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NOTE: Blogger Pro is not compatible with the browser you are currently using.

A new subscription-based service from the company that helped unleash the weblogging phenomenon.

Blogger Pro is for users who are willing to pay for increased reliability, higher performance, new tools, and advanced features and flexibility. Regular Blogger will continue to be available and free.

Note: You can upgrade to Blogger Pro today, however, as you'll see below, not all planned features are available immediately. Users who upgrade early will do so at a (hugely) reduced price, get advanced access new features as they become available, and help play a role in Blogger's evolution.

Also: Before you read on and then get annoyed later, we notice you're using a browser other than IE. If you're not able to use Internet Explorer 5.x+ on Windows or Macintosh, Blogger Pro won't work for you yet. This is because we are building a new, more robust interface (which will support all newish mostly standards-compliant browsers), so we can't afford to invest in multiple versions of the interim interface. Sorry.

Unless you are on Unix or Linux, it should be free and easy for you to upgrade your browser (and you'll be glad you did).

New Features (ready now!):

  • Spellchecking. If your embarrassing typos have skyrocketed since we had to take spellchecking out of the free version (because it stopped being free for us), don't fret. It's back in Pro and without ads. (Note: Windows only for the moment.) available now

  • Title Fields. An optional title field is available in the posting form, as well as in the template. Save formatting time if you like to give your posts headlines. available now

  • Image Posting. Easily upload and post photos (and any other type of file) from within the Blogger editing interface. (Not yet available for blogs hosted on available now

  • Post to the Future (or the Past). Adjust the time a post is published, so you can move items around on your blog—or even post to the future. available now

  • Draft Posts. Ever have a thought you don't have time to complete at the moment? Just mark the post as a "draft." It won't be published and will be there for you to come back and finish later. available now

  • Better Archiving. We have an overhauled archiving engine that not only solves the dreaded "missing archives" problem, it gives various date-formatting options, as well as the choice to archive daily or even individual posts. available now

  • BlogSend. Broadcast your blog via email. Let readers subscribe to get your thoughts in their inbox on a daily basis, or by post, via your own one- or two-way mailing list. Increase reach, readership, and feedback. available now

  • Post via Email. Send an email to your blog and it will show up on your site. Fun! Convenient! Easy to use with other services and devices. available now

  • RSS Generation. Automatically generate RSS-formatted XML feeds of your blog, which lets you syndicate your blog for inclusion in aggregation services (bottom line: more traffic to your site). available now

  • Post Templates. If you routinely include similar text or HTML in your posts, create a Post Template and save loads of tedious typing time. available now

  • Secure Logins. For higher security, your password is encrypted via SSL whenever you sign into Blogger Pro. available now

  • Better Internationalization. Ninety-two languages/locales are now available for the date formatting (and now, most of them are even done correctly!). Plus, a ton of new timezones (I think we have them all now). available now

What's not ready yet:

  • Secure Publishing. Publish via Secure Copy Protocol or HTTPS (SSL over HTTP) instead of FTP, for more security and to servers where administrators don't allow FTP. coming soon

  • Moderation. Blog team members can be limited to the ability to post "pending" items, which won't be published until approved by an administrator. coming soon

  • Much more. This is really just the beginning, but we want to save some stuff for surprises. coming soon

But wait! There's more!

  • Priority Server Access. We try to keep our service reliable and speedy for everyone, but due to Blogger's continually increasing popularity—and our inability to buy all the hardware we would like to for a free service—'s not always. Blogger Pro users will access new servers that are carrying a fraction of the load of regular Blogger. Thus, they will be much less subject to performance and scaling issues. And if usage ever needs to be limited, Pro users will always have priority access. available now

  • Blog Search Access. Pro users will be able to use the new Blogger Search function, currently unavailable to other users. This search is the only blog search on the web that indexes on the individual post level, and it is current up to the half hour, providing unique research and ego-search opportunities. coming soon

  • Commercial Usage. Blogger has always been free to whoever wants to use it—personal publishers and corporate entities alike. We're glad to have companies use Blogger for commercial purposes. But now that we have a non-free option, we're going to require that commercial-oriented users help support Blogger for everyone. So, if you use Blogger for a purpose that serves an organization with a budget, upgrade now. The fee is trivial, and you'll want the features anyway. available now

The planned price for Blogger Pro $50/year (per user). However! Since we are still building out the functionality, the cost will be $35 for a year for users who sign up now. (This cost will cover most users. See "Posting Limits," below, for caveats.) This price will increase as we add features, which those who sign up early will get access to at no additional charge.

BONUS: Subscribe now and get 8,000 pyRad™ impressions on the Blogger home page (a $10.00 MSRP!).

Does one subscription cover all my blogs?
Subscriptions are on a user basis, not a per-blog basis. So, if you have more than one blog, one subscription will apply to all of them. For team blogs, the Pro features will apply to those blogs that you own—i.e., you created—for all members using that blog. If you are a member of a blog that you did not create, your Pro subscription does not apply.

What are these "Posting Limits" you speak of? 
We wanted to keep things simple (one basic price) and not charge for every blog you might have (for example, you wouldn't want to pay the same for a little blog you keep your links in as a large team blog). But still! Some people take a lot more of Blogger's resources than others. Also, if we made it totally unlimited, it'd be easy to cheat, which wouldn't be fair to everyone else. So, in the interest of both fairness and simplicity, we've made it so one subscription covers all your blogs, but we've set a limit based on the amount of content published.

It works like this: The base subscription price covers up to 100KB of posts per month. Each additional 100KB is $3. That number probably doesn't mean much to you, but it's substantially more than the vast majority of bloggers publish—even with multiple blogs—so you probably won't have to worry about it. For those who do, what we do is keep track of the length of all the posts on all the blogs you own (i.e., you created) for the month, and as you are approaching 100KB, you'll get a warning. Once you've reached that limit, to post more stuff, you'll need to approve a $3 charge for an additional 100KB. You'll never be charged or billed without specifically approving it.

To determine whether or not this limit is likely to affect you just click here for a report of your past posting history.

Upgrade Now
To take advantage of the Blogger Pro features that are available today, you can upgrade your account now and save 30% off the full price. If you do, you'll also be helping fund Blogger development. We're bootstrapping here, so we need your help to create a better Blogger faster. If you'd rather wait, that's okay too, but you'll miss out on part of the fun! :-)

By the way, if you're unhappy with Blogger Pro any reason, the full purchase price is refundable within 30 days of order placement by contacting .

Questions? See the FAQ >>