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  On September 11th, our generation's memory was permanently scarred by an unthinkable act of cowardice and inhumanity. Together with virtually everyone else on the planet, we send our deepest and most heartfelt condolences to the thousands affected by this disaster.  

...But as we mourn those who lost their lives that day, and do our utmost to help the injured, we must not forget that, in the name of protecting the very freedoms we feel are now threatened, we can't allow ourselves to give up those very freedoms. This site exists to serve a movement started to protect one of the most important freedoms - the freedom of speech - which is now in danger of being submerged in the name of fighting terrorism. We, the operators of this website, encourage you to learn more about the importance of encryption to individual freedom, and to join us in protecting this vital right as we help the nation continue looking for real solutions to the very real threat of terrorism.

Reading: insightful editorial by Paul McMasters

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Monday, September 24
Nationwide protests

Major events are being planned across the globe for September 24th. Please stay tuned for details of Bay Area events as they become finalized.


Thursday, August 30
Protest; Preliminary Hearing & Arraignment

A preliminary hearing and arraignment was held under Hon. Richard Seeborg. Both Dmitry and his employer pleaded not guilty to all charges against them. Dates for further hearings were set. See Reuters story for details. A protest was also held in San Francisco; see the link below for more details.

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photo of dmitry

Dmitry Sklyarov is a 26-year-old Russian citizen and Ph.D. student who studies cryptography. He is the father of two children (2 1/2 year old son, 3 month old daughter).

Dmitry helped create the Advanced eBook Processor (AEBPR) software for his Russian employer Elcomsoft. According to the company's website, the software permits eBook owners to translate from Adobe's secure eBook format into the more common Portable Document Format (PDF). The software only works on legitimately purchased eBooks. It has been used by blind people to read otherwise-inaccessible PDF user's manuals, and by people who want to move an eBook from one computer to another (just like anyone can move a music CD from the home player to a portable or car).

Sklyarov was arrested July 17 in Las Vegas, NV, apparently at the behest of Adobe Systems, according to the DOJ complaint, and charged with distributing a product designed to circumvent copyright protection measures.He is now released on $50000 bail and restricted to California.


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August 30, San Francisco

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August 29, San Francisco

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August 13, San Jose

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August 6, San Jose

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