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Department of Biomedical Engineering, Boston University

44 Cummington Street, Boston , MA 02215


tdesai@bu.edu             Tel: (617) 358-3054





1998       Ph.D. Joint Degree from University of California, Berkeley and University of California, San Francisco Bioengineering (BioMEMS)

1994    B.Sc. Brown University, Providence, RI Biomedical Engineering (Biomaterials)


Academic Appointments


 2002  Boston University  Associate Professor of Biomedical Engineering

2000  University of Illinois at Chicago Distinguished Assistant Professor of Bioengineering

1998  University of Illinois at Chicago  Assistant Professor, Department of Bioengineering

Research:  Application of Micro- and Nanotechnology to Tissue Engineering, Biomimetic Interfaces, and Cellular/Drug Encapsulation




2002 McGowan Institute Award for Contributions to Regenerative Medicine

2001 BioMEMS and Nanotechnology Society's Visionary Science Award

2001 National Academy of Sciences Frontiers in Engineering Award

2000 Award of Distinction - UIC College of Engineering

2000 NSF CAREER Award

2000 NSF New Century Scholar Award

2000 UIC College of Engineering Best Advisor Award

1999 MIT's TR100 Award: Technology Review Magazine's Top 100 Young Innovators

1999 Crain's Chicago Business "40 under 40" Award:  For leadership and innovation

1999 Engineering Foundation/ASCE.: Engineering Research Initiation Award Finalist

1998 University of California: Chancellor’s Post-doctoral Fellowship for Academic Diversity

1995-98 Whitaker Foundation: Graduate Fellowship in Biomedical Engineering

1994‑95 University of California, San Francisco: Fellowship of the Regents.

1997 University of California, San Francisco: Graduate Dissertation Research Award

1997 University of California, San Francisco: Graduate Conference Presentation Award

1997 University of California, San Francisco: Graduate Students Association Travel Award 1995 National Science Foundation: Graduate Fellowship Recipient

1998 Who's Who among America's Teachers.

1994-99 Sigma Xi Scientific Honor Society




Biomedical Engineering Society (BMES), 1997-

IEEE- Engineering in Medicine and Biology (EMBS), 1997-

American Chemical Society (ACS), 2000-

International Society for Optical Engineering (SPIE), 1995-

Materials Research Society (MRS), 1992-

Society of Biomaterials (SFB), 1999-

Society of Women Engineers (SWE), 1990-

Women in Science and Engineering (WISE), 1990-


Professional Service


Joint 2002 IEEE-EMBS/BMES Conference, Organizing Committee for BioMEMS, Sensors and Instrumentation program,, October 2001, Houston, TX.

2002 APS/BMES Spring Meeting, Organizer for "Nanotechnology in Biology and Bioengineering" Session, April 2002, New Orleans, LA.

World Congress on Biomedical Nanotechnology, Columbus, OH, Session Chair and Organizing Committee, 2000-2001

Advamed, Panelist for FDA Advisory Committee, Spring 2001

BIOMEMS 2001, Sunnyvale, CA, Scientific Advisor and Chairperson, May 2001

First International IEEE EMBS Conference on Microtechnology in Medicine and Biology, Organizing Committee, 2000-2002

International Society for Optical Engineering , Micro- and Nanofabricated Structures and Devices for Biomedical Environmental Applications (BioS Conferences): Scientific and Program Committee, 1998-99, Session Chairman, 2000, Organizing Committee 2001.

UIUC/UIC Symposium on "Engineering the Biomaterials Interface," Organizing committee and session chair, Matteson, IL October 2000.

