Every month (in Japan), the News Machine in the Pokémon Communication Center (PCC) in Goldenrod City has a new message posted, accessible via Mobile Adapter.

  For April and May of 2001, in Japan, the message on the News Machine, the message read, "The present which exceeds time."

  The nurse stops you on your way out.  She says that if you can pass the test of collecting 16 badges, then you may have the GS Ball.

  Travel and collect the rest of the 16 Badges.  Next, you must play and win the Chieko and Dice Game 3 times in a row.  Then, you must correctly answer the 10 card quiz.

  When you leave the PCC, you will receive the GS Ball.  However, the GS Ball is a mysterious item, and cannot be used on Wild Pokémon.  Instead, you must take it to an expert on Poké Balls.

Get the GS Ball back from Kurt.
  In Azalea Town, Kurt is surprised to see the GS Ball.  He's never seen anything like it before, and would like to look at it for the day.

  The next day, Kurt hurries outside.  Something it happening at Ilex Forest, and he returns the GS Ball to you.

There is unrest in the forest.
  In Ilex Forest, the wind is blowing through the trees.  Take the GS Ball and place it in the shrine of the forest's protector.  Celebi will fly down from above above and attack.
  Celebi is on level 30, and you only have one chance to catch it.  If you don't have a Master Ball, hopefully you've stocked up on Ultra Balls, or have Level Balls with a high leveled Pokémon.
  Due to the huge number of people that would like to view the actual events rather than merely see the above images, I've made a video clip form the point when Kurt returns the GS Ball to after Celebi is captured.  There are high and low quality versions, and both are in Zip format (which can be uncompressed with PowerArchiver 2001).

Download: [Zipped Size]
Low Quality [899KB]
High Quality [224KB]

Note: The Low Quality has a is about 3.5MB.  The High Quality isn't too much over 10MB.  I have no idea why the Low Quality compressed so large while the High Quality compressed so small.

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