Strider Hiryu by Mike Monroe
Raziel in a new Window by Joshua A. McCar...
Samus Aran in a new Window by James Linkunait...
Warcraft obsess... in a new Window by Daniel Ek
Soul Reaver in a new Window by subCulture
Darth Medusa Co... in a new Window by James Linkunait...
Cold Storage in a new Window by Sean Walusko

Caligari is shipping TrueSpace 6

Alias/Wavefront announces version 4.5 of its Maya for Mac OSX

Tor Lillqvist's Win32 port of the Gimp is available in version 1.2.3 (GTK+ 1.3 and 2.0). The Nix version is currently at 1.3.7

Discreet announces 3D Studio Max 5

Right Hemisphere announces version 2.0 of Deep Paint 3D

Adobe is shipping Photoshop 7

Alien Skin Software releases Splat!, its latest set of filter plugins for Photoshop

Verison 1.2.3 of the Windows port of the Gimp has been released by Tor Lillqvist.

Hi, I am looking for 2D artists for working on a tile-based puzzle game based on the class NES title, ...
By Rajan (7/12/2002)

Will you upgrade to Photoshop 7?



Hell No, PS3 rocks
found some shit. stills from a startrek vs starwars animation i did on the amiga. it was named space mess 2 and incuded characters from several games incl lemmings, monkey island e...
By braindead (7/20/2002)

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