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CLAN NAME: Tesun [*team tiberian sun*]
UDIEMYWAYomfg this noob still telling every1 i use maper!
gay he is madwolf - evosport - even he got ss
i call these players newbs loly
DelitaXahhh, newb Brazil clan Reconns, l2onaIdo or w/e, jewz...
HILE REAL 1Stefor by the way why would i say smak to Bluefoxer hes good and a m8 i dont be mean for the hella of it
HILEand why would i say that about stefor hes cool god dang
HILE GRR STOP FAKING ME WHOEVER THAT ISFUCK SAKE i dont say shit like that im nice :) LoL i think its baf cause he is the biggest homo he talks so much trash
helljudgewho doesnt like blow up dolls? ha
helljudgescream duh everyone knows that already tho, fucking wannabe
hilei love boys and blow up dolls
lol@hileit has to be even hile's not that fucking stupid to say that
f1ref0xis someone faking hile, i dont think he'd keep embarassing himself
hilelisten everyone guile will be no.1 clan this month because i joined guile.
- hile
lol@yousjust taking a quick look at this 1 max,aaton,des,dach.....shit you guys can rave on and on you lot should go to yahoo and get on the mic and sort it out,funny accents might be a problem!
lol@hileone rare honest cheater.....,does any one remember Gusper? he used to use fiends every tourney game when fiends was sorta a new thing now he's back an easy beat but still uses mapR
HileOf course im talking absolute bullshit. I still cheat but with a little bit more sublety .
HileFucking hell stefor get over yourself Everyone knows i used to cheat alot and i didnt make the Super trainer BTW the fact is i dont cheat now so get over it ok stefor

Hileya Grem u know im not a cheat now dont u and matix pfffffff couldnt belive it thats what u get when u r mates with Mola a Known supercheat lol
HileBTW Lo0kaLike sended me SS so he doesnt recon
HileTRUST vs guile that was Matix vs me matix tl me br i did 4 reif inf then harv reif reif tits and he sent 7 tits and 2 dis i RAPED all of his shit cause i had over 15 tits then i send all my tits an Mk and dis rape reifs with disrs and waf with tits then he dc wtf is up with that matix
Hileand as KAZISHISM that was 2 years ago i "USED" to cheat
HileLoL matix cheated me
l0rdyhbki is more than 1 person.... in that instance i think it was hile
dachziege^hbki is not kobe its you hile.....
Lo0kaLikeScenario: TERRACE.MAP
Game Duration: 47 minutes
Revels's point change: +43
TRUST's point change: +21
Lo0kaLikewell once more clan trust

Jun 20, 02 - Revels ( 476 pts) Defeats TRUST ( 577 pts) in game# 82449343
steforHileman; I think you would be the last person here having the right to call others cheaters. As far as I can remember the IP 203.79.6X.XXX (when u were playing as KAZISHIM) u cheated me several times when I was playing for Seti. And when I say 'several times' it says enough dont u think? thx
atombombur u talkin about last month when geatthis(wordupy0) and those wins from the loss we had from US clan? That was last month dont worry about it no one cares, its already been explained by u and we nknow why bcos of the - - situation , which is ok, but really dont worry about it , its over with
NASAabout me on here, listen when we plaed vs getatthis clan and shit, both our clans got - and i said fine then do u want to put it to where nobody lost pts and he said yes so we did double win to get both clans get the pts they had in the first place back and i dont remem who i did that with but i think it was with bombu or so not sure so dont hold me to it
heartfullmatix admited to me he d/c on purpose cause he doesnt "trust" hile? lol thats the gayest thing ive ever heard.. anyways matix i thouht u wasnt a cheat : (
Lo0kaLikeJun 15, 02 - TRUST ( 547 pts) Loses Connection to MaoDi ( 331 pts) in game# 82051749
Jun 15, 02 - TRUST ( 547 pts) Plays guile ( 467 pts) in game# 82062884

-MOON-'s point change: +48
TRUST's point change: +16

OracIe's point change: +43
TRUST's point change: +21

Jun 9, 02 - TRUST ( 328 pts) Plays RBF ( 87 pts) in game# 81485653

Jun 5, 02 - TRUST ( 155 pts) Plays Pride. ( 29 pts) in game# 81148102

Jun 13, 02 - TRUST ( 524 pts) Plays PrideX ( 258 pts) in game# 81831450

RBF's point change: +50
TRUST's point change: +14

I quess this says enuff bout mola n rosterx clan TRUST.

ScReeeeaMhbki is kobe
HileTRUST vs. guile
Game Duration: 12 minutes
TRUST's point change: +0
guile's point change: +0

matix15 [trust] Result: Wash Game
Points: 164
Record: 4/0/2
Side: GDI
Units Killed/Bought/Left: 13/25/13
Buildings Killed/Bought/Left: 0/25/10
Infantry Killed/Bought/Left: 14/60/14
Planes Killed/Bought/Left: 1/4/1
Saw Completion: No
IP: 24.51.16X.XXX

hbki [guile beginners] Result: Wash Game
Points: 0
Record: 0/0/0
Side: GDI
Units Killed/Bought/Left: 18/34/18
Buildings Killed/Bought/Left: 19/30/21
Infantry Killed/Bought/Left: 5/76/5
Planes Killed/Bought/Left: 1/3/1
Saw Completion: No
IP: 203.79.6X.XXX See me killed buidlings him 0 killed and 10 left i owned him what happeended i had 8 harvs 3 reif me br him tl then he send me 7 tits and 2 dis i RAPED tits then dis he send tits above me i put like tons of discs and men on them and raped with 6 tits i had 4 @ cy and 3 engs also he put 2 Dis on cy and i had rape that shot the disrs and 4 tits put eng in after the 2 shot of cy then 1 was dead then shot other and eng in so he didnt get cy then i send him 13 titans and 2 dis RAPE his reifs and he say u money hack cheat then dc
Observationffs fine its ace but im only using this name cos my ace nik gets faked all the fucking time
f1ref0xbtw observation who r u? or u need to name hide
f1ref0xyea i use Paint to touch up my ss. crude but efficient.
bigmom420lol.. sorry, i put "observation" on the author field.. that's me, not our great mr. Observation... my observation sucks.
observationpls ask someone (such as mr.interpretation, mr.analysis, or mr.namehidechicken) else to help u interpret the ss. the shroud revealed around the rpg (the bottom part) is little on that ss.

