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It is with regret that Vyrdolak and I must announce the closing of the Contacts and Classified Pages.

It's been a very interesting and educational effort. However, several developments have led to our decision to close the pages down.

First, neither Vyrdolak nor I have the time any longer to devote to the immense task of keeping the pages properly maintained. They haven't been updated for quite a while, and we have finally faced the fact that it is impossible for us to keep up with them.

Second, the pages are starting to create problems. It has been brought to our attention that individual classified ads posted on these pages have been showing up in generic search engines like Yahoo!, causing embarrassment and inconvenience to people who didn't realize their ad would be so accessible all over the Internet.

This is not our doing! We want to assure our readers that, given that we can't even keep the pages updated, we certainly haven't had the leisure to individually list each classified ad with search engines on purpose.

Unfortunately, the Internet is now teeming with programs called "spiders" that travel from website to website harvesting URL's and e-mail addresses. These spiders are now, apparently, collecting classified ad entries from "Vampersonals" sites like these and providing them to search engine data bases.

There are still numerous other "Vampersonal" sites available for those who wish to place listings. You should be aware, however, that e-mail harvesting programs are probably collecting ads from these sites, as well.

Finally, there is an increasing concern about minors being contacted on the Internet by adults, and pressure on webmasters to make any "controversial" material inaccessible to children. We have received some criticism for allowing minors to post their e-mail addresses here. Given the post-September-11 political climate, we have a strong suspicion that if we don't take these pages down, they'll be taken down for us by the increasingly fascist powers-that-be.

People with "commercial" items to list (a new website, book, entertainment event, and so on) can send them to Vyrdolak at and they will be placed on the Announcements page.

Thanks to everyone who enjoyed our Contacts and Classified Pages!

Gregory Fitzhughes, Contacts and Classifieds Manager

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