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Outcome Based Education (OBE)
Standards Based Education (SBE)
Local School Boards Reject Chapter 4
PA Secretary of Education, Hickok, promotes Chapter 4
English Expert, Stotsky, Says PA Standards are Incomplete
Western PA Testimonies BLAST Draft Regulations
East Stroudsburg, 6th Grade Girls, Forced Genital Exams
OBE Psychology out of place, Government out of control
Parent's Rights Bills
Goals 2000/OBE
Biparti-Sin Destruction of Public Education
School to Work (STW)
Marc Tucker and NCEE
Careers Bill Defeated in 1996
Clinton Signs HR1385 Workforce Investment Act of 1998
HB1800, PA Workforce Development Act is back as HB2
Gov. Ridge Quietly Signs PA-HRIC Executive Order
The Medicaid Connection - Mental Health Clinics in Schools
Pending Pennsylvania Legislation 1999-2000
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3/9/99 House Bill 2 Pennsylvania "Workforce Investment Act"


Outcome Based Education (OBE)

Up until 1/16/99, Pennsylvania State Board of Education regulations mandated that the Outcomes Based Education (OBE) approach be used at all 500 Pennsylvania school districts. In order to graduate, a student must "demonstrate" each of 53 "student learning outcomes". It is important to realize that this mandate is NOT LAW but regulation. Laws are made by our elected legislators in the General Assembly, while regulations are created by unelected bureaucrats on the State Board. The battle against OBE in Pennsylvania is far from over, in fact it has been a stalemate since 1993. Bills to make OBE law have failed to pass into law, bills to repeal OBE regulations or to make them optional have failed to pass into law.

Standards Based Education (SBE)

Pennsylvania Governor Tom Ridge, through executive order, created an unelected commission to draft a set of Academic Standards in Math, Reading and Writing. These standards have been presented to the unelected State Board who have responded by proposing a "new" Chapter_4 (Academic Standards) to the regulations. Chapter 4 is not new, it combines the words from current Chapters_3 (student testing), Chapter_5 (Curriculum) and Chapter_6 (Vocational-Technical Education). It simply replaces most occurrences of the phrase "student learning outcomes" with the phrase "academic standards" and renumbers from 5 to 4. See example below:

§ 5.201. Goals of Quality Education. (a) This section and §§ 5.202 and 5.203 (relating to student learning outcomes; and strategic plans) describe the Goals of Quality Education, the student learning outcomes, their relationship with one another and each school district's or AVTS' strategic plan. The student learning outcomes describe the skills and abilities which students will be expected to demonstrate before graduating from a public school.

§ 4.11. Purpose of Public Education. This section and §§ 4.12 and 4.13 (relating to academic standards; and strategic plans) describe the purpose of public education, the academic standards, their relationship with one another and each school district's or AVTS' strategic plan .... (d) The academic standards describe the knowledge and skills which students will be expected to demonstrate before graduating from a public school.


Read: OBE Has Been Renamed, Not Eliminated in Pennsylvania
How to obtain: Side by Side Comparison of Chapter 4 vs. 3, 5 & 6
Final version of Title 22, PA Code -- EDUCATION Chapter 4: Academic Standards and Assessment Effective Date: January 16, 1999
Final Report of the Advisory Governor's Commission on Academic Standards.
Standards were discussed at The Governors' Education Summit in March 1996.
(Virginia) State school board's new test standards fail to raise the bar
One more thing, I was in Harrisburg for the 3/18/98 meetings of the State Board and was appalled that not one recorded vote was made. All votes were taken by "consensus" or by verbal ayes and nays. One close vote was taken by a show of hands and it was not recorded who voted which way!! These hypocrites talked throughout the meeting about ways of holding schools, teachers and students ACCOUNTABLE, yet they make secret votes!!!
It's time to eliminate the State Board of Education.

Local School Boards Rejects Chapter 4
On 3/16/98, A Resolution of the Board of School Directors of the Keystone Oaks School District was passed which "officially advises the State Board of Education that it does not believe that the proposed Chapter 4 regulations should be adopted, and thus urges the State Board of Education to reject the proposed regulations, as well as any further efforts to promulgate regulations which so pervasively intrude upon the legitimate exercise of authority by local school boards."

