8th Annual Ancient Echoes of Tribal Bellydance
Patrice Hawkwood Schanck
Paulette Rees-Denis
April 2001


The First Days

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We stuff our bodies with the last "meat" we will have for five days! Welcome to Breitenbush!  This is the main cabin, where we eat and dance every day. Cabins are quaint and functional--nothing fancy, but a happy home none-the-less Our first room had a sink and it's own bathroom. LUXURY!  But we had to switch half-way through to a regular old room. Pooh...
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Michelle makes herself at home...and strikes a little pose. In the corner of our dance room sits the altar.  Everyone is invited to place anything on it they wish Saysha (sp?) is a very talented sculptress, who made this beautiful crone belly-dancer statue We get right into it, joining in a large circle the first night we arrive
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And we get right to dancing!  Gotta cram in as much as we can get! The room is filled with eager students every day of the retreat Paulette and Dulcinea are willing instructors in turn, demonstrating the details of technique ... more dancing...
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...and more dancing... ...do these girls EVER get tired?! Yep. And when we do, we climb in HERE!  Beautiful, fragrant, muscle-easing hot springs dot the landscape, which we enjoy every free moment. The weather isn't bad--coolish with sun breaks.  Thankfully, NO RAIN!  We eat several meals on the large deck overlooking the lawn and woods beyond.
The Salon
Saturday night marks the culmination of the regular week-end, and the middle of the full-package with the dance intensive, which we were staying for.  The night is celebrated with performances of all kinds, and a CHOCOLATE FEAST!
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Everyone places their chocolate offerings at the altar, where willing disciples of the all-mighty chocolate may descend and feast throughout the night. Some offerings are more interesting than others. That long gold box? Chocolate truffles! Everyone gets gussied up, whether performing or not, to get in the festive mood of the evening. We had an opening circle, to come together and start the celebration off right.
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Troupes sit together, waiting for their turn to take the stage. Appreciative audience! Michelle, me, and Rochelle dressed up for the salon. Paulette looked on proudly as her students danced their hearts out.
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A reverent beginning to our night of performing... Julia and (?! sorry!) rock out... to Lady Marmalade!! Boy is hamming it up exhausting. *whew*
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Paulette and Dulcinea put on a show as well, spinning and twirling around the stage.  Who's leading?! Vibrantly colorful and fantastically energizing performance. One camper sang a old Scottish song she remembered from growing up. Still others brought their musical talents, playing instruments and leading a singalong!
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And there was good old fashioned tribal dancing with troupes from all around Oregon. I loved this dance. The duet danced with nosegays of wildflowers and then danced through the crowd handing them out to everyone!
Dance Intensive Extension
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