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erik {21 feedback points}
aka. Erik Benson
508 Belmont Ave E
Seattle, WA 98102

Objects erik has created:

The Man on the Street: You are a reporter for Nervous Industries, and you will interview a homeless man or woman. Take them to dinner and ask them some questions. Write up the interview and experience, and send it all to me. I'll compile it and send you the a copy of all the interviews collected.

Decima: This is the story of Decima, a woman who ... well, I wouldn't want to give it away. She's old. Rats, peaches, and a young vivacious daughter get involved, metaphors get thrown around, etc. The ending is stirring.

(plus $2.00 or $3.00 for shipping, domestic and international)

The First Land Mail Art Object: This is a blank notebook, about 5 inches by 8 inches in size, with a hard cardboard cover.

Objects erik has signed up to receive:

De(con)struction: An existential chain - send 5 objects or concepts to the next person for them to destroy.

Journal #666: Journal #666 of the 1000 Journals Project.

you look like a hundred bucks: a collection of early-morning self-portraits.
Update: I received this the day before I left on vacation, and unfortunately didn't bring it with me. I promise to send it out as soon as I can (shortly after the 13th). Sorry for the delay. ... (January 17th) I've mailed this on to bowhead, one picture fuller.
(2002-03-09 16:09:37)

fiction and criticism: A blank notebook to write a short piece of fiction in - either something new or something you have lying around - and receive feedback from others in the list.
Update: I received this late last week, and am working on my story. It should be sent out on Monday. .... a week later. Okay, it took me a little longer to write a story than I had hoped, but the notebooks were posted today to bridget and they said you should receive it on Monday.
(2001-11-20 12:33:13)

20 Questions: There will be a question asked and you answer it then ask a question, yourself, another person has to answer and so on and so on.

Mixtape By Collective: A blank cassette tape.
Update: I am at the end of the list now, because I screwed something up while making these comments work.
(2001-07-19 00:22:09)

Camera! Camera! Camera!: This is a used disposable camera, reloaded with black and white film.

Allow Me!: A pad of permission slips.

A Golden Opportunity: Timber wolves, a Rocky Mountain blizzard, and a mine cave-in are only a few of the perils you may face when given your mission...

Art Assignment Notebook #1: You'll be asked to draw a specific item. Before sending the notebook on you'll get to select what the next person will draw.

chunk o' driftwood: it's an old piece of driftwood found in the cayuga fingerlake in ithaca, new york. it's screaming to be carved.
Update: I grew up in a land with no trees, and that is my excuse for the craftsmanship on this chunk of driftwood. My marks are the ones near the tip of the wood that sort of look like notches in a gear, and then a few designs trailing off of that, that began as accidental chippings.

I wish this wood well on the west of its wourney. It's coming to you, Shawn!
(2001-08-31 09:18:45)

Journal #588: #588 of the 1000 Journals Project.
Update: You can view the page at 1000journals.com for this object here. I added a table of contents, and my roommates added a couple drawings and bags with leaves in them.
(2001-07-19 00:22:39)

The Exchange (see everyone's)
If you send me...Then I will send you...Initiate
A song (mp3) that you wrote, with lyricsA song that I wrote, with lyrics

Questions & AnswersSee more Q & A from erik.

Question 48311
1. personal  
Q (Carolinagirl): Hi Erik- Please tell me where to find out about feedback and how to use the points. I just have a vague understanding, other than that I get them, and that I am supposed to give them if I create a LMAO... HELP- Carolinagirl... (KIM)
04 18:52
A (erik): Not yet answered.

Question 34798
2. personal  
Q (whither): hi erik - sorry i'm a tad late, but i'm mailing you my 'man on the street' info today. you should have it by monday, i'd think (may hop across the border to mail it, just so it reaches you sooner {g})
02 09:28
A (erik): Not yet answered.

Question 34505
3. personal  
Q (leafytreeful): hi erik ~ i donated via paypal earlier today, but didn't know where to put my nervousness name. so, if you get something from staci, that is me :) i have been given many gifts in the past week (both financial and otherwise) and wanted to pass a bit on. thank you for this site - i feel like i am getting so much out of it and am quite grateful that it is around.
30 17:55
A (erik): Not yet answered.

Question 33336
4. personal  
Q (Penster): Hi Erik. This is the error message I get when trying to go to the "forums" - "Can't connect to mySQL database. Host 'zelda.dreamhost.com' is not allowed to connect to this MySQL server". Hope you can help!
24 10:58
A (erik): Not yet answered.

Question 33312
5. personal  
Q (aries): Hello! I have been trying to email you at erik@nervousness.org and it will not go through. Basically I think I uploaded an image that is way too large on LMAO No. 3051 and I would like to delete it and replace it with a smaller image, but am not able to do so. Additionally, I can no longer comment. I apologize for the trouble and inconvience I have caused. --Shay ---P.S. This is an incredible site! Thank you!!
24 09:42
A (erik): Not yet answered.