National Science Foundation: Reviewer & Panelist, ECS, BES, CAREER, and I1998-

National Institutes of Health: Reviewer, NIEHS, 1999-, NCI, 2000-, Member of Bioanalytical Chemistry Study Section

NASA Biomolecular Science Working Group:  2001-

NASA AEMC/JPL Science and Technology Working Group (STWG) - One of eight scientist on advisory committee to determine strategic research directions, 1999-

NASA: Information Dynamics, Inc./Universities Space Research Association (IDI/USRA), Advanced Environmental Monitoring and Control Peer Review Panel, July 1999-;

American Institute for Biological Sciences, Reviewer, 1999-

North Carolina Biotechnology Development Program, Reviewer, 1998-

State of Virginia Commonwealth Technology Research Council, Reviewer, 2001-

Lousiana Board of Regents, Health Excellence Fund, Reviewer, 2000-

Cambridge Health Institute: Scientific Advisory Board and Session Chair, “Bioengineering of Nanostructures for Biomedical and Biotechnical Applications”, Dec. 1999

Sixth World Biomaterials Conference, Symposia Chair, "Micro and Nano Fabricated Biomaterials and Structures for Tissue Engineering, May 15-20, 2000.

World Congress on Medical Physics and Biomedical Engineering,  Track Chair, Bioceramics and Implants;  Workshop Leader in BioMEMS, July 23-29, 2000.

BMES Annual Meeting, Nanotechnology Track Chair , October 2000.

International Journal of Biomedical Microdevices, Editorial Board, January 1999-present

Oregon Public Broadcasting (OPB) & ICAN Products, Limited: Convergence, Advisory Board for Science & Social, Ethical & Legal Considerations, April, 2000

Journal Reviewer:     Biomaterials, Biotechnology and Bioengineering, Cell and Tissue Research,  Biomedical Microdevices

ASTM Committee F04, Division IV, Committee Member, 1999-

Stanford I-Rite Program, Reviewer, 2000-


National Professional Media Features

“Nanotech”  By S. Sohoni, The Economist, Vol. 2001. 

"Changing the World at 29,"  By Tom Henderson, SmallTimes Magazine, Vol. 1, No. 1, 2001.

“The Programmable Pill” by Alexandra Stikeman, MIT’s Technology Review Magazine, May/June 2001.

"Going Cellular," by Mark S. Lesney, Modern Drug Development:  From Concept to Development, March 2001, Vol. 4, No. 3, pp 45–46, 49, 50

"The Cutting Edge," The Hindustan Time, 19/03/2000; "Silicon Surgery" The Hindustan Time, 17/10/1999

"Macrodoctor, come meet the Nanodoctors," Lancet, Vol. 357, March 10, 2001.

 “Nanomedicine Nears the Clinic” by David Voss, MIT’s Technology Review Magazine, January, February 2000, pp. 60-65.

"BioMEMS", Micromachine Devices, September 2000.

"MEMS devices: instrumentation at a cellular level," By R. Winn Hardin, OE Reports, vol. 190, October 1999.

"Biotech Innovators," Technology Review Magazine, November/December 1999

"Chicago Innovators", Crains Business Magazine, Vol. 22(44), November 1999.


Principal Invited Lectures


ASME short course in BioMEMS, Boston, MA, May 2002

NorthEast Bioengineering Conference, “Microengineering Cellular Habitats:  Pegs, Pores, Polymers, and More,” Tissue Engineering Track, Keynote Speaker, Philadelphia, PA, , April 2002

Drug Carriers in Medicine and Biology, Gordon Research Conference, Invited Speaker, “Nanofilters for Controlled Drug Delivery,” Ventura, California from February 24 to March 1, 2002

Princeton University, Department of Electrical Engineering, May 2002

BioMEMS 2002, “Nanopores for Therapeutic Delivery,” Invited Talk, Knowledge Foundation Annual Conference, Boston MA, April 2002

Johnson and Johnson, Invited Talk, March 2002

Becton Dickinson, Invited Talk, May 2002

Washington University in St. Louis, Keynote Speaker, BME Day, “Integrating Cells with Microsystems,” March 2002

Gordon Conference on Drug Delivery Systems, Invited Speaker, Ventura, CA, February 2002

Integrating BioMEMS and Nanotechnology into a Commercialized Product, California NanoSystems Institute, Invited Short Course Speaker, Los Angeles, CA April 2002

CIMIT, Invited Talk, Boston MA, March 2002

McGowen Center for Engineered Tissue, U. Pittsburg, Invited Seminar, March 2002

University of Washington, Center for Nanotechnology, Invited Seminar, Jan 2002, Seattle, WA

University of Michigan, Invited seminar, April 2002, Ann Arbor, MI

Material Research Society, Invited Talk, November 2001, Boston, MA.   