Pennsylvania Secretary of Education
Eugene Hickok promotes Chapter 4.

English Expert, Sandra Stotsky, Says PA Standards are Incomplete

Besides all my objections to the wording of Chapter 4 regulations, an actual analysis of the standards themselves shows them to be sub-standard. Sandra Stotsky, Ph.D., was paid by the State Board of Education to evaluate the "Academic Standards for Reading and Writing" produced by the Governors' Advisory Commission. On 1/14/98 she gave a 60 minute presentation [complete transcript] in Harrisburg and presented a 7-page report titled "Critique of Proposed Academic Standards for Reading and Writing"

For two weeks, the State Board refused to release her 7-page report to the public. James Gallagher, Chairman of the State Board of Education, said: "Our protocol is that we have the documents and do not share them with you. So it wasn't meant to overlook you, it's just the manner in which the Board behaves." After many phone calls from Anita Hoge and others, the State Board changed their behavior and decided to obey the PA Open Records Law and make the Stotsky report public. At the (2/14/98) PSBA  conference, State Board member Karl Girton was asked about the Stotsky document by a School Board member and replied: "Dr. Stotsky's information is not privileged, it's a mater of public record... you need to know what people are saying about it. We're trying to do this in the light of day".

Sandra Stotsky is a Research associate at both the Harvard Graduate School of Education and the Boston University School of Education. She has been editor of Research in the Teaching of English, the research journal of the National Council of Teachers of English. She cochaired the committee appointed by the Massachusetts Commissioner of Education to rewrite that State's English language-arts and reading standards. Stotsky's web page on the internet has a paper titled "State English Standards: An Appraisal of English Language-Arts/Reading Standards in 28 States".

One of Stotsky's criticisms of the standards was its lack of phonics. She said: "You want to be able to have a standard that enables you to assess whether students have phonics knowledge. "

The State Board has also had a nonprofit group called the "Council for Basic Education" looking at the Math and English standards. Their report was received by the State Board on 3/4/98 and the first half of the report can be viewed here soon. Or you can call the State Board at (717) 787-3787 and request a copy of the report for yourself. The complete report has 19 typed pages followed by 20 marked up pages of the standards.

  • Pittsburgh Post Gazette February 16, 1998 School models not yet ready Statewide standards need development, consultant declares.
  • Selected quotes from Sandra Stotsky's 60 minute presentation to the State Board on 1/14/98
  • Sandra Stotsky's 7 page report: Critique of Proposed Academic Standards for Reading and Writing.
  • Complete transcript of Sandra Stotsky's 60 minute presentation to the State Board on 1/14/98
  • I have obtained a copy of a one page handwritten letter from Stotsky written by her after reviewing the second draft of appendix A. I will transcribe it soon.
  • California Standards

  • Western Pennsylvania Testimonies BLAST Draft Regulations

    On 2/24/98, the State Board of Education saw 310 citizens, led by Anita Hoge, pack an auditorium on the Boyce Campus of the CCAC in Monroeville. 17 Speakers gave 15-minute testimonies. Of the 17, about 12 opposed the draft proposal of chapter 4. Many citizens in the audience held signs that read "No State Diploma". Many of the testimonies can be read by CLICKING HERE. Many of the speakers criticized the proposal for:

    Parents fear this secretiveness can only mean that the PA Department of Education plans to bring back the old EQA (Educational Quality Assessment) which was the state test stopped in 1990 because Anita Hoge filed a federal complaint. Her complaint alleged that the EQA was a psychological test.

    Academic Standards draw some protest February 25, 1998 By Eleanor Chute, Post-Gazette Staff Writer

    Due to popular demand in western PA, the State Board scheduled a second hearing for March 5. The list of speakers for that day was not announced in advance, the second hearing included more State Board yes-men.

