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...with heaps of new stuff, incorporating suggestions large and small from many users. If Shareaza was #1 before, it's now.. even better. Get the full story here and download it here.


Welcome. Heard of Gnutella? It's a next-generation file-sharing network, and Shareaza is the most powerful and feature-rich Gnutella client you'll find.

And what's more, it's completely free. No ads, no spyware, no guilting you to upgrade to a commercial version. We can't stand that kind of crap. Download Shareaza Now!

Won you over yet? If so, score Shareaza now from the download page.

Or keep reading and find out why Shareaza beats all the other Gnutella software into a bloody mess.


Shareaza gives you the power to take advantage of all the latest Gnutella features, and keeps you in control every step of the way. You get the best of every world:

Powerful metadata support lets you search for content by artist, album, bitrate, etc.
Ultrapeer and query routing technology use intelligent connections to save your bandwidth.
Swarm downloads get what you want faster and more reliably.
Full library management features put you in charge of your collection.
A kick-ass interface keeps you informed and gives you the power to do what you want.
Lean and mean design doesn't chew up half your available memory and CPU time, or take ages to load.
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The bottom line is this: Shareaza supports a superset of the features offered by other Gnutella software.

On a network where it's everyone for themselves,
you need the best software money can't buy.


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