btw, in case u didn't observe that (I think this is the case.. lol), that ss is made by fox or his ally, not gold or his ally.

since i don't wanna argue with you anymore.. let's make a conclustion: fox used map reveal and he tried to paint the shroud on the ss but out of ink and that's why the shroud revealed is so big. ok?

observation, since your observation is so good, do you ever observe an asshole in front of you whenever u look at a mirror?
Observationwell "bigmom" if you were so observant yourself, you would know that when you fly a plane over sams, the sams reveal a little shroud around them, also this goes for an rpg, but what you didnt notice, to you "high IQ" and "low observance" that if the rpg did reveal shroud, surely its going to open a circular area around the rpg, yet on the s/s the shroud around the rpg is just the plain circumfrance from the main shroud, you would also know that allies cannot see things like sams or rpg when they fire to reveal shroud, another "low observance" of yours, any more smart arse ideas "bigmomma" ?
bigmom420oh observation.. since your IQ is too high, i think u r gonna say "bigmom, what if he build a rpg after his cy got captured?" i give you 1 year to think about why that's impossible. hmm.. make it 2 years....
bigmom420observation, did u notice there's a rpg there? when that rpg shoot the apc, what will happen?
i guess the answer is "reveal more shroud"

your observation sucks.
dachziegei know suwo as almost from his very first day on ts when we were in kbz, and this is not suworow hehe
but nice try... suwo doesnt cheat ... but if it was a win for firefox, as it seems, you should give freewin.
and this screensht @cheatergallery is really shjt. firefox can use "s" after sending apc from one point to the other... so where is there a cheat?
whatever still ppl not understanding this... but im really surprised that ppl of sharks seem to misunderstand it.
Observationbtw, when a sub pops up in a base, it never reveals that much shroud
f1ref0xthx aphro
erm that's blatant suw faker..
AphrodLtelol, how does firef0x cheat? that screen of him "scouting some1 whose unscouted?" he could have jus used alt on war and sub would pop up there? just like when you alt a pad for a orca to go to unscouted place?? i played firef0x many times never got cheated by him...
AphrodLtelol that's not suw...suw = doesnt speak english that good lol...
suwwtf ace u newb dont talk about what u dont know
acelol im sorry but suw blatently been busted here, whats obviously happened is what fire siad that he got pissed hed lost 2 already that day and thought fire was some newb who wldnt mouth it off to any1 so dc, i seem to remember suw being in something like this ages ago i will get my r thinking cap on, suws normally fair jst give win and be done with it........
Refutationi have already cleared my name on that matter see board but dunno why no one removed that ss. i don't cheat and i don't lie. suw did dc me, accidentally/purposely i don't know but i won it and i want win.

still no ss arrived....
"AphrodLte -LOL , suw caught up cheating lol , i wouldnt be surpised if suw did dc i know firef0x doesnt cheat though why would he lie? suw has 6 buildings?????"

"i know firef0x doesnt cheat"

this is strange, since f1ref0x is in the chetaing section on this website, and suworow25 has never been accused of cheating before
f1ref0xok i sent again
quite obvious cos i had 4 harvs lasers cc inf rocks and he just sending 5 tits. ss will show.
f1ref0x?? i sent them to u?
check ur mail, from a0firefox@yahoo.com.sg
atombombuwell cant tell pics r seen and once pics r seen r they good enough to c everything hes attacking with? and if its noticable a win/loose?its a tough call
AphrodLteLOL , suw caught up cheating lol , i wouldnt be surpised if suw did dc i know firef0x doesnt cheat though why would he lie? suw has 6 buildings?????
Destroy3rsend the ss fire so this can be sorted out. Ive been 1 ref before and after they get ure mcv unteched its just newbie suvival 10000 lasers and everything for defencs with emp.. same as engys in apc with gdi
dachziegeif there are screenshots to prove that game was win for firefox, u must give freewin but up 2 now i didnt recieve any screen and so i think no freewin., but firefox didnt u say u got ss= why dont u give them to me?
i think 1on1 games = as much a -50 pts - lose as any 2on2..... so i think its unfair... but if u 1 reff suwo and think that then u won the match, u wont get a freewin cos 1 reffers usually die even if his enemy got no main .....
so ss or nothing i guess
Maxpovveras i was saying, back arrow ends text by looks of it, ne way

is this the "suw the }notorious{ cheat" thread...

emphasis on the fact suworow doesnt cheat
Maxpovveris this "suw the >notorious
aceso sharks u seem to be avoiding this suw game u gonna be giving fire his win !!???!!!
dachziegewow is that all you can say?

"you have an awful connection"

"you mean nothing on TS"

seems as if u got no argumentation?

and @max i didnt search for this thread@uf it was stefor who did it hihi

its just funny how people think they can dominate something, although its a game and every1 can play and win it..
its not more urs than mine... thats something u dont get do u?
and i said the easiest way to stop arguing was that u dont write any more, cos then no1 would go on talking here..
but i think u r just too game - focused so that u dont get the points of my posts..
im sorry
acetotally uncalled for
stefordachziege really, who the f.ck do u think u are lol
u mean nothing in here or on TS. U got a big mouth, an awfull connection and u like to talk bs, thats all. And ur telling ME not to write any msg's anymore? LOL?

