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ArcTest: Version 1.4

ArcTest is a small Windows program which tries to determine whether WWII Online Archive Validity problems are hardware related or not. If it finds a problem it provides information to try and help you resolve or further diagnose the problem. For further hardware tests you might want to try MemTest.

Version 1.4 performs a much more stressful memory test and uses the manifest file to determine WWIIOLs version.

Simply click on "Test" and the program will attempt to reproduce the 'Archive Validity' error to determine where the cause lies. By default it will try to use as much memory as possible in the process. If you have under 256Mb of RAM you may want to uncheck the Memory-Intense Test [./] check box before starting the test.

It performs the test 3 times so that it can try and determine if the files are actually corrupted on your disk or if you are experiencing hardware problems, causing the data to sometimes appear to be invalid.

Once the test is complete the program will present various dialog boxes with advice on what condition it found the files/your computer to be in, and possible solutions for further diagnosis or (hopefully!) fixing the problem.

Download ArcTest

Download: arctest.exe (49kb)

Source code (Visual C++): ArcTestSource.zip. (14kb)

You may redistribute this freely as long as you include the original author's credit.

I'm gettings errors, help me!

If you are getting errors, it is very important to note whether you are getting consistent errors (the same checksums every time, the same files each time even after a reboot) or if you are getting random errors.

If you are getting the same errors repeatedly, then it is likely that either your files have become corrupted on the disk or that the WW2 Online installer you downloaded has become corrupted. More experienced users can use the MD5 CheckSum Tool to test whether their installer is valid or not.

If the errors are not-consistent, then it is likely your memory which is causing the problem. I have written another tool for trying to help and diagnose memory problems. I know lots of you will immediately say "Its not my memory", but hey - the program is 45kb - and the test is incredibly simple. With lots of recent changes in how memory works (133Mhz RAM, DDR, RAMBUS, etc) memory appears to be going through another rough patch.

If you are getting inconsistent errors, it means that each time ArcTest copies your playarc files into memory, it gets different results when it tries to read it. Try the solutions suggested by ArcTest and MemTest.

Important: Once you have stabilised your system, you will either get no errors with ArcTest or you will get consistent errors. If you get consistent errors, you are going to need to reinstall WW2 Online. You may need to re-download the installer. But consistent errors are an improvement over different errors.

Want to make sure it wasn't your 1.6.40 installer that caused the problem?

For experts only:

Download this small zip. Unzip it to the directory where your 1.6.40 installer is located (this will be C:\Program Files\Playnet\Playgate if you auto-installed, and the file is probably called "wwiiol0000001640.exe". If you manually downloaded it, you'll have to locate the file yourself).

From a command prompt, run the test via:

  C:\...\> checksum wwiiol0000001640.exe 

You must enter the exact name of the installer.

If it succeeds, try running it a few times. If it suceeds every time, then it would seem your installer is AOK.

If it fails, you can determine if the problem is a corrupted file or a disk or memory problem by running:

  C:\...\> md5sum wwiiol0000001640.exe 

a few times and seeing if the checksum is the same each time.

If you get the same MD5 checksum each time, then your file is physically corrupted on the disk. If you get then you have a transient problem likely to be either your BIOS memory settings or some sort of hard-disk driver related problem.

Is that it?

Yes, the program will prompt you with plenty of documentation. If you want to know more about what the program does, I suggest you try emailing me.

Did this help you out?

I've put a fair amount of time and effort into MemTest, ArcTest and helping folks with these issues, and I do so freely. Hopefully in doing so I have saved you from having to buy either (a) another game or (b) replacement computer hardware. In which case you may want to make a small donation. It will be most greatfully received.

Copyright (C) Oliver Smith <oli@kfs.org>, 2002.

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