Why is Bush Blocking A
Public 9-11 Investigation?

The Washington Post, NY Times, and CNN Ask: What is Bush Hiding?

George Bush wants to limit inquiry into 9-11 to secret congressional Intelligence Committee proceedings. Richard Cheney threatens Democrats to keep quiet. “Press the issue, Cheney implied, and you risk being accused of interfering with the [war on terrorism].” The Battle Back Home, Newsweek Magazine: 02/04/02.

Senate Leader Tom Daschle said “I can tell you on January 24th, first, and on January 28th second, and on other dates following, that request [by Cheney and Bush not to conduct any Sept. 11 inquiry] was made.” Daschle: Bush, Cheney Urged No Sept. 11 Inquiry, Reuters News Service: 5/26/02.

Cheney admitted “he would advise President Bush not to turn over to Congress the August intelligence briefing that warned that terrorists were interested in hijacking airplanes, and he insisted that the investigation into Sept. 11 should be handled by the Congressional intelligence committees, not an independent commission.” Cheney Moves to Block 9-11 Probe, The New York Times: 5/20/02.

Undaunted, Democrats demand a public inquiry. Daschle says: “Intelligence is just a piece of it. People need to know what happened.” Senator Bob Torricelli adds: “We do not meet our responsibilities to the American people if we do not take an honest look at the federal government and all of its agencies and let the country know what went wrong.” Bush Seeks To Restrict Hill Probes Of Sept. 11, The Washington Post: 1/30/02. And Bush Asks Daschle to Limit Sept. 11 probes, ALLPOLITICS, CNN : 1/29/02.

FBI Special Agent and Minneapolis Chief Counsel Coleen Rowley wrote: “The Minneapolis agents who responded to the call about Moussaoui's flight training identified him as a terrorist threat from a very early point.” Rowley's memo confirms the FBI knew enough to arrest the terrorists before 9/11. Coleen Rowley's Memo to FBI Director Robert Mueller, Time Magazine: May 21, 2002


Key Questions Remain: Why Didn’t Our FBI, CIA and Military Protect Us?

Now Rowley fears a cover-up is underway: “I feel that certain facts ... have, up to now, been omitted, down played, glossed over and/or mischaracterized ... perhaps even for improper political reasons.” Agent Claims FBI Supervisor Thwarted Probe, Washington Post: 5/27/02. And Rowley's Memo, Time Magazine

British media report that Bush ordered national security agents to “back off” the bin Laden terrorists. A former CIA agent appeared on BBC TV saying: “We were just told, 'You get caught spying on the Saudis or looking into their affairs, and you will lose your head!'” FBI And US Spy Agents Say Bush Spiked Bin Laden Probes Before 11 September, The Guardian (London): 11/07/01. Transcript: Did Bush Turn A Blind Eye To Terrorism? BBC Newsnight: 11/06/01. -- On Demand Video.

Representative Cynthia McKinney asked, “Why then does the administration remain steadfast in its opposition to an investigation into the biggest terrorism attack in history?” but the White House ridiculed her. Bush spokesman Ari Fleischer laughed: “The congresswoman must be running for the hall of fame of the Grassy Knoll Society.” McKinney's statement today on her comments, the administration, 4/12/02, And McKinney draws fire for Bush remarks, Atlanta Journal-Constitution: 4/13/02.

Asking questions and demanding answers is our duty as Americans. It’s the height of patriotism, especially with our national security at stake. We have the right to know what went wrong. You can help.

Contact the media, call Congress and the White House. Demand a public investigation. Get the word out. Print and distribute this article. Make and place dozens of copies in coffee houses, mail and laundry rooms, on bulletin boards and similar places. Read other underreported news and analysis. Tell your friends and family to visit this site.

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