In other words; get lost, and go back to German Forum?
Maxpovveruf as in the forum which ur talking about, y would i talk about -uf-, thats -uf- with dashes, which unless it has its own website and forum, then its v unlikely im gonna be talking about it...
Destroy3rUF as in ure clan UF which wasnt a year ago that was this month end of last
Maxpovversuddenly arguing with ?

the uf post u found is over a year old, in other words its defined as history, how something this old can be defined as suddenly i dont know, ne way hf finding other ancicent posts
dachziegewe shoulkd make new clans i think ... [peace1] and [peaceA] and stef shouldnt post ne thing no more hehe this has become a spammer thread how its called if some1 talked bout thinbgs which hasnt anything 2 do with the topic... k?
lets chill ! we r all kinda good xcept me and some ppl think they r better and post wins against sharks cos they need to... thats something "someone" did cos hes so happy....
but what makes me angry is that stef lies around and says i did this... (which cant be true cos i have never beaten sharks be4 cos im so bad ) "peace"
Destroy3rim bringing itto this bourd cos every time i try to speak with stef hes like 'i dont wana here it' etc etc or uve blown ure chance. So im just saying what i would have to him on this board. And if he can refer to something of 1 year ago why cant i? And ure saying the last time u and stef had an argument was 1 year ago? try more like less than 1 month ago in UF. I dont want in sharks im v happy in moon my points was a follow on from ace's point that how can stefor so suddenlly allie with a person who he has been argueing with. Im not sure were the rest of the bs came from like respect etc but i just followed stefors insults of me with my posts,
maixts still hasnt changed.
Maxpovverlolol, im just reading this uf board, and this is funny, yes i did write that, about 1 year ago precisely, since it was ff-clan in the script, -*FF*- clan i was in last march (2001), so cause im gonna have diff opinions of ppl from diff time, also destroy3r it was u who mentioned me, when u felt the need 2 paste moon defeats sharks (me) 2 times, as if its spose 2 mean summat, if u were so unhappy about stefor not letting u in sharks or wotever the story is, y not privately refer it 2 him? instead of dragging it on2 these boards and making a whole load of shit about it, having 2 then bring a feud between sharks n moon
atombombui 1 ref engy rush all the time
f1ref0xb4 that he just got beaten by getatthls twice. then immediately after "some newb 1 ref eng him" so prob he pissed or something and does dc...i have sent u ss
dachziege1on1 clan i mean sorry... but send me ss k? ciao
dachziegefirefox? i dont really think that suwo dc/washed in 2on2 clan.... but can you give me the screens?
Destroy3rstefor look at this thread again:

and look below what ziege said to were i comment appears by maxpower. I didnt say all the sh.t that was maxpower so dont start accusing me of saying bs that i never said u said i neevr meantioned maxpowvver well ofcourse i didnt cos he was the guy who posted the trhread in the first place pff
aceyeah suw blatently cheated there give freewin sharks
f1ref0xsuworow25 = dc washer. i 1 ref eng him, his cy gone, i winning and he disconnected for the +0 for both. in lobby i asked him why dc? he said lol twice that's all. i have 7 ss altogether.
steforwhat was ur point again? That max is in sharks now? Read again what u wrote:


"dach ur 100% correct, the fact that stefor made fs bug and then blames the recon on bish l8r on to all his "freak m8s" or as i say cock suckers who kiss stefs arse, hopin maybe 1 day, stef would train them or let them in his clan or some shit, but that aint gonna happen, the fact that stefor u think u can do n e thing u want, and the way that u blocked me from reconnecting in our game just proves that will take every advantage, fair or not fair that u feel is neccessary 4 u 2 win a game, ie vs bish with fs cheat. thats y ppl like dach r quittin ts, which aint right that they should quit because of this, hopefully 1 day if u r playin a diff game, and im on it, and ur just shit at it, ill treat u with the same respect as u treat most of the fair ppl on ts"

In this thread ur not even mentioning about maxpovver at all. In this thread ur:

- insulting me I dont treat people with respect
- saying I only let people in my clan that behave 'good' (kissing my ... or whatever u said) so ur insulting the whole clan (the "freak m8s" as u call them) as well.
- saying TS is my life.
- saying I cant lose fair
- saying I used a fs cheat

Those are all things (which all are pure lies) u said in ur 1st post. Now suddenly ur point is that max is in sharks? Really dude ur pissing me off with ur lies and sh.t. And trust me, u wont 'resolve' this problem by talking even more shit about my clan, telling me who I can let in and who I can't. Ever told ur boss which employees he has to recruit? Me neither. Stop interferring in things u dont know sh.t about.
Maxpovver4 the record, b4 u open ur mouth, when i came back 2 ts earlier this month, me n stef sorted our shit out, and he asked me if im back to play again, i said yes, then as i got my 1v1 better, it was "me" who asked 2 join sharks, not him "shitting himself cause i won in 1v1"
atombombunot dest stefor** , sorry my typing sucks
atombombulol but dest is grudge with dest or with max or with me or with the clan right now ur making it everything.
-Cheater of the Day = Rank 90 or so--DC cheat for +-0

