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This site is all about the fascinating world of fireworks, both the kind consumers can buy to the types used by professionals.  Use the navigation bar on the left to access the many different sections of this site.  

The Fireworks Info section is filled with everything you could want to know about fireworks.  It covers the history of fireworks, fireworks laws, safety tips and precautions, some nice images, and much, much more - including the largest online glossary of firework terms.  There are also some great links!

How Fireworks Work

-Basic Chemistry
-Materials/Tools used in Fireworks Construction
-How Fireworks are Made
-How Colors are Made
-How Effects are Made
-Display Fireworks
-Consumer Fireworks
Chemical Glossary
-Professional Display Setup

Getting a Job/Career in the Fireworks Industry

In the Fireworks Projects section, you can learn how some simple consumer fireworks can be made, such as fuse, set pieces, and rocket racks.  Below that you'll find Building Projects, which gives detailed, illustrated, instructions on how to make an electrical firing panel, aerial shell racks, and more.

How do you like the idea of creating Your Own Consumer Fireworks Display?  Here you can learn everything you need to know to put on a great neighborhood display for the 4th of July or any other occasion - including how to ignite it electrically and choreograph it to music like in professional displays.

Last Updated: July16 th, 2002

This site is updated every few days.  Hit your REFRESH button when re-visiting Pyro Universe in order to see the latest information.

Latest News and Updates as of 7/16/02

Added more links to the Links page
Re-wrote portions of the Mortar Rack page
More updates to the FAQ page
Added more terms to the glossary

  Upcoming Changes

More firework effects explained: whistles, hummers, whirlwinds, etc.
Will be creating a Pyro Universe mailing list
Information/pictures on my firework stand
More images in the Pictures section
The "How Fireworks Are Made" section will soon be online!


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