(Vancouver, CA - May 10, 2002) Mainframe Entertainment, Inc. (MFE:TSE), a leading creator of computer animation for television, will be leading the Girl Power charge at this year's Licensing Show 2002 with its introduction of Dorothy Dill, a spunky, dauntless 12 year-old girl with a super-charged scientific mind. Dorothy is the star of Mainframe's new animated property, Dot's Bots, which transports audiences to the futuristic 'Turbo City', where Dot's imagination and mechanical genius set the stage for electrifying and hilarious adventures.

The announcement was made today by Joy Tashjian, President of Joy Tashjian Marketing Group, Mainframe’s agency of record for property representation. Tashjian will be meeting with Licensing Show participants interested in developing unique and inventive products in association with this intriguing new property.

"Dot's Bots is an imaginative and original new property that lends itself to unique licensing campaign opportunities targeted towards the tween girl audience," said Tashjian. "We feel that licensees will be intrigued by the subject matter, which is not the norm for the teenage female demographic."

Hidden behind her welding mask, in her grandfather's junkyard, Dot weaves ‘techno-magic' creating a zany assortment of Robots, proving that girls can do anything boys can do!"

Dot's Bots tells the story of Dorothy Dill (Dot to her friends), a fearless and determined 12 year old mechanical genius who creates a zany collection of robots assembled from scraps found in her grandfather's junkyard that come to life. Her robots are a secret and she only shares it with her younger brother Arnie, who is always finding ways to cause Dot problems.

Girls around the world will relate to Dot as she tries to protect her mechanical friends from the exploitive outside world in this series currently being developed by Mainframe Entertainment.

Mainframe Entertainment Inc. is one of the world’s most prolific producers of computer animation for television and direct to videos and is expanding into long-form CGI for feature films, commercials and interactive entertainment. The company is best known as the pioneer of computer animated television series for the groundbreaking "ReBoot". Mainframe has produced over 230 hours of computer animation since its inception in 1993. In addition to its award-winning "Barbie in the Nutcracker" direct to video feature, the company’s recent projects include two original "ReBoot" TV movies and 40 half-hours of the "Heavy Gear" television series. Founded in 1993, the company employs over 250 artists, animators, technicians and production personnel, and has won many prestigious awards for its creative and technical innovations, including an induction into the Smithsonian Institute.

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