acehey does anyone spend all lunchtime in the school/uni library to do some extra homework? i love that
aceyea newbel you are the man ^^
newbeliefhey this is not even about cheating, this is about who said what/when/where... fucken chill you gay boys who gives a shit whether someone else sucks or not... i dont care if people think i suck i just show them that i am really a pureownash player on the pitch (that is terrace btw) FUCK YOU ALL
Destroy3ri want this resolved and i tryed to talk with stef on ts but hes having none of it. Im mad to start with at stefor saying that i did a newbie knock out attack and then saying 'i need to get good' so hence i post on this bourd my last 2 wins vs his clan players so he cant dispute that there not good players.
Then i posed from the uf bourd what maxpower was saying about stefor and there are 10000 other cases from maybe 2 days before he joined were there cussing each other now its a massive change from one day to the next and that a bit low. How can u allie with someone who cusses ure every work. And finally stefor said that:
the 2 dudes who keep begging me for some respect and some understanding and forgiving and sh.t.
ive neevr asked anything from u stefor of this nature and that was what got be fucking mad the fact that hes saying i ask, no sorry 'i beg' for respect and forgiveness etc.
Stefor i have neevr said anything about u and have always added to ure points if i have thought thekm right. I have never talked behind ure back etc and so i dont know were u think i need forgiveness and etc from cos i dont.
Sorry bobmu for dragging u into it its just been made a mountain out of a molehill ~
atombombudest no u werent..., find some other insults please, bcos i dont want to get in the middle of this, but u ..right now... are insultin the clan* and u just insulted me by sayin "Understand...??" that really wasnt neccessary, who r u mad at again?
Destroy3rstef now ure calling me a piece of sh.t pff i try talking to u today on ts and that crap u just wrote i didnt say that maxpower said that about u. U remember maxpower the guy u hate who u let in ure clan? That was my point now my post
AphrodLteWTF?!?!?! 2 posts!?!?!
Destroy3rno stefor saying 'i need to get good' is putting me down so im showing him PROOF that I am good and i dont need his insults. Understand??
AphrodLte= a world threat i beat ppl never joined them.... I AM A THREAT!!!!!
AphrodLte= a world threat i beat ppl never joined them.... I AM A THREAT!!!!!
atombombui never said about u and stef i said about the clan as a whole......you showing those games?whats that look like to most ppl?bragging????YES... and guess what im in SHARKS?yes..., now u know where im comin from?
aceim sorry stef but dests 100% right, what pissed me off is fucking max finally gets roudn to ownign u 1 on 1 and got the tac sorted and u shit urself and instead of competeting and trying to beat him u ally with him and thats jst bs especially after what shit uve said bout him in past, u knew he was a threat so u took him on board, u keep doing shit liek this ts has no chance. we got no fuckign chance with moon playign silly buggers letting in king n other dudes when they shldnt be name hiding on unkown clans and concentrating on winnign with moon, its jst gay and the amount fo clans every1 is in is jst bs

"dach ur 100% correct, the fact that stefor made fs bug and then blames the recon on bish l8r on to all his "freak m8s" or as i say cock suckers who kiss stefs arse, hopin maybe 1 day, stef would train them or let them in his clan or some shit, but that aint gonna happen, the fact that stefor u think u can do n e thing u want, and the way that u blocked me from reconnecting in our game just proves that will take every advantage, fair or not fair that u feel is neccessary 4 u 2 win a game, ie vs bish with fs cheat. thats y ppl like dach r quittin ts, which aint right that they should quit because of this, hopefully 1 day if u r playin a diff game, and im on it, and ur just shit at it, ill treat u with the same respect as u treat most of the fair ppl on ts"

u sure Im the one that started talking shit? I dont think so, like I just said on TS as well, u disappointed me, u wanna be a hotshot in MOON or whatsoever that happends to beat me 1 out of 100? Be my guest, but dont insult me on my own website u piece of sh.t

Destroy3rbombu wtf there isnt anything u can say u know for a fact stefor and max hated each other from things they have said on the forum and ive tryed to talk with stef on ts but he wont listen.
Hileman and destroyr; the 2 dudes who keep begging me for some respect and some understanding and forgiving and sh.t. now suddenly reacting their 'agression' in here. GO GO GO!

that was what stefor said to get me started u cant expect people to talk bs about me and me to say nothing back. Please read what stefor said before judging on my comments
Destroy3rit doesnt involve max it that stef on a random start saying sh.t about me, his quote:

But plz, if u dont wanna marry me, if ur pissed at me or hate me tell me on TS and dont do it sneaky on msg boards while u were asking for try outs for sharks 1 week before.

i hadnt even said anything but comment on how so suddenly max and stef are pals when normally actually 'always' there at each others throught. Then he said in game 'u need to get better pal' and im not sure wtf ive done to get this random sh.t
atombombudest u make it sound like theres a problem or grudge between moon and sharks when there isnt.its just not funny getting all shark memeber and MOON to say something when last week week and half u onyl one clannin for MOON,just stick to somethin else bcos if u say somethin about somethin im in them im in involved and i dont really wanna bother
atombombuwho started what and how?and hows it involve max?
Maxpovverdest, dont act like an arrogant twat, u have beaten sharks, u have beaten me 1v1, u want some kind of medal ? just remember thats it 7-3 in 1v1s in my favour, or did this slip ur mind ? and im not the 1 who acts like a twat when i lose, each time u beat me ur like "GG GG GG" "^^ ^^ ^^"
Destroy3rwhy not he is the guy starting all this
atombombudest dont go there....
Destroy3rWTF i never asked out for sharks trial 1 week before. Stef i was mad that in our 1v1 u said 'u need to get good pal' and if u dotn believe me then i have ss to prove it. I didnt like ure attitude to losing a game and yes im on moon's side cos were the better clan. And ure new recruit seems to be doing wonders for your rank.. hihi

May 26, 02 - -MOON- ( 852 pts) Defeats Sharks ( 721 pts) in game# 80278328
May 26, 02 - -MOON- ( 827 pts) Defeats Sharks ( 746 pts) in game# 80276698

Gl and Hf and stef i never beg for ure respect i dont even care about cyber respect ure whole ts etc is falling apart under you. Your clan is full of part time players so you need to recruit others to fill the gap. Now they are losing and your 1v1 isnt the best to prop sharks up like it used to be. So yes stefor u can gl and hf is ure gay clan
dachziegestef if u believe me or not, things in my life r better than ever be4
but as a matter of fact, u said that i post any wins bout shrks on MSG boards and thats not true. and ur 5 links = have nothing to do with me. maybe with jonas aka obiwaannn or other ppl from the UF but i didnt do it. so dont blame any1. why do people dont like you? maybe cos you always think that you are right? you cant face any critics and anyone who argues with you is "a newb" "fucknut" "idiot" "dump" "stupid" etc... thats not the kind of conversation i like but you always argues like this.
that s becomming boring.
just an xample : you talked to me some months ago and said " dachziege u fuckhead you posted pic on the UF and said its me"

then i told you that this person wasnt me but cnscheuer hihi and all you said was "stfu u ass" etc... u didnt even check who posted this PIC... but after all you didnt say sorry or so ... just keept insulting me

ciao guys
alcohlboylong time no see.... I would like to oint out hile has cheated me over and over again.... and he will continue to be a cheat no matter how many posts he makes... at best he will just cheat less... but once a big cheater always a big cheater...
steforHileman and destroyr; the 2 dudes who keep begging me for some respect and some understanding and forgiving and sh.t. now suddenly reacting their 'agression' in here. GO GO GO!

