My best advice to you and other writers in your situation is to avoid getting into any area of the publishing business, especially if it's your own work. You'll have a hard time keeping the business of publishing separate from the business of writing; I know it stopped my writing career dead in the water.

Again, my apologies.

Message 52 was left by roach on 2001-06-08 13:14:00. Feedback: 0/0

Sharon --

I think you need to take several deep breathes and a break from the posting for a little while, the increased usage of all caps indicates that you're getting a little stressed out (not that I blame you.)

I don't have any particular advice to give but I can answer a couple of your questions: Why aren't there any other publishers mentioned in this forum? Because this forum is devoted specifically to this particular publisher. Go up to the top of the page, click on the Rumor Mill link and you'll be presented with 200+ other forums, several which deal specifically with scam publishers/agents/etc.

Secondly, why do writers still fall for the scam artists? You gave the reason yourself. 1,200 rejections will make even the most dedicated author start to lose heart. Some authors want so desperately have have their book published that they're willing to step into the lions' den.

Message 51 was left by Sharon Hanson Author on 2001-06-08 13:01:00. Feedback: 0/0

[This message was deleted by Kent Brewster. Please see the explanation (and apology) in message 53.]

Message 50 was left by Sharon Hanson on 2001-06-08 12:45:00. Feedback: 0/0

[This message was deleted by Kent Brewster. Please see the explanation (and apology) in message 53.]

Message 49 was left by Sharon Hanson on 2001-06-08 12:25:00. Feedback: 0/0

[This message was deleted by Kent Brewster. Please see the explanation (and apology) in message 53.]

Message 48 was left by Sharon Hanson on 2001-06-08 12:21:00. Feedback: 0/0

[This message was deleted by Kent Brewster. Please see the explanation (and apology) in message 53.]

Message 46 was left by Sharon Hanson on 2001-06-08 12:16:00. Feedback: 0/0

[This message was deleted by Kent Brewster. Please see the explanation (and apology) in message 53.]

Message 44 was left by Sharon Hanson on 2001-06-08 12:07:00. Feedback: 0/0

[This message was deleted by Kent Brewster. Please see the explanation (and apology) in message 53.]

Message 43 was left by Sharon Hanson on 2001-06-08 12:06:00. Feedback: 0/0

[This message was deleted by Kent Brewster. Please see the explanation (and apology) in message 53.]

Message 42 was left by Author of Rose Bank Cottage on 2001-06-08 12:04:00. Feedback: 0/0

[This message was deleted by Kent Brewster. Please see the explanation (and apology) in message 53.]

Message 41 was left by Author of Rose Bank Cottage - Sharon Hanson on 2001-06-08 11:56:00. Feedback: 0/0

[This message was deleted by Kent Brewster. Please see the explanation (and apology) in message 53.]

Message 40 was left by Author of Rose Bank Cottage on 2001-06-08 11:53:00. Feedback: 0/0

[This message was deleted by Kent Brewster. Please see the explanation (and apology) in message 53.]

Message 39 was left by Sharon Hanson on 2001-06-08 11:52:00. Feedback: 0/0

[This message was deleted by Kent Brewster. Please see the explanation (and apology) in message 53.]

Message 38 was left by Sharon on 2001-06-08 11:47:00. Feedback: 0/0

I have had dealings with MS.C. LEE NUNN for five months now. She has the contract on my book Rose Bank Cottage. I was hired by her on the side to build web sites for her authors, and was ripped off of in excess of 900US before I realized what was happening! She also stole templates from another web site and asked me to delete their copyright on the template and revise it to carry her own copyright.
She now has my money, my novel, my lost revenue, but not my pride. She is the most crooked, unsavory people I have ever met and I have over 380 saved emails to her admiting her theift and other crimes stored on floppy disks to back this up!
What can I do about my novel? She now has the contract on it! My money! What else can I do but go along for the ride now? Anyone have any suggestions?
Author Sharon Hanson

Message 37 was left by Rhomylly on 2001-05-25 15:10:00. Feedback: 0/0

whew! I'm glad they changed their name, because I'd sure hate to change mine in protest -- and I've been a Forbes for 38+ years now.