National Research Council (Canada) "Applications of Microsystems/Nanotechnology to the  Life Sciences" Panel, November 2001, Banff, Canada

American Vacuum Society International Meeting, "Interfacial BioMEMS: Bridging the Micro to the Macro," Invited Talk, October 2001, San Francisco, CA.

BioMEMs and Nanotechnology World 2000 Conference, Invited plenary speaker, "Micro/Nanoscale Constructs for Delivery and Detection," Sept. 2001, Columbus, OH.

Nanotechnology in early detection of cancer , NIH/NIST Joint Workshop, Invited Speaker and Panelist, Gaithersburg, MD, August 2001.

SmartTalk 2001, "Microengineering Extracellular Environments,"  San Diego, CA August 27, 2001.

Controlled Release Society Annual Meeting, "From Pores to Particles: Micro and Nanofabricated Constructs for Drug Delivery,"  Invited Talk, San Diego, June 23 - 27, 2001

Abbott Laboratories, "BioMEMS-Based Tools for Microscale Tissue Engineering," Invited Symposium Speaker, June 2001

Dorothy M. Davis Heart and Lung Research Institute, "Cardiovascular Tissue Engineering: A Microscale Approach,"  Columbus, OH, May 2001

BioMEMS 2001, “Cell Based Microfabricated Therapeutic Constructs," Invited Speaker, May 2001

Stanford University, "BioMEM-etic Interfaces: Integrating Cells with Microsystems" May 2001

American Chemical Society, “Biomolecular Separation Microtechnology,” Invited Talk, San Diego, April 1-4, 2001.

Engineering Tissue Growth, "The Technology of Microfabrication and Micromachining for Tissue Engineering, Pittsburgh, PA, March 26, 2001

Oakridge National Lab, "Implantable BioMEMS" Invited Speaker, March 2001

Harvard University," Microfabricated Biohybrid Constructs:  New Approaches for Therapeutic Delivery Systems," March 2001

Boston University, "Micro- and Nanotherapeutic Constructs:  From Concept to Clinic," March 2001

Northwestern University, "Microtherapeutics and Nanotherapeutics: From Concept to Clinic, March 2001

LabAutomation 2001, "BioMEMS-based Platforms for in vitro Tissue Engineering," Jan 27-31, Palm Spring, CA

SPIE BIOS 2001, "Micromachined therapeutic delivery devices", Invited talk in session entitled "Biomedical Instrumentation Based on Micro/ Nanotechnology," San Jose, CA, Jan. 2001.

Whitaker Foundation Educational Summit, “Microtechnology in Biomedicine”, Invited Session Chair and Speaker,December 7-10, 2000.

IEEE Conference in Microtechnology and Biology, Invited keynote speaker, "Biohybrid MEMS for Tissue Engineering and Drug Delivery,"Lyon, France, October 12-14, 2000.

BioMEMs and Nanotechnology World 2000 Conference, Invited plenary speaker, "BioMEMetic Interfaces for Implantable Therapeutic Devices," Sept. 2000, Columbus, OH.

NIH/BECON Nanoscience and Nanotechnology Symposium. Invited Speaker and Panel Participant, "Therapeutic Nanotechnology: From Nanopores to nanoparticles,", June 25-26, 2000.