The funny thing though;

Hileman pages me every time he logs on 'stef come on man I dont cheat anymore etc etc.'

And destroyr, ur in MOON now thats all ok, and I know u gotta be 100 % on dachzieges side whatever bs he writes or says. NP ! But plz, if u dont wanna marry me, if ur pissed at me or hate me tell me on TS and dont do it sneaky on msg boards while u were asking for try outs for sharks 1 week before.
HileDest i dont agree with u much BUt this i AGREE man why r all these ppls kissing up to Stefor for like for instance u remember A1emina1A aka Lo0kaLike aka Neglector he was cheater 5 months back Free wins to get rank 1 in Hall of Fame and now he Kiss stefors ass and stefor and him make Bronze now Stefor teach him and let him in -MOON- (MegaHoozx) is him in -MOON- and hes KaaGeBee in *KGb and hes in sharks also and yesterday me and mate OWNED him and Daveskate and im like OMG u must have kissed up to stefor bigtime if u got into moon and sharks cause he sucks
Destroy3rMaxpovver post on same page ~hihi~

dach ur 100% correct, the fact that stefor made fs bug and then blames the recon on bish l8r on to all his "freak m8s" or as i say cock suckers who kiss stefs arse, hopin maybe 1 day, stef would train them or let them in his clan or some shit, but that aint gonna happen, the fact that stefor u think u can do n e thing u want, and the way that u blocked me from reconnecting in our game just proves that will take every advantage, fair or not fair that u feel is neccessary 4 u 2 win a game, ie vs bish with fs cheat. thats y ppl like dach r quittin ts, which aint right that they should quit because of this, hopefully 1 day if u r playin a diff game, and im on it, and ur just shit at it, ill treat u with the same respect as u treat most of the fair ppl on ts

steforYou now cant believe I 'searched' these things (good english btw) while u actually asked me "could u please give me a link to this thread? (there r still all threads in the uf) "
This really makes sense, damm.

You just can't hold on to 1 certain line cuz u change ur own statements and opinions all day long. You'll never end up as a politician. That's for sure.

dachziege ur the one who says so (good english again btw) stupid things, not me. But n/p ur younger and obviously a lot less friendly to people than me. Personal problems perhaps.
cncsturmlol at my coments
dachziegehihi my 2nd post ... i liked some ppl to read this thread (1st link) its too funny... stefor u say so stupid things ... and i cant belief that u really searched for these links ... better now ahhhhh
dachziegejust the first lines of ur reply to this thread were:

lol dude,

Ur obviously very pissed cuz of something in ur real life

TS = the way to react ur agression?
isnt this what u r so pissed of? these are your own words stefor... and i have been objective be4....
try again i wont test the other links. and this thread was posted by u btw... np
stefordachziege; 'u never talked sh.t on forums right?' I looked up some old links of u typing spam on ur german forum; all people now can judge and tell whether ur talking sh.t in these messages or not.




http://www.united-forum.de/showthread.php?s=&threadid;=2751 (whole thread)

http://www.united-forum.de/showthread.php?s=&threadid;=2751&perpage;=15&pagenumber;=3 (whole thread)
Maxpovveri heard that sex4king =cheetah
dachziegestef u took too many drugs or so?
i have never posted any game on the UF bout sharks and moon...
and if i did could u please give me a link to this thread? (there r still all threads in the uf)
im sure ur brain is finally broken. but if u want to believe in these things u can do so.

i would feel stupid if i posted a win against ur clan on the uf, because it would mean that i would be so proud of this and that would mean that i think u r the better clan. and thats not the case.
maybe you dont have a life stefor, but im not one of those guys who use to say that.
i dont need to say things , i know or those things, i can imagine for myself. but if it makes u happy stef, i think that ts has become a too important part of your life .
of course i cant know this, and thats why i just "think" it. but i normally never say that, because i have others things to do, than thinking about you or other people from the internet. -
hopefully some people understood this, so that you maybe dont have to answer to this post ciao stef0r [sharks]

"but if i lose, i dont cry and dont post on any boards... thats maybe the difference in my point of view of "fun" and urs.. "

Hmm, u used to post all ur losses (+ wins) to sharks on ur german united forum like 'bah sharks were lucky' or 'its because stef has no life anyways' or 'wooooohoooo we beat sharks.'

Hey but n/p, I'm used to that kind of behaviour from ur side.
atombombui have no complaints about that game, i could care less if it was t v b , it was pretty fun to play:)
dachziegei didnt even mention this game with u and atom. but if u play us from top then its ur thing. i would have rehosted the game but as no1 said nething we played on ...
then u ask for rematch u bottom and i said no i wouldnt play t vs b...
but it was 1 am and i usually never play at this time a with good reason. (parents) and if i dont rematch cos of the time, u say that its "newbielike"??? sorry but i dont get that ...
and this "only 1 clan more than 1 clan = gay" .... thats strange as u have had more that 1 clan in the past ... and u cant doubt this... and now when u maybe have only 1 clan u say that ne1 who got 2 clans is gay... just because u have only 1 at the moment... thats not very objective..
i dont play much the last time and i think that i play 4 fun... but fun, and i maybe said this be4 to some1, is winning. and i dont have fun in a game where i lose...
but if i lose, i dont cry and dont post on any boards... thats maybe the difference in my point of view of "fun" and urs..
Maxpovverfirst of all, i was dead and u were dead, i had my blue harv truck parked next 2 ur last remaining building = u dead, then i had my other harvs parked tr, whereas u had diddly squat, and the game last month never went 2 last man standing, whether ur referring 2 the newbelief game, when newbel was still alive, whether u think he was dead, or u r thinking of the "proxon" game, where u were nick hiding and we didnt even know it was u, my allie in that game baynes died and i went 1v1 with schaf, i never really speak in games unless spoken 2, or im talking with my allie, so next time make clear u wanna wash, cause all i was doing playing on 4 fun of it, irrespect of last man standing, then when matze was in middle with mcv but only 1 ref, he unspontaneously surrenders, without ne of u 2 asking 4 wash, make urself clear in future, ne1 asking 4 wash i would give otherwise i just play, its same with kgb vs clipse game, it was dle dead, foxer dead and me vs dlte, no1 mentioned wash, then dlte surrs...

