project photoFolk Art Angel Doll

Designed by Nicky Epstein
For Designs For America from Solutia

(Note: Instructions are for doll on right. Instructions for doll on left are featured the previous month.)

Size: Approx 16" long.

Worsted-weight yarn Dawn Sayelle (100% Acrilan Acrylic; 3-1/2 oz skein) by Caron: 1 skein each of Azure Blue #422 (A), Baby Blue #389 (B), Peach #305 (C), and White #301 (D); small amount each of brown and pink; Sizes 5 and 8 (3.75 and 5mm) knitting needles or size needed to obtain Gauge. 16 Gold star buttons, 5/8" shank-type; 1 package brown Doll hair, brown; Gold tinsel chenille stem; 1 bag Polyester fiberfill; White craft glue; Yarn needle.

Gauge: 16 sts and 20 rows = 4". To save time, take time to check your gauge.

Note: Side seam becomes the front of the doll; finished doll will be a side view (refer to photo).

Folk Art Angel Doll
With A and larger needles, cast on 61 sts. Beg with a knit row, work in St st (knit on RS rows, purl on WS rows), dec 1 st each side every 4th row until piece measures 1" from beg, ending with a WS row. Begin stipe as follows:
Next (2 color) row: (RS) * K1 B, k1 A; rep from * across, ending k1 B. Beg with a purl row, cont in St st with B only (carry A up side), cont decs as established until piece measures 2-1/2" from beg, ending with a wrong-side row. Rep 2-Color Row. Fasten off B.
With A, beg with a purl row, cont in St st work decs as established, until 29 sts rem.
Next Row: * K1, k2 tog across--15 sts rem. Bind off all sts.

Sleeve (Make Two)
With larger needles and A, cast on 23 sts. Work as for body until 13 sts rem. Bind off.

With C and larger needles, cast on 15 sts. Beg with a knit row, work 2 rows St st.
Next Row: [K1, yo] across to last st, k1--29 sts.Work even in St st for 3", ending with a WS row.
Next Row: [K1, k2 tog] across, end k2--20 sts.
Next Row: [P2 tog] across--10 st. Cut yarn, leaving a 12" tail. Using yarn needle, thread tail through rem 10 sts. Drop sts from knitting needle and draw up tail to gather. Knot securely.

Foot (Make Two)
With C and larger needles, cast on 15 sts. Work in St st for 4 rows, ending with a WS row.
Next row: (RS) [K1, k2 tog] across--10 sts.
Next Row: [P2 tog] across--5 sts. Bind off all sts.

Hand (Make Two)
Work as for foot.

Wing (Make Two)
With smaller needles and D, cast on 5 sts. Work tube st as follows:
Row 1: (RS) K1, [sl 1 as if to purl, k1] twice.
Row 2: [Sl 1 as if to purl, p1] twice, sl 1.
Rep Rows 1 and 2 for 25". Fold each tube into 3 gradating loops to form wings. Sew loops tog at bottom.

Body: With RS out, fold Body in half lengthwise side and sew side seam and across top opening, leaving bottom edge open. Stuff with fiberfill.
Feet, Hands, Arms, and Head: Fold each piece in half lengthwise with RS out. Sew side seam, leaving bottom open. Stuff with fiberfill.
Foot Joining: Measure 3" from side seam, then sew foot to front or back layer of body edge. Measure 1" from first foot and sew on second foot. Sew bottom seam of body, encasing edges of feet.
Hand Joining: Sew cast-on edge of hand to front or back layer of sleeve near one folded edge. Sew bottom seam of sleeve, encasing edges of hand. Rep for other hand/arm.
Sleeve Joining: Measure 3" from neck and 2-1/2" from side seam, then sew sleeve to body. Rep for other side of doll. Tack hands together.
Head: Sew cast-on edge of head to top of body. (Note: Bottom edge of head will not be sewn closed.) Push head back and tack to top of body to stabilize.

Dress: Evenly space and sew 8 star buttons centered in the B section of the lower body. Evenly space and sew 4 stars centered in the B section around each sleeve.
Wings: Sew wings to upper back in the shoulder area.
Face: Using brown yarn and a straight stitch, embroider 2 V's on head for eyes. Using pink yarn and a straight stitch, make 4 sts (2 on each side) in a slight upward angle for a smile.
Hair: Sew hair to top of head following package directions.
Halo: Fold 4" on one end of chenille stem in a circle to form a loop with a stem. Coat end of stem with glue and insert in head at crown area.

Standard Abbreviations
beg  . . .  begin(ning)
cont  . . .  continue
dec  . . .  decreas(e)(ing)
inc  . . .  increas(e)(ing)
k  . . .  knit
p  . . .  purl
pat  . . .  pattern
rem  . . .  remain(ing)
rep  . . .  repeat(ing)
RS  . . .  right side
sl  . . .  slip
st(s)  . . .  stitch(es)
St st  . . .  stockinette stitch
tog  . . .  together
WS  . . .  wrong side
yo  . . .  yarn over

We hope you enjoy making this fine pattern, which features quality yarn made with Acrilan Acrylic Fiber. Please write and tell us what types of hand-knit and crocheted items you would like to see on future crafting shows. Our address is:

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Every effort has been made to have these instructions accurate and complete. We cannot be responsible for variance in individual crafters, human errors or typographical mistakes.