University of Kentucky Advanced Science and Technology Center, "Micro and Nanofabricated Tissue Engineering Constructs,"  July 6, 2000

Intel Corporation , "Integrating Biology with Microtechnology," Portland, OR, April 2000

Portland Business Conference, Frontiers in Biotechnology, April 2000

American Chemical Society, Congressional House Panel,  "Biomedical Applications of Nanotechnology," Washington DC, January 2000

Cambridge HealthTech Institute, "Micro and Nano Tissue Engineering Constructs: Interfacing with the Biological World," Bioengineering of Nanostructures for Biomedical and Biotechnical Applications, Boston, MA,  December 1999.

Dept of Pharmacology, U. Illinois at Chicago "Drug Delivery Nanotechnology," July 2000.

Dept of Endrocrinology, U. Illinois at Chicago "Endrocrin-Technology," February 2000.

NanoteK meeting KRAFT Inc "Tissue Engineering at the Micro and Nanoscale," January 2000

Northwestern University, "Microfabricated Tissue Engineering Constructs," January 2000

Electrochemical Society (Chicago) "Tissue Engineering: Biocapsules & Beyond," October 1999

Beckman Institute, University of Illinois at Urbana/Champaign, "Cell Microtechnology," September 1999

College of Dentistry, Ohio State University, "Tissue Engineering and BioMEMS," Aug 1999

Baxter Corporation, Deerfield, IL "Principles of Cardiac Tissue Engineering" July 1999

Dept of Orthopedics, U. Illinois at Chicago, "Orthopedic Tissue Engineering," June 1999

Department of Critical Care/Respiratory Medicine, U. Illinois at Chicago,  Feb 1999

Department of Opthamalogy, University of Illinois at Chicago, March 1999

Cleveland Clinic, Department of Bioengineering, Cleveland, OH October 1998

Center for Biomolecular Science/ Engineering, Naval Research Laboratory, 1998

Seminars at Several Universities including: Maryland (01), Stanford (98), Tulane (98), Georgia Tech, (98), Arizona State (98)

Seminars to Chicago Student Societies: AWIS (99-), EMBS (99-), SWE (98-)

Advances in Tissue Engineering, Georgia Institute of Technology, April 1998


Research Training


Director, Laboratory of Cellular Microtechnology, University of Illinois at Chicago, 1999-present

Graduate Research  Assistant, Biomedical Microdevice Center, University of California, Berkeley, 1994-1998

Designed and evaluated both in vivo and in vitro experiments on microfabricated biomaterials and cell encapsulation devices; developed and performed bioassays, cell culture techniques and surface modification protocols on microfabricated substrates

Visiting Scholar, Consiglio Nazionale della Ricerche, Rome, Italy, Summer 1996

Designed and conducted studies on the in vivo implantation of microfabricated biomedical devices with the Institute of Experimental Medicine

Laboratory Assistant, Biomedical Microdevice Center, University of California, Berkeley '94-'95

Planned, organized and set up new laboratory facilities for the newly established Biomedical Microdevice Center

Research Assistant, Artificial Organs, Biomaterials, and Cellular Technology Division, Brown University, Providence, RI, 1993-1994

Researched bioadhesive polymeric drug delivery systems under Dr. Edith Mathiowitz.  Characterized in vitro and in vivo properties of biodegradable copolymers for use as gastrointestinal drug delivery devices

Research Intern, Sansum Medical Research Foundation, Santa Barbara, CA, Summer 1992

Investigated the immunoprotective properties of pregnancy  on the acceptance and rejection of transplanted organs in diabetic rats.  Received extensive clinical experience with diabetic patients.