another thing ziege, u parade around saying moon is just a fun clan, yet when me n bombu played u from top, we didnt have 2 play, but we played on, probly should of won it if we didnt stop attacking schaf, instead we lost, ask 4 rematch, us bottom, instead we get usual "we dont play tvb" or cant rematch now, a good player is some1 who can win, a v good player would always give at least 1 rematch instead of going afk, or loggin off, wanking over ur victory
dachziegeFinally after Maxpo etc posted some bs bout some ppl , not knowing bout this topic, ill answer to some aspects:
the game vs u , max was DC by u after u died first and then i died...
then there were matze tl and bluefoxer tr left...

foxer was dead and matze was winning the "last man standing" and i told u i will not press cancel, because you acted same like 1 month ago ... u said "no its last man standing" after u was the last guy left... in this game noone pressed cancel or dc/ed

to the other thing:

I play in US and Moon. Moon is the clan, im playing for... but when atom asked me for joining his clan , i didnt say no and played 5 games with him.
and up to now there were no more games. im sorry , but do you guys really think , that we r not playing for fun this month, as there are actually people like kingowner etc in moon?
those people can hardly win a top - match and we only led them join, because we wanted moon to be active !

but what i like best at U.S.* is (of course) not the name , but the other good and nice players , u normally never play with, because you aways have the same mates (if ur *loyal*)
thats why i joined US and i really liked playing with atom , because i never played with him be4
Ciao and peace....
btw: if we have ppl like kingowner in moon and dont REALLY FIGHT for rank 1... it doesnt mean, that if we should be rank 1, we dont want to keep it...

ciao all
steforU misread? All I said was that I disliked the knockout attack u used from br, instead of just going long. I never called u newb or whatsoever so chill
tibpandaOn a totaly related note: NO ONE CARES

Destroy3ri have always been willing to play u even though i know that if i lose to many times i will be kicked from moon but my want to get better and be the best will always come first and so i always play u. Whether u rupter me titan me man rush me or build a base outside me. I always take the loss and the mass point loss with a gg but when i beat u for the one first time in a clan game i get shit about me being newbie lucky etc which really annoys me. I play people every day who i see getting better but have never beat me and when and if they beat me i wont call them newbie ill say well done and be ghappy that they have gpot better in the game. Instead of calling them n00b etc,
Destroy3ri think that some poeple have to be in mpore than one clan cos say newbelief he hadly plays that much and so what is cnc supposed to do while he is wating for the occasional time new is on. And im in moon but other moon members are hardly on.
And drop it wont be long before were ahead of us clan. 1v1 me as u said in the game i am only an average player. Ive tryed to 1v1 many us players but there never on~~
And d1e sorry about the game today i was just very annoyed it was a build up :( and i was v annoyed that we should have won.
And stefor why say i need to inprove and get good after our game today? I always play and take ure attacks it was always gonna happen one day but then u say that im n00b.
Anyhow long day im out,
atombombuwhat can i say if they gotta rank playm if they dont its arguable, but dont say they wont be played vs bcos ppl dont play "namehiders" booohhooo
atombombuthats weak. u should "be ready for unexpected"
DlEFierceYa drop I agree top players should just stick to 1 main clan and have pride. Also, this name hiding shit is gay. You should play on your main nick or if ur hiding you should identify yourselves so people dont think they r playin n00bs and dont try. =) This has happened to me when I played stefor under his maodi nick I thought he was some n00b in maodi so I was just kicking back relaxing. Gg
stefor lolz I can only remember 1 time I did that in clangame though.

