OpenCola Inc.


OpenCola Inc.

"With OpenCola, you put links you find interesting in a folder... The OpenCola software then acts like a search engine and sends out its own spider to other public folders of other OpenCola users and collects similar documents, which are then brought back into your folders."


The Internet feels new again.

OpenCola is the first collaborative search engine. It finds relevant information faster by leveraging the knowledge of others.

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> Fortune Magazine

Fortune Names OpenCola Cool Company for 2001
Cutting through the noise, OpenCola caught the ear of Fortune Magazine and qualified as one of their 25 Cool Companies for 2001.


Analysis: 20 factors that will change PCs in 2002
Collaborative search software like OpenCola Folders will let consumers stream content recommended by users who share their interests – a faster, smarter way to roam the web.

Arrow InformationWeek Magazine

Startup OpenCola Readies New P2P Search Engine
OpenCola is set to begin beta testing Folders, a search engine based on peer-to-peer technology.