Courses Developed and Taught (UIC):  Principles of Cell and Tissue Engineering,  Advanced Methods in Cell and Tissue Engineering,  Cell and Tissue Engineering Laboratory Course, Micro/Nanotechnology in Biology and Medicine, Biomedical Microdevices, Materials in Bioengineering, Introduction  to Bioengineering, Biotransport

New Century Scholars Workshop, Stanford, CA, August 2000

            Participated in week long workshops on active and problem based learning in the classroom, mentoring strategies for undergraduate and graduate students, and strategies for work-life balance/tenure track careers

Graduate Teaching Assistant, Department of Materials Science, University of California, Berkeley, 1997-1998, in Biomaterials and Biomedical Microdevices

Teaching Colloquim, University of California, Berkeley, Fall 1997

Participated in a course designed to enhance university teaching skills through workshops/discussions on teaching pedagogy, learning styles, lecturing skills, and classroom assessment techniques

City Science Summer Institute, San Francisco, 1997-1998

Worked in partnership with teachers to develop innovative approaches to teach science and design a science-based curriculum for elementary school students

The Women’s Triad Project, 1996-1998

Established science clubs for middle school girls to promote gender equity and achievement in math and science; developed and led hands-on interactive science exploratory activities for students in classroom settings

Undergraduate Research Advisor, University of California, Berkeley, 1995-97

Served as a supervisor and mentor for undergraduates participating in research projects; taught research methodologies and appropriate laboratory techniques

Santa Barbara City Summer Science Program, 1994

Taught a six week science program for middle and high school underrepresented minority and low income middle school girls


University Service


      Honors College Fellow, 2000-

Coordinator, Cell and Tissue Engineering Faculty/Curriculum Group, 1999-

MAL Faculty Committee, 1999-

Faculty Search Committee, Department of Bioengineering, 1998-

      Faculty Advisor, BMES Student Society, 1998-

UIC Women and Scientific Literacy Team, Center for Research on Women and Gender, 1998-

Faculty Advisor, Society of Women Engineers, UIC

      Vice President, Bioengineering Association of Students, 1997-98

      Executive Committee, Bioengineering Graduate Group, 1997-98

Bioengineering Annual Retreat, Co-chair, Tissue Engineering and Cancer: Molecular Level to Therapy, 1996-97

Strategic Planning Committee, UCSF, 1997

Bioengineering Curricular Development Committee, 1997

Graduate Student Representative, UCSF and UCB, 1996-97

Mentor for SUPERB program (undergraduate engineering research program for

underrepresented minorities), 1996-97

Material Science Department Laboratory Safety Officer, 1995-98


Patents Pending


2000    Micromachined Nanoporous Membranes for Implantable Biosensors

2000    Microtextured Polymeric Membranes for Mechanobiology




1999-  iMEDD, Inc., Columbus,OH:  Scientific Advisory Board, (Microengineered drug  delivery company)

1997-98 Mercury Diagnostics, Palo Alto, CA: Examined the status and obstacles in developing subcutaneous and dermal glucose sensing devices for clinical applications in diabetes care


Sponsored Research ‑ Extramural


2001/05 Co-PI, Microtextured Interfaces for Cardiac Myocyte Mechanostransduction, National Institutes of Health, US$2.0M

2001/04 Co-PI,  Nanoscale Neuromodulating Platforms, Illinois Intercampus Research Initiative in Biotechnology (IRIB), US $450,000

2001 Principal Investigator, Three-dimensional Cellular Micropatterning for Tissue Engineering, University of Illinois at Chicago, US $15,000

2000/04 Principal Investigator, CAREER: Biomimetic Interfaces for Implantable BioMEMS, National Science Foundation, US $200, 000

2000/03 Principal Investigator, Micromachined Biocapsules for the Immunoisolation of Pancreatic Islets, Whitaker Foundation, US $209, 040

2000/02, Co-PI, Microfabricated Environments for Neurosecretory Cells, NIH, US $75,000

1999/02 Principal Investigator, Foundations of Microfabricated Membranes for Bioseparation, National Science Foundation, US $299,978

2000/01 Principal Investigator, Microfabricated Bioadhesive Microparticles, iMEDD Inc, US $92,000

1999 Principal Investigator, Oral MEDD Delivery System, iMEDD Inc, US $13,662

1999 Principal Investigator, Microtextured Membrane for Cardiac Myocyte Mechanobiology, Campus Research Board, University of Illinois at Chicago, US $14,600