mr. bdt684 4 ever
scarabstefor emp tricked me a few time back in the day, as well as caryall trick and he dodged me like hell when he sucked..
----> CHEATER not anymore though!
this is why we didnt get a long at first
but he should get a lot of respect now cuz he is very fair and has good attitude towards the game
DropDaSopI just read the forum here... I agree with some... I don't think players should be in 3,4 top clans because it just seems weird to me. I want my players to have clan pride and to want to get 1st, and I do not want them playing against their own clan. I think it is dumb to kick ur good m8 though just because he is in another clan... U.S* = 1st lalala
Lo0kaLikeerr i dont have ur pwd Hile..
tibpandaHile needs more words than 'fuck' in his vocabulary
we were tr and br they bl and tl
bl just died
tl surrendered
and then bam dc happens..first the 1 of them..then the other..i got ss's ask me for em on aim or something and i send to u..prove they r cheating fuckers
errlol we just played clan >>>> SPYZ
lollol we just played clan >>>> SPYZ
atombombunot to mention who has a backup in top 10 lol? where u goin with that max?
atombombuwho has the backup clan in top 3?
Maxpovverexcuse me, i put the proposal 2gether of how it would work and 2 try 2 get it going, i dont have the time 2 make a site and it would be a piss poor geocities 1, also it cant be bad having a backup clan in top 3 when ur other clan is rank 1.....
Lo0kaLikeAce, Ill Explain u the freewins, i was playing Darkslege it was he nice game i had the overhand and had middle when suddenly r/c came up. After the game i saw we had like -52.
Darkslege accepted it was unfair and gave me 3 wins so i get 51 points back. Which is 1 point less then we had .
atombombufirefox, max was suppose to put it together , some tourney thing: D
atombombui have talked to ziege and matze they both said that they dont care about rank one on moon and just like to have fun and play the games, they dont care about rank at the moment from what ive been told, try again max
atombombuan exact quote from ziege and matze:"moon is for fun this month"(do the math)
f1ref0xwhat happened to country clans
scarabcnscheuer is een speknek
Maxpovverthats because ziege n schaf r both in us destroy3r, they would rather game 4 another clan then their own clan, a sorry state of affairs
Beanyace ill explain those games between me and law. Game was undecided, i had like 11 bansh but he had middle and fs. I has missile on his injured fs and believe i would have got it in 1 shot ...... then recon happened. We immeadiately set 1v1 ffg to make sure neither of us reconned. No recon so i said due to the fact game was undecided i would give him his points back, even tho i feel i may have won, but then again i may not have lol. There was no cheatin involved in the game at all (even tho law said i was mappin and glitching lol) but its all cool now. I hope it clears the matter up for u.
mammy2k1Answer the question, tibpanda.
odom7odom = best dont worry be happy....DID EVERYONE SEE THE WIN VS SHARKS....NGU vs SHARKS...ODOM AND MY BRO = OWNAGE
atombombuwe have cncsturm, ziege, matze all in US they r all on europe time and i have at least 4-5 ppl from US time u shoudlnt have a prib.
Destroy3rwere is ure clan ive neevr had hardly any chance to 2v2 vs u guys we organise a time moon vs us or something cos we can never find u to play u
tibpandaUS SUCKS
atombombuill be honest with u i really enjoy all of the members in US right now, i think its the best clan ive ever put together , ive got some of the best ts players currently online today playing for it, and some of the most elite players from there clans in it, but then again i dont have everyone i wanted bcos of some of the people relationship with other players so some either didnt want in or just got left out do to arguing which would corrupt the clan right away... it took me awhile to put that clan together now u know why i defend it so much from the ppl that try to give it a bad name.
atombombuwell to total it up if someone has something to say i have alot to say, especially if its about a clan of mine thats deseveres more then #1:)
tibpandamammy are you gonna follow the way of the gay activist?
cncsturmplz dont invite me in ur newbie dc storys.
mammy2k1thnx u dle i love j00
mammy2k1tibpanda are u goig to follow the way of the crabs?
tibpandavery nice bombu, next time shorten it up so we dont fall asleep half way threw reading it.

atombombuas of now im ganna be goin to church i will conintue this argument when i get back u better post some stuff: D
atombombumax no 1 is hidign in my clan or 2ndary clan, with US u know thats not the damn case , rght now US is ranked top over everyone single clan online, so dont gimme some bs about how we playin secretly u obviously knows whos in what clan and ur getting more points from my clan if u win from this so called "2ndary" clan
atombombuand ace stef dont cheat btw, im sure those wins were from some loss, which most ppl dont seem to think is a good thing.... sure its a bad thing but whats that saying "get over it"?
atombombuoh btw max and newbel ,dont complain cause its really not worth my time to sit here and argue with u why i have ppl in ym clan and why there is only 4 ppl in UF and max wants to kick one makign it 3 and he wonders why they rnt ranked one, so max dont complain ask them nicely and maybe u might get what u want instead of charging at things and saying how ppl r taking points bcos this topic is meant for cheaters yes, and my first comment on ur behalf was about playing and not worrying about points but now u say i care about points and saying how im taking points from nasa... well i can tell u one thing worupyo took those points bcos of 2 past games where we lost over 120 points, nasa didnt want to take the loss points so he wanted them back if u want me to get nasa in here to say that as proof then ill be glad and dont u dare say thats a good proof of what ur talking about bcos as i said in my 4th or so post its not about the points it is about the game and for fun, i could honestly care less if i looss 61 points as u saw today i played u and ace1 on gay ff, bcos u guys wouldnt play terrace
atombombuas u can see the clan i put togther is good bcos it seems to be getting to a few of u that all the good players r one clan , hrhr my objective:BEST objective:complete, Proof:comments and max and newbel
atombombunewbeleif only reason u say that is bcos hes ur only mate come on lol, he was online and not clanningh with me when u log on so if ur com back is"hes playing with us all the time" its not the case....
atombombumax if u kick foxer then that leaves u with 3-4 ppl: D i dont care if foxer remains in US, ill be glad to take him under my clans, hes good and desvers better then UF n e ways so :PPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPehe
atombombumax i have no idea what those games vs whatever game ur talking have to do with what im tellin u what I , ME (ATOMBOMBU)(MATT), am telling u, i dont know whatever nasa and oen of the other memebers i have did, but im sure it was with just cause as u can put disconnect as just cause which it isnt im sorry^^^^^^^^^^
atombombuim not complaining , all ive said was ive lost over 150 points this month in one single and im not complaining but u r, u complaining about this and that and u say i complain but im not, im telling u it happens to me it happens to u it happenes t everyomne, its not just u!theres no reason to d/c also that is cheating(and i know ur fair) and i know u better then to d/c
NewBeliefyes i fucking agree with max, even though i dont get to play THAT much with cnc, thats no excuse for being in U.S.* he shud leave immediately
Maxpovveralso another thing that is fucked up, is i c that its a 4-5 horse race atm for rank 1, moon,us,bronze,uf,rap-1, yet there r players like sturm who is in rap-1,moon and us, schaf who is in moon and us, foxer who is in uf,moon and us, i think thats totally fucked, btw foxer ill be kicking u if u remain in them clans, u can either pick us,moon or uf

its fucked up because it gives a player more chances 4 rank 1, when that aint right, same with every1 and their "2nd" clans, having 2 play ppl with another clan instead of the main clan
Maxpovverbombu u think im gonna take that bs ? no no no its last man standing, if i wanted 2 play like that, i might as well 1v1 all my time, also bombu, y do u keep complaining about ur clans getting -50-60 when it would be wash, yet u always manage 2 get ur pts back, whereas uf never get our pts back, eg vs deuce, they fucked off never gave pts, then when getatthls took like 5 free wins back off nasa, and in them wins, u took more pts back than u lost, and i c nasa made sure they were instant win games, so both sieds got + +, wot did nasa say ? "i only give wins, if we both benefit from it"
Destroy3rno i will always d/c now as long as one guy on both teams is dead. If one team 'thinks' its a wash then thats no reason to d/c but if one person on each team is dead then cos ww is messed up means we have to sort the problem out ourselves. Everyone knows that even last man can lead to negative points. If everyone came to some kind of agreement on this then it would make these things a little easier.
atombombudont d/c max...never d/c unless they say yes though, take the -61 if u gotta better then being called a cheater for d/c'ing
acestef i would just like u or outlaw to explain these 5 free wins back and for between beanys and outlaws nicks ......