    East Stroudsburg, 6th Grade Girls, Forced Genital Exams

    East Stroudsburg, PA, physical exams
    Press accounts of Stroudsburg incident
    Big Brother Says, "Get Undressed!"
    School's Physical Exam Enrages Parents in PA, Scares Girls
    Legislation in response to Stroudsburg incident
    Does it take a village? Some villagers don't think so, Article by Mark E. Howerter
    It's happened again!
    Jan 14, 1999 Genital exams for preschoolers? Lawsuit filed against Tulsa Head Start program by: WorldNetDaily.Com
    South Carolina Kindergartners Undergo Genital Exams
    Parents Outraged by 'Inappropriate' Strip Search, McMINNVILLE, Ore., Updated January 30, 1998

    OBE is Psychology out of place by Government out of control

    "The world will either be saved by the Psychologists or it won't be saved at all" - Abraham Maslow, 1956
    Under the Pennsylvania State Board of Education 1993 revisions to the regulations based on outcomes, every student is required to demonstrate mastery of 53 student learning outcomes in order to graduate. Many of these outcomes are non academic. With every non academic outcome, three questions must be asked:
    1) How do you test or assess the outcome?
    2) How do you set the standard for successful completion of that outcome.
    3) If the student fails to meet that standard, what form of remediation is needed?
    The only way to test non academic outcomes is to use psychological testing, and the only way to remediate is through psychological counseling. Teachers are trained to teach not counsel. OBE will result in teachers practicing psychology without a license. A recent example of this has occurred at the Gateway School District in Monreoville Pennsylvania. The program was called PSWIM. The ACLJ has agreed to represent the Gateway parents.

    Pennsylvania Parent's Rights Bills

    HB110 By Rep. Rohrer and SB261 by Senator Hart are two versions of the same bill titled "Student and Family Privacy and Protection Act". This same bill, HB1010., failed last year when it was defeated 12-14 in the House Education Committee on 12/17/97. Senator Melissa Hart also sponsored SB1217 an identical bill in the Senate. Rumor had it that the Chairman of the Senate Education Committee, Jim Rhoades, would not let this bill out of his committee unless an amendment was attached that mandates the State Assessment for ALL students. Not allowing a parent to opt their children out of the State Assessment is contrary to the purpose of the bill. Call the members of the House and Senate Education Committees and tell them you would like them to support a Parent's Rights bill similar to the Rohrer bill and that you oppose any amendments that would mandate the state assessment.

    SCANS - The Secretary's Commission On Achieving Necessary Skills (1992)

    SCANS reports were issued by the U.S. Secretary of LABOR not Education! (Republican Bush was President!) Viewing and printing these files requires Adobe Acrobat Reader. Click here to download the application.
  • SCANS hard-to-find reports available in HTML or for downloading - [This link may have died, so use my backups below]
  • SCANS LEARNING A LIVING: A Blueprint For High Performance A SCANS Report For AMERICA 2000
  • SCANS - Blueprint for Action: Building Community Coalitions
  • The Secretary's Commission On Achieving Necessary Skills Identifying Necessary Job Skills: Review of Previous Approaches
  • Government As A High Performance Employer A SCANS Report For AMERICA 2000

  • Goals 2000/OBE

    HR1804 of 1994 know as "Goals 2000: Educate America Act" provided the funding for states to move toward OBE. Helen Wise, former Deputy Chief of staff for Governor Casey wrote a paper in which she said: ?"?because of these [OBE] regulations, Pennsylvania is more likely to receive funding from Goals 2000.?"?

    FOCUS: Why Alabama Rejected Goals 2000
    GOALS 2000 Social Engineers Target Schools - School-Based Social Programs Undermine Parents by: Kimberly Parker

    Biparti-Sin Destruction of Public Education

    Republican President George Bush proposed America 2000. Democrat President Bill Clinton and the Democratic controlled Congress renamed Bush's proposal and passed it as Goals 2000. In Pennsylvania, after Democrat Governor Bob Casey's appointees on the State Board of Education passed OBE regulations, he issued a press release stating that "the next phase" would be "statewide standards and assessment". Republican Governor Tom Ridge has followed Casey's plan and has made the institution of "Standards" a top priority with or without the consent of the legislature.

