ALWAR (Princely State)

(17 gun salute)

Area: 8,179 km2 Privy Purse: 520,000R Accession Date: 7th April 1949
State: Rajasthan  Dynasty: Kachhawa (Naruka branch)  Religion: Hindu
Present Ruler: HH Shri Sawai Maharaja Sir TEJ SINGHJI Dev Bahadur (1933/-) (Phool Bagh Palace, Alwar , Rajasthan)
born 19th March 1911, son of Raja Ganga Singhji of Srichanpura, adopted by his kinsman whom he succeeded in 1933, married in 1931 to HH Maharani Chand Kumari of Raoti (qv) and has issue.
  • Yuvaraj Shri Pratap Singh , born 17th June 1938, married 26th of April 1962 Yuvarani Mahendra Kumari of Bundi (qv) and had issue. He died before 1991.
    • Kanwar Jitendra Singh , born 12th June 1971 in Alwar,Rajasthan, married Kanwarani Ambika (Singh) and has issue, 2 daughters.
  • Maharajkumar Yashwant Singh , born 19th September 1939.
Predecessors and Short History: Founded by the Naruka Chief, Pratap Singh in 1771. The rulers were....
  1. Rao Rana Sri Sawai PRATAP SINGH 1775/1791 , born 1740, died November 1791.
  2. Rao Raja BAKHTAWAR SINGH 1791/1815 , 1779-1815 
  3. Rao Raja BALWANT SINGH 1815/1826 , died 1845.
  4. Rao Raja BANNI SINGH 1815/1857 , died August 1857.
  5. Rao Raja SHEODAN SINGH 1857/1874 , born circa 1845, died October 1874.
  6. HH Shri Sawai Maharaja Sir MANGAL SINGH Virendra Shiromani Dev 1874/1892 , born 1859, adopted from Thikana Thana, Maharaja [cr.1889], G.C.S.I., died 23rd May 1892.
  7. Col. HH Raj Rishi Shri Sawai Maharaja Sir JAI SINGH Virendra Shiromani Dev Bharat Dharam Prabhakar 1892/1933 (deposed) , born 14th June 1882, K.C.I.E. [cr.1911], K.C.S.I. [cr.1909], G.C.I.E. [cr.1919], G.C.S.I. [cr.1924], Member of Standing Committee of Indian Princes' Chamber, General-in-Chief of Alwar State Forces, represented India at Imperial Conference 1923, married 1stly 8th December 1897 daughter of the Maharaja of Kishengarh, she died 20th May 1921, married 2ndly 17th April 1914 a lady of Khirasra and a niece of the Jam of Jamnagar, died 23rd March 1919, married 3rdly 7th December 1919 a lady of Rajpura and a relative of the Jam of Jamnagar. He died 20th May 1937 in Paris.
  8. HH Shri Sawai Maharaja Sir TEJ SINGH Dev Bahadur (see above)