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Baltimore Division - Keystone Subdivision
Baltimore Division
Keystone Subdivision
(Cumberland, MD to McKeesport, PA)
Keystone Subdivision-MH
Station List and Diagram

This information comes from the 'CSX Transportation Cumberland Division Timetable No. 3', effective Saturday, April 1, 2000.
Radio:  CM Dispatcher channel 94,  Road channel 08
132.8 Miles  ·  Viaduct Junction to Sinns
â WEST â MP Station Siding Notes
BF178.9 Viaduct Junction   End Cumberland Terminal SD
Begin Keystone SD
BF181.4 Mt Savage Junction    
BF186.8 Cooks Mill    
BF190.2 Hyndman X-overs  
BF199.5 FO Tower X-overs  
BF201.3 Glencoe    
BF209.0 Otters    
BF209.5 Manila X-overs  
BF211.2 Sand Patch X-overs  
BF215.0 Meyersdale    
BF216.3 Salisbury Junction   Jct Salisbury Industrial Track
BF219.9 Garrett X-overs  
BF226.8 Rockwood   Jct S&C SD
BF233.9 Markleton    
BF235.3 Pinkerton   WEDT
BF237.0 Shoo Fly   EEDT
BF238.7 Brook    
BF244.3 Draketown X-overs  
BF248.3 Bidwell    
BF251.8 HK Tower X-overs  
BF258.8 Stewarton    
BF262.9 Indian Creek    
BF266.1 Casparis 11000'  
BF268.6 Green Junction X-overs Jct SWP RR
BF269.7 Connellsville    
BF270.3 Sodem X-over Jct W&LE RR
BF271.5 West Yough    
BF272.7 Broadford X-overs Jct SWP RR
BF279.8 Lavenia X-over  
BF288.7 Smithton    
BF292.8 Reduction    
BF295.0 West Newton    
BF299.9 Scott Haven X-over  
BF302.2 Vista    
BF309.8 Ellrod    
BF310.4 MK Tower
Sinns   End Keystone SD
Begin Pittsburgh SD
Authority for Movement
Between Location/Mile Post Rules
BF178.9 Viaduct Junction and BF211.2 265-272
Sand Patch 255-259
BF211.2 Sand Patch and BF235.3 D-251
BF235.3 and BF244.3 265-272
BF244.3 and BF266.0 D-251
BF266.0 and BF268.6 D-251 (93)
Green Junction 255-259 (93)
BF268.6 and BF272.7 265-272
BF272.7 and BF273.0 Yard Limits D-251 (93)
BF273.0 and BF309.9 D-251
BF309.9 and BF311.7 Sinns D-251 (93)
Maximum Authorized Speed
Between Location/Mile Post MPH
Viaduct Junction and Sinns 50
Defect Detectors
MP Location Type Indicators
BF187.0 Cooks Mills AD No.1 & 2 Mains
BF218.5 Yoder AD No.1 & 2 Mains
BF239.8 Brooks AD No.1 Dragging Equipment only
BF243.5 Jenkins AD No.2 Dragging Equipment only
BF248.2 Bidwell AD No.1 & 2 Mains
BF266.2 Casparis AD No.1 Main
BF275.3 Dawson AD No.2 Main
BF290.8 Fitz Henry AD No.1 & 2 Mains
BF290.8 Fitz Henry AD No.1 & 2 Mains

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