    School to Work (STW)

    In 1994 the Democrat controlled Congress passed HR2884, known as the "School-to-Work Opportunities Act of 1994" which made millions of dollars available in grants to states. In order to receive grant money, a state must submit a to the U.S. Departments of Education and Labor a "proposal for a contract" which becomes a legally binding contract between the State and the Federal Government. The Federal Law is written so that the executive branch of State government submits the grant application without approval by the State Legislature.

    On 6/16/95, Pennsylvania, Secretary of Education Eugene Hickok signed a 200 plus page "PROPOSAL FOR A CONTRACT TO IMPLEMENT A STATEWIDE SCHOOL-TO-WORK OPPORTUNITY SYSTEM IN PENNSYLVANIA (A FIVE YEAR PLAN)" which spells out the STW agenda for PA. Pennsylvania liaison for STW, Mike Snyder, refuses to provide copies of the STW contract to the public. Read: How to obtain the STW contract.

    The PA STW contract lists as Goal #1:
    "To strengthen the Pennsylvania economy by providing organizations with a predicable supply of highly skilled workers."

    This is a fundamental change in the purpose of public education away from academics to a Total Quality Management (TQM) view. Industry is now the "customer", students are the product or "human resource material" while parents and schools are the "vendors". Remember the saying: the customer is always right. Instead of parents and students deciding what career Johnny will pursue, government listening to industry will decide what career Johnny will pursue.

    What's Wrong with School-to-Work? by Robert Holland
    School to Work: A Formula for Failure, Karen L. Holgate, to Orange County School Board Hearing, 2/11/97
    TQM & STW Combine as the Twin Thieves of Individualism, By: Robert Holland
    Times Reporter - School-to-Work, a stupid idea
    Workers for The 21st Century by: John Loeffler
    School-to-Work/Texas State Application for an Implementation Grant Submitted to the U. S. Department of Education 8/30/96
    Michigan Model Of School-to-Work
    SCHOOL-TO-WORK: The Coming Collision - Government Micromanaging Our Children? Presented at Heritage Foundation Feb 3, 1998
    Seven Reasons Why Parents Oppose School-to-Work
    German-style apprenticeship in Austin to improve the school-to-work transition
    School-to-Work government web page
    National Governors' Association State Line: State School-to-Work System Development-1996
    H.R. 2884 full text of the final bill.
    H.R. 2884 Roll Call Vote find out how your congressman voted 20-APR-1994.
    H.R. 2884 Detailed legislative status
    If you're REALLY in the mood to do research, read all six versions of the H.R. 2884
    For the other side: Read what is said by government propaganda: What is School to Work
    According to the PA Department of Labor and Industry's Workforce Development Task Force Q&A web page: "School-to-Work (STW) is an initiative designed to connect school-based learning with the world of work. Under the STW approach, local partnerships of educators, employers, organized labor and other participants drive education reform. A successful STW system combines high academic achievement with hands-on experiences in the workplace."
    Do you see PARENTS in this equation?

    Marc Tucker and NCEE propose "Radical changes in attitudes, values and beliefs"

    Marc Tucker is the president of the National Center on Education and the Economy (NCEE). President Clinton has been following the plan set forth by NCEE members David Rockefeller and Marc Tucker as spelled out in an 18 page letter from Marc Tucker to Hillary Clinton. This 18 page letter was first made public by Rep. Henry Hyde when he distributed it to members of Congress. Read Henry Hyde's 2 page cover letter to the 18 page Hillary letter. On Sept 25, 1998 Congressman SCHAFFER of Colorado inserted the 18 page letter into the Congressional Record. Read NCEE's 1996 A Human Resources Development Plan for the United States.

    Tucker is pushing to require all citizens to earn a "certificate of initial mastery". Tucker says "Standards-based education will not work without incentives and consequences." Read Tuckers' Commentary In Education Week: in which he spells out his plan to "shift the benchmark at the end of schooling from a high school diploma based on time in the seat to a 'certificate of initial mastery.'"

