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November 1998

Bobby Hargis
66, Irving
Then Motorcycle patrolman, Dallas Police Department
Now Dectective, Dallas Police Department (will retire in December)

"I was trying to find out where those shots came from. I saw up on the grassy knoll people falling down -- people around me were hitting the ground. I ran up to the grassy knoll to look at the railroad tracks and couldn't see anybody up there. So I ran back down and got on my motorcycle, and I thought, 'Well, maybe he might be on the other side.' So I motored down underneath the underpass and looked on the other side and didn't see anyone over there, so I came back. It struck my mind the president's head went to his left, forward and left, so it meant that anything that hit him in the head had to come over his right shoulder. From that, I was looking up at the school book depository. I rode over there and that was when we all surrounded the school book depository and took our positions.

"When Kennedy was shot in the head, brain matter and blood and stuff had all come over and hit me as I rode through it. Well, I did all the rest of these things that I talked about, then I walked over to the sheriff's office, and while I was walking over to the it, a guy came up to me and offered me $17,000 for my helmet. I told the guy, 'You're going to have to talk to the City of Dallas,' because it didn't belong to me. And [fellow police officer] Bud Brewer says, 'Bob, you got something on your lip.' And he flicked at it, and it was a piece of Kennedy's brain and a piece of skull bone.

"You know, I coined that word, for any better reason than saying 'grassy bank' -- I just said 'grassy knoll.' And it stuck."

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