1998/99 Co-PI, Micromachined Albumin Retention Membranes, with Controlled Glucose Diffusion Rates, Boehringer-Mannheim - Roche Diagnostics, US $24,000


Refereed Publications - Archival Journals


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Manuscripts Submitted


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Refereed Conference Proceedings/Abstracts


48.  Tania Vu et al., Toward Development of Bioactive, Neurotransmitter-Immobilized Surfaces for Interaction with Post-Synaptic Membrane Receptors, Second Annual International IEEE-EMBS Special Topic Conference on Microtechnologies in Medicine & Biology, May 2-4, 2002 in Madison, Wisconsin

49.  Sadhana Sharma, Robert Johnson, and Tejal A. Desai.  Poly(ethylene Glycol) Interfaces for the Control of Biofouling in Silicon-Based Microsystems, Second Annual International IEEE-EMBS Special Topic Conference on Microtechnologies in Medicine & Biology, May 2-4, 2002 in Madison, Wisconsin

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Student Training

Current Students:  9 Graduate (5 Ph.D., 4 Masters) and 2 Undergraduate

Dina Giannoulis, M.S. in Bioengineering, July 2000 "Surface Characterization of Thin Films for Implantable Silicon Based Microdevices" Abbott Laboratories

Jennifer Deutsch, M.S. in Bioengineering, July 2000 "Microtextured Matrices for Cell Mechanobiological Studies,  Research Associate, UIC

Aamer Ahmed, M.S. in Bioengineering, July 2001. "Conjugation of lectins to silicon platforms for drug delivery systems,"  Patent Law

Wei Tan, M.S. in Bioengineering, July 2001.  "Evaluation of Biopolymer Matrices and their application in Microfluidic Patterning,"   Ph.D. student

Darlene Attiah, M.S. in Bioengineering, March 2002.  “Silicon Based Microenvironments for PC12 Neurosecretory Cells.”

Erich Haupt, M.S. in Bioengineering, October 2001.  “Apects that Govern the Differentiation of Non-Human Primate Marrow Stromal Cells.”


Thesis Committee

Ali Hassan, Ph.D."The use of bone morphogenetic protein-2 to enhance the osseointegration of onplants," 2000

Jamie Ryan Williams, M.S. "Biomechanical Response of a Lumbar Motion Segment under Cyclic Loading," 2000

Community Service

United Way Asian American Outreach Board, 200-

Indo American Cultural Center, Chicago, IL, Mentor, 1998-present

High School Outreach Presentations in Bioengineering (La Grange, Schaumburg, )

Narika (A Help line for South Asian Women), Berkeley, CA, 1995-present

Board member and volunteer; work with South Asian women to address issues of abuse and domestic violence;  perform community outreach on issues of domestic violence and abuse; organize efforts in fund-raising, grant-writing, and conference planning

Asian Health Services, Oakland CA, 1996-1998

   Community Advisory Commitee; strategic planning on issues of health access and services to underserved immigrant populations

Science and Education Partnership, San Francisco, 1996-1998

American Diabetes Association, 1997-98: Served as fundraising team leader and volunteer

East Bay Asian Youth Center, Berkeley, 1994-1996 Served as a mentor and tutor for at-risk youth in the Real Alternatives Program ; worked with math and science literacy projects


Non-Academic Workshops


Bioengineering Summer Camp:  Helping to organize a week long hands-on summer program for public school children interested in engineering careers, June 2001.

Women Scientists in Academia.  AWISE, 1999, 2000

Women in Engineering:  Past, present, and future, SWE, 1999, 2000

"So What does a Biomedical Engineer Really Do?"  Career presentations for Chicago area and East Bay high schools and college undergraduates, 1996-99

Gender Equity in Education, Sexism in the Workplace and Academia, Strategies to improve Science Education, Developed and facilitated workshop series for college campuses and local high schools

Mobilizing Volunteer Community Based Organizations; Gathering Strength Conference: Coming Together to End Domestic Violence in Asian American Communities, San Francisco, CA, June 1997

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