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State Ministries

Ministry of Energy, Industry, Electricity and Water

His Excellency Abdullah Bin Hamad Al-Attiyah

Minister of Energy, Industry, Water and Electricity

Date of Birth:
- 1952

Academic qualifications:
- Bachelor degree from University of Alexandria, Egypt in 1976.

Work experience:
- 1972, worked in the Ministry of Finance and Petroleum.
- 1973-1986, Head of the Department of International and Public Affairs at the Ministry of Finance and Petroleum.
- 1986-1989, Director of the office of the Minister of Finance and Petroleum.
- 1989-1992, Director of the Office of the Minister of Interior and the Acting Minister of Finance and Petroleum.
- 1987-1995, Deputy Chairman of Q-Tel.
- September 1992, Minister of Energy and Industry and Director of the Qatar Petrol Company.
- 1975, Director of the Gulf Helicopters Corporation.
- 1986, Member of the Directors Board of Gulf Airways Corporation.
- January 1999, Minister of Energy, Industry, Water and Electricity.

Other activities:
-Was Head of Al-Sadd Sports Club.
- Head of the Association of Radio Fans.
- Head of the Development and Economization Association.

- Reading, fishing and radio communications.

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