    Referring to the Pennsylvania State Board of Education proposed Chapter 4 regulations, PA Secretary of Education Eugene Hickok openly speaks of "certificate of achievement being affixed to students diplomas if they score at a high level on these assessments". Republican Governor Tom Ridge is following the Tucker plan through chapter 4 regulations and HB1800 (read about HB1800 below).

    NCEE's Human Development Plan by: Virginia Miller (She is from Pennsylvania), Dec. 1997
    Hillary Letter Lays Out School-Workforce Plan by Dennis L. Cuddy, Ph.D., Education Reporter, Sept 1995
    OBE Mastery Certificates to Replace Diplomas Reported by Anne Huff. Eagle Forum, Oct 1995
    Certificates of Mastery vs. Diplomas by: Oregon's Representative Ron Sunseri, June 1997
    STW Documented Fact vs. Opinion on Marc Tucker by: Marlene Tobin, Peters Twp.PA School Board member, 1998
    Tucker's School-to-Work Plan Unfolding in Texas Education Reporter, March 1998
    Why do the super rich support workforce development: by Frank Huchrowski

    Pres. Clinton Signs HR1385 “Workforce Investment Act of 1998” on 8/7/98

    Stop House Bill 2 Pennsylvania "Workforce Investment Act"
  • HB1800 "Workforce Development Act" of last session (1998) is back this year with a new number, HB2, and a slightly new name..
  • On Nov 2, 1998 HB1800 was given a new number: HB2915. This looks to be the same as HB2.
  • HB2 was written to authorize the creation of all the appointed boards called for in federal law HR1385 (detailed above).
  • HB2 will surrender too much power to the federal government.
  • Read HB1800 testimonies of Jim Powers at Pittsburgh and John Shaffer at Meadville.
  • Governor Ridge is moving ahead without legislation, read: Unified Plan for Workforce Investment
  • On October 1, 1997, The "House Committee on Workforce Development Report" Final Draft was released. (I will put it here some day)
  • PSEA Board member George Treisner, a vo-tech teacher, testified before the House Intergovernmental Committee on HB1800. You can read his testimony in which he concludes: "We ... believe that House Bill 1800 need not be enacted".
  • Read government propaganda from the PA Workforce Development Home Page
  • Gov. Ridge Quietly Signs PA-HRIC Executive Order

    Merry Christmas - On December 19, 1997, Governor Tom Ridge bypassed the legislature and implemented about one third of the Workforce Development Bill by signing the executive order: 1997-7 Pennsylvania Human Resources Investment Council (HRIC). Note the secrecy Governor Ridge used with this important action; He did not issue a Press release announcing the order. If you read his press releases for Dec 1997, you will find no mention of his executive order creating the HRIC. Note also that most people are not watching the news six days before Christmas.
    Included in the order is the line that was lifted from HB1800:
    "(5) The establishment and maintenance of a universally accessible information access system which enables the workforce development system to function and to serve its customers effectively;".
    In other words, Ridge is creating a computer database on individual citizens and this data will be shared with industry without regard to privacy.
  • HRICs are being created in every state either by law or by the Governors executive orders.
  • Read: Illinois Legislators Gain Stake in School-to-Work "The Illinois General Assembly gained oversight authority of HRIC when it overrode Governor Jim Edgar's veto of SB 561. Sponsored by Illinois State Senator Patrick O'Malley (R), SB 561 added language to the HRIC Act to prohibit the Council's goals and strategies from being adopted until ratified by the General Assembly. The HRIC was created in 1996 to coordinate Illinois' "Education to Careers" program, also known as School-to-Work."

  • Careers Bill Defeated in 1996

  • HR1617 "`Workforce Development Act" sometimes called "Careers bill" was defeated due in large part to the efforts of Congressman Henry Hyde.
  • A Step Towards Educational Tyranny HR1617 = Certificates of Mastery for ALL Adults, OBE Certificates Required for Employment.
  • Missouri Legislators Sign Letter Opposing 'CAREERS' Act.
  • Special Report: Brannon Howse CAREERS ACT summary.

