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The Pink Door 12/08/01

Gypsy Caravan

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Tunics and some other costume elements shown in these photos were designed and created by Kamikaze Costumes!
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Gypsy wowed us again with a fantastic 3-set performance. Their candle dance was mesmerizing. I wish I could have captured the ambiance--dimly lit room, entrancing music, candles glowing. The colors of the costumes didn't come out this bright in the dim light, but my flash captures the bold colors (wished I didn't have to use the flash, though!)! Don't they look beautiful in these new costumes?
dulcineaflying.jpg (71739 bytes) gcshoulderline.jpg (145388 bytes) michelesolo.jpg (87227 bytes) gscircledance.jpg (95749 bytes) gcdance.jpg (135504 bytes)
Dulcinea, skirts flying! One of my favorite Gypsy Caravan moves. Michele, the newest member, though her grace and confidence belies the fact.  Lovely dancer. Dancing in a small circle. The gals back one another up. Here Dulc solos while the rest stand in chorus.
heididombaclap.jpg (94751 bytes) heididombapose.jpg (88108 bytes) heididombaafrican.jpg (81399 bytes) heididombalaugh.jpg (46505 bytes) gcdoubletunisian.jpg (91339 bytes)
Heidi from Domba of Arizona came up to dance with Gypsy. Getting the crowd going! And then a wild African solo. Amazing endurance and technique! Great smile. Double tunisian!
micheleheadshot.jpg (84060 bytes) micheleflyingbw.jpg (58109 bytes) michelecaminoflash.jpg (42287 bytes) gclean.jpg (127243 bytes) gcbowing.jpg (98824 bytes)
Can you tell we had great seats? Michele giving great face... ...and great hip! Without a flash, I could get very little, but you get the idea of the lighting somewhat. Backbends abound... ...as do joyful smiles.
paulettecamilean.jpg (98630 bytes) michelenoflash.jpg (46868 bytes) paulettesolo.jpg (78215 bytes) dulcineaheadshot.jpg (83126 bytes) michelesolo2.jpg (61207 bytes)
Love this vantage! Another no-flash pic.  The ambiance was great (and the food was AMAZING!) Paulette sweeping across the floor. Dulcinea solos for our enjoyment. Michele's solo.
micheledulctorso.jpg (108528 bytes) pauletteheididuet.jpg (85553 bytes) theband.jpg (102749 bytes)
Michele and Dulcinea duet, with deep torso rotations. Paulette and Heidi do a fun duet. The Gypsy Caravan Band, joined by Tom and Heidi of Domba.

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