NOW is the time:
  the TIME's of
 (: form  simplification = symbolitreezation
  of/for (t)old truths:)
 .to make piece of and peace with
  the past passed-tense add on ages.
     :SNOW:(so called static)
      white noise:
   is never still.
 noise is not in stasis:

 WHITE is alive with color: 

 whitenoise's sight/sound  is:big
so V v A a S s T t ; so LOUD; so hued; so few can take it all at once. some can't take it once at all! There is just too much white noise
Y all this racket?

..wut's THAT mean? ascii me. 'Tis WRIT: When creating indescribably new things , create new words to describe them with . But . . When re-creating overtly enscribed old thoughts; desecrate old words and re-D-fine them. computerease "data"= in(s)cripted terms that in/form w/out waste of space/time describing givens. Latin was this; A shortened mix of former words. one syllable "words" that represented different contents (meanings), dependent on surrounding three letter word/phrases for context . So. now(s) are the times: the time to (s)know ... from a piece written 11/17/1993

HALT! SHit /Write\ Downer. nebber make a mooc0W