  • The Medicaid Connection - Mental Health Clinics in Schools

    Medicaid Ushers in the Nanny State by: PA Representative Samuel E. Rohrer
    On Feb 14, 1995 the PA House passed Rep. Rohrer's HR37 "A Resolution providing for an investigation of the impact of recent changes in law, regulation and policy at the Federal and State level relating to education standards and goals and to student social, emotional and behavioral development upon the system of public education at the local level." ..."WHEREAS, The Department of Education and school districts appear to be embarking upon a significant expansion in the use of the public school system for the diagnosis and treatment of a wide range of mental health, behavioral and emotional problems;" ..
    "WHEREAS, The Department of Education has informed school districts, by the way of guidelines for the school-based mental health services grant program, that school staff must view mental health services as an integral part of their overall program for students and families and that student social, emotional and behavioral development must be seen as a primary goal of the school;" (I have that PDE memo and will put it here someday)

    Pending Pennsylvania Legislation - 1999-2000 Session
    No longer do we have to write our PA Senator or Representative in Harrisburg to request copies of bills.
    Just click on the Pennsylvania Electronic Bill Room
    Pennsylvania House and Senate Calendars & Committee Meeting Schedules
    HR23 House Resolution was referred to committee on rules, February 3, 1999 (If Sturla & Mundy's names are on it, it's bad)
    HB2 Pennsylvania "Workforce Investment Act" Described in above section. Creates massive bureaucracy with power to regulate individual carrer choices.
    HB110 "Student and Family Privacy and Protection Act". Introduced by Rep. Rohrer.
    SB261 "Student and Family Privacy and Protection Act". Introduced by Senator Hart.
    HB70 Peer helpers program provides state funding so students can waste more time socializing, instead of learning. (same as last years HB318)
    HB83 Teachers fined one days pay for each day of a strike. (presently strike days are made up without loss of pay)
    HB267 Requires school districts to permit home schooled children to participate in extracurricular activities.
    HB286 Changes the "compulsory school age" from age 8 to age 6. (makes home schoolers report to state sooner)
    Gov. Tom Ridge Budget Presentation Feb. 1999 Ridge wants legislation for the state to take over schools who do not do well on the new state test called the PSSA. He said: "...we need the authority to declare academic bankruptcy ... powerful new tools to enable communities, parents and teachers to make dramatic change. I ask you to pass Academic Bankruptcy Legislation". Ridge will not put his proposal in writing! Go ahead, ask him for a copy of the bill; call his information hotline at 1-800-932-0784, you won't get it. Write you newspapers, ask them why they are writing about the Governors "proposal" that has not been put in writing. Tell them to ignore him until he puts it writing.
    3/12/99 Pittsburgh Post-Gazette - Gov. Ridge's legislative proposal to give the state authority to take over "academically bankrupt" school districts as a last resort would not necessarily provide those districts with more money, the state secretary of education said here yesterday.

    To read an opposing opinion go to: PSEA: Action: Legislative Hotline

    Expired Pennsylvania Bills from last session (1997-98)
    HB130 Teachers fined one days pay for each day of a strike. (presently strike days are made up without loss of pay)
    HB159 Periodic Teacher recertifcation, (we want local districts to remove bad teachers, not the state)
    HB318 Peer helpers program provides state funding so students can waste more time socializing, instead of learning.
    HB975 Rep. Rohrer, prohibits adoption of policies by executive agencies as a condition of receiving foundation money.
    HB1011 "Social Workers" defined as "Professional Employees" making them eligible to join the teacher union PSEA & PFT.
    HB1124 School Breakfast funding.
    HB1489 Allows school districts to require school uniforms.
    HB1800 See my comments above.
    HB1917 Parental Involvement office. (we don't need this bill)
    HB2125 Changes the "compulsory school age" from age 8 to age 6. (makes home schoolers report to state sooner)
    HB2915 New version of HB1800 (HB2914 PN4043 is word for word the same as HB1800 PN2410)
    HB1010 "Student and Family Privacy Protection Act" sponsored by Rep. Sam Rohrer.
    SB2 is a 100 page tax bill, creates more bureaucracies and more ways to tax us.
    SB255 Modifies Sunshine Act to open up Collective Bargaining procedures to the public.
    SB260 Citizens Responsibilities Amendment to PA Constitution. (The constitution should limit the government not people!)
    SB799 Requires secret ballot voting for collective bargaining. (the way it should be, will stop intimidation by radicals)
    SB1103 Home School students required to get medical exams annually. (harassment of homeschoolers)
    SB1123 Requires English as the official language of the Commonwealth.
    SB1217 Senate bill identical to HB1010 "Student and Family Privacy Protection Act" sponsored by Sen. Hart.