May 17, 02 - Bronze ( 697 pts) Defeats T.H.C ( 475 pts) in game# 79421750
May 17, 02 - T.H.C ( 491 pts) Defeats -K@H- ( 443 pts) in game# 79421386
May 17, 02 - Bronze ( 681 pts) Defeats T.H.C ( 457 pts) in game# 79420437
May 17, 02 - Bronze ( 665 pts) Defeats T.H.C ( 473 pts) in game# 79420092
May 17, 02 - T.H.C ( 492 pts) Defeats Bronze ( 646 pts) in game# 79418333
Maxpovverevery1 man rushed and it packetted, in the following game, we rematched, it was a clear wash, br ziege dead, me dead, foxer left tr vs schaf tr, we wanted 2 make a wash, and ziege is no no no "last man standing" and this is totally unfair bs, so i dc, and foxer cancels 00seconds 2 make wash which in my opinion is fair and how the game is played, if moon dont wanna win sportmanship of the year award then fine, they can go fuck emselves
f1ref0xhigh i'd like it, he mapped me in ffg too i asked him for ss but everytime he logs off /enters game immediately
steforCan someone explain what happened here? heh

May 17, 02 - -UF- ( 685 pts) Defeats -MOON- ( 753 pts) in game# 79444809

Game Duration: 6 minutes
-UF-'s point change: +39
-MOON-'s point change: +25

thx in advance
High42000does anyone want the screenshot that shows diefiece uses map reveal?
DlEFierceMany people on ts don't like mammy but when I first started playin fs and was a n00b mammy helped me improve. Shen and mammy made clanwx and let me join up because they realized I had some potential. That month we were rank 1, our record was 40 and 0. Propts to Mammy!
foxerhihi gl hf Gg
mammy2k1ryan=(cautlon) if he is he got mad at me cuz i was emping his titans everytime so i won the game and beat him likw twice in a row and he gets all mad for no reason..thats gay just cuz ur long game sucks all u do is titans its worthlessssssss
mammy2k1sup cns and stef
mammy2k1im filipino too fucker^^
mammy2k1who the fuck is this ryan nigger, btw stfu bluefoxer just cuz u got in one clan doesnt mean ur great clans mean shit i dont give a fuck fo a clan foo, and that internal is BS and stefor fucken knows it cuz i played him for a clan with no fucken points why would i internal? i even offered him free win so that internal shit means nothinng and i dont spam fucker i just talk when no1 playing
f1ref0xhile i can never ever trust u again, all the cheating and lying and now faking someone's name?
DlEFiercemax i thought u broke ur ts cds in half. Ur back again keke. Stefor was right about the addiction. Propts to him
cnscheuerk hile noob get a life :)
steforFor the record; hileman was the one faking cautions name, talking bs bout bluef0xer + me and saying things such as:

"the only person i liked in this game was hileman because he had some skills he won tourney many times and I think he should be remembered by all fs players for his skills and prestige in this game."

IP-check 4 ever

foxer...lala hl hf Gg
Ryanis that whos acting like caution, spic mammy2k1?
CAUTION (the real one)god bluefoxer even though someone faked my name I take into consideration how u act upon people. I think u should stfu and suck my mother fockin big dick. Cuz if u dont know who said that dont respond u fockin idiot. God and yes blue wow u got windows xp but prob a modified version where u keep all ur cheats. And mammy is kooler then you the only person i liked in this game was hileman because he had some skills he won tourney many times and I think he should be remembered by all fs players for his skills and prestige in this game. BTW Blue stfu and remember suck my fockin cock azzhole. U suck hardcore
AskMeWinbeen off TS 4 1 month or so..comeing back hopeing it would be fun to play again..lmao 1st game i play i get inter-error...lmao i think i will be back in about 6months..later
DlEFiercelol these posts are very comical. Thanks for the big laugh.
BLUEfoxerwell u know 1 person i fucking hate..that's mother fucking mammmy2k1 ...that dick sucker is the biggest fucking n00b ever plus http://en3rgy.de/champ/cheaters/mammy2k1-cheat.jpg for his internal error he made..but he sits in ton2 all day and spams me and shit and..i mean look at him..He's clanless...and no1 regards him as a good player..bc he sucks....and talks shit..so piss off mk2fatboy
cnscheuerpff i like some hot guys aound here..then who's cheatin
heartfullRAY make a 1 man clan , u best eva
Raywas wondering why dont bombu and schaf make a 2mc or shit there obviously the best players and shit it would be rapeage no?
heartfullmax nor ace cheat .. so dont say they do
tibpandaoh and atombombu cheats with other men, that is all
tibpandai hope you all drink a cup of aids by accident ( or die from cancer)
cnscheuerLOL ajw :) true words :)

give it up already.
Lo0kaLikeBtw What a Topic hehe a real aatombomu topic
Lo0kaLikeClan RacRdy SMD Cheaters they d/c me when they lost.. btw This Hile, Hileman aka thabr0nx n Daprojex Gives this Fockin newb Clan freewins he Suck Cock ..

Must i make a new reply 4 another cheater? heh j/k
cnscheuerme last 3 month =(
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