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The Name

My first choice was, the name of my favorite George Eliot novel, Daniel Deronda. However, someone had already registered that domain. A second choice was, the initials of my favorite Beatles song, "I Dig A Pony". Again, no luck. So I scoured the dictionary (Merriam-Webster's Collegiate Dictionary) for other possibilities:

nescience, nescient
"lack of knowledge or awareness; ignorance"
meliorism, meliorist
"the belief that the world tends to become better and that humans can aid its betterment"
"the actualization of form-giving cause as contrasted with potential existence"
short and sweet

While ruminating over, French for "help yourself", intended by me in the sense of "help yourself to whatever you find here", I was reading The Lopsided Ape: Evolution of the Generative Mind by Michael C. Corballis:

Irving Biederman ... has proposed a set of 36 generalized cones that he calls geons, which is short for "geometric ions". He suggests that this basic vocabulary is sufficient to generate virtually all of the shapes we know, at least to the point at which they can be recognized. The geons are chosen, moreover, so that they are as discriminable from one another as possible, even when rotated into different orientations.

I liked the name and "geonetics" was already taken, so GEONius it is!


The Logo

Our plaster ceilings at home have a repeating flower pattern made by rotating a circular brush back and forth while the plaster is wet. When the sun is at the right angle, one of the petals on one of the flowers looks like a big-beaked penguin in a Nehru jacket - or maybe that's just my Linuxishness tweaking my perception! (I added the buttons and the eyes!)

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