Message 36 was left by Anonymous on 2001-05-23 14:34:00. Feedback: 0/0

dfoigjiafgj bite me

Message 35 was left by John Savage on 2001-05-09 08:41:00. Feedback: 0/0

We need to change the topic header:

WIPO Takes Domain Name From "forbespublish.com" as Infringement

And thus, this scam is now known as American Book Publishers (american-book.com)—with an even worse publishing agreement. Ms. Nunn is welcome to post her contract here for public cricitism, which she'll get soon enough if she does so. IMNSHO (since I deal with publishing contracts every day), this contract is in the bottom 5% of all publishing contracts currently offered, including the "standard" vanity press agreements.

Message 34 was left by Dave Kuzminski on 2001-02-21 22:25:00. Feedback: 0/0

So, has she made the donation yet?

Message 33 was left by Brian L. Blalock on 2001-02-13 19:41:00. Feedback: 0/0

Paul: LMAO!

Message 32 was left by Paul Pence on 2000-07-06 23:42:00. Feedback: 0/0

Tangent alert -- Did y'all know that Harvard is unaccredited? When I questioned it, they said, "We're Harvard. That's accreditation enough."

Message 31 was left by Andrew Burt on 2000-06-04 15:38:00. Feedback: 0/0

Hey, all, been a while since I checked this topic <hangs head in shame> but I thought I'd update everyone on the latest Forbes/American-Book saga as relates to me.

Well, actually, first, replying back to a line from Ms. Nunn, where she says she wasn't aware that "part of" the article in question was mine. Just to set that square, that *entire* article was mine, with perhaps some trimming to remove my name, etc. :-) Anyway, that's old hat. New stuff--

When I received email from Ms. Nunn about launching American Book (three emails, at that -- and you'd think she wouldn't really want me on her spam list...), I replied saying I really couldn't endorse a site that charged new authors for dubious publication, explained (in vain, of course) the Authors Get Paid precept, etc.

In response to my mention of her site's plagiarism, she went on saying she'd apologized so earnestly and how could she ever be forgiven? So I told her that beyond accepting responsibility for such actions and altering American Book's business model to not be predatory, compensation for the plagiarism would probably be in order. Since the article was 1500 words, at a 10 cent/word reprint rate, I suggested she make a public and verifiable donation of $150 to my charity of choice, the American Red Cross.

She said she'd make a donation and send me a receipt (which I will attempt to verify). Should be interesting, with money on the line... (Regardless, their business model still looks vewwwy fishy.)

Message 30 was left by John Savage on 2000-05-22 23:19:00. Feedback: 0/0

Western States is an unaccredited law school. The majority of unaccredited law schools are as reputable as diplomas from those mail-order "turn your life experience into a master's degree" outfits. There are a few exceptions; Western States is not among them.

Completed the two-year CFP program, eh? Then why doesn't she say she's a CFP? Couldn't pass the exam, a feeling that it's irrelevant (then why mention it at all)—or something darker?

Just for giggles, I'm running the rest of the "staff" against a couple of databases. I won't have an answer until next week, because it's not exactly urgent . . . but the results might prove interesting.

Message 29 was left by Dave Kuzminski on 2000-05-22 19:33:00. Feedback: 0/0

Toiya: I'm aware that American Books may be a bit shady and equally aware of their past history. Thanks.

Message 28 was left by TKF on 2000-05-22 15:44:00. Feedback: 0/0

I find it just a bit unusual that Ms. Nunn (I would assume that "Cheryl"=female) has no understanding of copyright infringement or trademark laws. Afterall, her bio at American Books states that she went to law school. (For Real Though!)

"Cheryl’s formal education includes a
Bachelors degree in finance from Brigham
Young University, completion of a two year
CFP program and graduate study at
Western States College of Law."

Of course, the bio doesn't say she actually got her degree. There's a similar bio for a Senior Editor who did "some work" on the graduate level.


P. S. American Books is a new listing over on Preditors and Editors. Has anyone alerted them that American Books/Forbes Publishing is a bit shady?

Message 27 was left by John Savage on 2000-05-21 19:38:00. Feedback: 0/0

It appears that Ms. Nunn et al. have had a change of heart—and name—after contact by the real Forbes. Those who've had trouble previously are advised to visit http://www.american-book.com to see if things are business as usual—as they appear to be.

Message 26 was left by John Savage on 2000-03-16 16:03:00. Feedback: 0/0

Charlie Petit says that Nathan's records are quite interesting and would be sufficient to state a case under UDAP and the FTC Act. I think, my friends, that Forbes Publishing is perhaps worse than a mere plagiarizer.

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