StarTrack News

updated 09/23/98

New in Version 2.0 (09/23/98)

New redesigned Audiodriver,Support for ADC in 128Bit-Mode (more compatibility)
For use unpatched Falcon-Software you must have the PLD-Update of the Audiohardware.

This Programs runs without problems (with PLD Hardware-Update):
Soundpools DSP-Suite (Analyser,Equalizer,De-Noiser,Dynamite),VoXX,Winrec,Trackcom,Zero-X
Frak,Frakt-me (Fractals with DSP-Support),Gemjing,AIFF-Player,Gem-Mpeg (MPEG Video-Decoder)
Aniplayer (very good AVI and Quicktime Movie-Player with DSP-Soundsupport,needs Clockmodule)

Automatic identification of DAT-Startmarkers of the Digitalinput (PLD Hardware-Update)

Variable Windowsize for Editor,Tracker and Peakmeter.

Full 24Bit-Support: All functions are now ready for 24Bit resolution.
In CPU-Mixmode you can mix 24Bit samples (max. 8-12 Tracks).
Additional you can mix 16Bit-Samples in the Tracker withous loss (24Bit CPU-Mixmode) !
24Bit-Samples and 16Bit-Samples you can use and mix in the same Project in parallel !

Plugin-Slots: The Software now can use Plugins for CPU-Effects (a la VST) and Program-Plugins.
It can apply 5 Plugins per send (rec & play). A Plugin can used several times in a send.
(Effectlists in Plugin-Config Dialog).

DSP-Plugins: The parametric DSP-Effectplugins of WINREC can now used in StarTrack.
The Software has Plugins for Stereo 10Band-EQ,Hall,Flanger,Chorus,Harmonizer,Borg etc.

TT-MMU Program for the TT mirrors the DSP-Registers in the Falcon Adress space (For max. compatibility)

Comfortable Cuelist for Memory- and HD-Projects (with Link-Function and Downmix)


Export of the Cuelist and Tracklist (Tracker) direct to Extendos-Gold (Driver for CD-Writers)

Eightfold polyphonic MIDI Sampleplayer

The Peakmeter-Window is complete work-around (dB-scale, alternated Peakhold)
The Peakmeter has now especially a higher resolution from -6 to 0 dB
and a great sized SMPTE-Timecode indicator.

The Editor Sample-resolution is extended to 10 digits
and better readable (marking of 1000s).

Editor and Tracker have now a Timeline-inscription.

Memorymanagement work-around, utilize better the Memory
(especially on all systems with ST AND TT-Ram).

Background-Screenrefresh for faster Screen-Redraw

Greater inscriptions for better readable Windowtexts on great screenresolutions.

Startup-Soundutility for the Autofolder or MagiC-Startfolder.
It plays any Soundfile by Startup the System.

Smpte-Frames: now scalable for 24,25,30,75(CD) and 100 frames.
All statements of time works equally with the selected framescale.

Keyboard-Shortcuts for faster handling (for nearly all functions)

HD-Record in the Tracker, parallel to Play e.g. of 8 Tracks

Partitionmode for extremely long Records over several Partitions (e.g. for Live-Productions etc.)

More automation and better Screendesign for easier and faster handling

All Setup-Files editable (ASCII-Text)

Number of Playchannels selectable (L,R,Stereo)

The Update V2.0 is available at the Atari-Fair (Oktober 98) !

Future advancement:

Nondestructive Fades and Crossfades in the Tracker (graphical Input of parameters)

Multichannel-Mixconsole with DSP-Effects


sensational Timestretching (Questions herefor ? Wait !)

Falcon-Version (only by adequate demand)

News from the Atari-Fair (Mai ´98):

Now you can use a professional Audiocard and an excellent
Mastering-Software with the Milan-Computer.

The StarTrack Audiocard ist now available for the Milan-Computer.
The Milan-Company has developed a Adaptercard with PCI to VME Bridge
to use the VME-Audiocard in the PCI-Bus of the Milan.
The Bridgecard with the StarTrack Audiocard works excellent with the Milan.

The Audiocard can use the big power of the PCI-Bus,
and works with PCI-Clock on the VME-Bridge.
The Mastering-Software for StarTrack works also with the Milan-Computer.

New Features in V 1.10 of the Mastering-Software

Software support for Soundpool ADAT-Interface and Roboclock,
Synchronize via MTC/SMPTE,scrubbing, marker on the fly,AIFF,
new styled Editor and Tracker window, faster screen refresh,bugfix and more...

complete XBIOS driver included all Sound and DSP calls
(devconnect,soundcmd,dsp_do_block etc.)

TT-MMU Program DSP_ROUT.PRG for the TT - mirrors the DSP-Registers
in the Falcon adress space

new better StarTrack Modewatch-Accessory

Most programmers of Falcon-Software works for new releases
of her Software. With the new XBIOS driver it´s not a problem.

The Soundpool DSP-Suite (Analyser,Equalizer,De-Noiser,Dynamite),Musicom,Zero-X,VoXX,
Winrec and Trackcom runs complete without problems, and this Sharware:

Frak,Frakt-me (Fractals with DSP-Support)
Gemjing (plays many Sampleformats and resample it on the fly to the used Samplerate)
AIFF-Player (plays AIFF-Samples direct from Harddisk)
Gem-Mpeg (MPEG Video-Decoder)
Aniplayer (very good AVI and Quicktime Movie-Player with DSP-Soundsupport,needs Clockmodule

Many Software-Authors works on new Versions of her Software for successful work
with the StarTrack Audiocard.

New Prices !!!

New Product: Roboclock

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