    Expired Pennsylvania Bills from 1995-96 session
    HB2105 "The Local Control Restoration Act." by Rep. Sam Rohrer. "Providing for local education control, for parental rights, for teachers' rights and for academic freedom."
    SB1352 "State Education Standards Act." Section eight of the bill would have made OBE law by requiring "Strategic planning".
    HB1411 "Academic Accountability Act" by Rep Rohrer & Gamble "Under no circumstances shall individually identifiable student numbers, answers, scores or other data be divulged or be accessible to any person, institution or government agency without the prior written consent of the student's parent or legal guardian" You thought this was already law!
    HB2250 "(f) A strategic plan establishes the overall direction and objectives for a school district or area vocational-technical school. The Department of Education shall not have the authority to compel the board of directors of a school district or area vocational-technical school to implement any or all aspects of its strategic plan. The board of directors of a school district or area vocational-technical school shall not be under obligation to implement any or all aspects of its strategic plan."

    Expired Pennsylvania Bill from 1993-94 session
    HB1641 Mandatory "Training of School Directors." ... "Any school director who fails to fulfill the training requirement as established by the State Board of Education in the time period allowed shall be removed from office immediately" This horrible bill was sponsored by By Sturla, Cowell, Fajt, Petrone, Melio, Raymond, Staback, Pistella, Mihalich, Trello, Laub, Herman, Freeman, Cappabinca, Semmel, Micozzie, Scheetz, Gigliotti, Kasunic, Steelman, Colafella, Willimas and Tomlinson

    Pennsylvania School districts
    A Minority Report Of the 1998 Early Childhood Education Task Force Cumberland Valley School District, February 13, 1999
    Gloria J. Hoffman Task Force Volunteer Member Representing the Parents of Green Ridge Elementary School
    Gateway Citizens for Educational Reform
    Norwin's GROUP No to OBE Home Page
    Yahoo School Reports: Pennsylvania
    National School Reporting Service - School Information and School Reports on Pennsylvania Schools
    Links to Pennsylvania School Web Sites
    List of all 500 Pennsylvania school districts sorted by county.
    If you know of other Pennsylvania School district Parent/Citizen Organizations web pages, let me know.
    The Commonwealth Education Organization (CEO) is a non-profit, nonpartisan educational organization concerned with promoting academic values and sound fiscal management in Pennsylvania's schools. C.E.O. recognizes the inalienable right of parents to direct the education of their children at the local level. C.E.O. will pursue its mission through informational and educational efforts.

    Papers by Frank Huchrowski

    State Board of Education Acts as Shadow Legislature
    What is Outcome Based Education?
    Why Strategic plans look alike
    OBE is Regulation not Law
    State Board of Education Attempts to Censor Critic of Governors' Academic Standards - Stotsky
    Harrisburg not Washington, how to find out who your State Senator and Representative is.
    Why do the super rich support workforce development

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    CPR for the family, West Virginia parents fighting for children, Repeal Of Goals 2000, WV Parental Rights Bill ...
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    The Founding Era - A Seminar Exploring the Beginning of the Republic
    The Founding Era - Impeachment - What are high crimes and misdemeanors?
    California Assembly Bill 3086, was signed into law by Governor Wilson in 1997. The law requires that all students graduating from California public high schools must be taught certain essential documents of the American political tradition. The following documents are named: 1) The Declaration of Independence, 2) The United States Constitution, 3) The Federalist Papers, 4) George Washington's Farewell Address, 5) The Emancipation Proclamation, 6) The Gettysburg Address
    Boycott Intel - Big Brother Processor Serial Number

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