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Friday, June 29, 2001 12:34 AM EDT

Dukester's Shutdown? - Updated by dukester

STOP THE VOICES!!! (Oh, and don't ask me ANY questions regarding Carmageddon games/hardware/files because I don't know anymore. Go to and talk with the voices there ;-)

After a bit of consideration, it has been decided to shut down Carpocalypse (unless Mike changes his mind or finds other webmasters). On Carmageddon1's fourth anniversary, 'tis the end.

Yeah yeah, I'll admit that since Mangohead (original webmaster) left, the site has not been the same. But I had a great time working for what once was the best Carma site around. But now, its little more than a news site, and what news is there?

This is not a statement that the scene has died. The legion of new webmasters, skinners and modellers are among the finest ever, but that's the thing: it's just 'new skins' and 'new cars' for TDR2000 and Carma2. With the other games, we had new mods as well as gossip and screenshots of the 'next Carmageddon' which started before the current was even out. But, where is Carmageddon4 ? It's nowhere is sight. I hope it happens though.

I'm not playing any of the games, but I loved them. But TDR2000 didn't last for me. I think its because I've grown up a bit, rather than perhaps its not as good as the previous games. We had the same problems for Carma2, remember, and look how that flourished. TDR2000 is going down the same route, and I think Torus did a great succession over Stainless, and I for one don't mind which team does the next game.

I'm not shutting down because of any other website's dominance (they all should work together and I love them all). I'm not shutting down because of personal problems (I'm perfectly fine). I'm not shutting down because I have no time (I just finished school so I have all the time in the world). I'm shutting down because there's nowt worth doing. One thing I'm not doing is telling/told Beast in advance because I know he'd talk me out of it ;-) Peace Beast, you rule. We've been in the scene since Crash N' Burn and we went on to lead two among the best sites.

That's about it. Special thanks to all the co webmasters who updated a few times, special thanks to webmaster Mike for keeping the site hanging in a thread (and boosting morale ;-) and good luck to all the other sites out there.

And in case anyone's wondering, I'm not up for sale ;-)

Drive to survive....


Sunday, June 17, 2001 1:22 PM EDT

New site - Updated by dukester is a new website with the webmaster showing off his driving skills ;-)

Sunday, June 17, 2001 9:10 AM EDT

Me + Update!!!! - Updated by David

Well I will hopefully posting at least one update a month!

as usual there is some new stuff at Crashocalypse and DTD so just go there.

Saturday, June 16, 2001 7:20 AM EDT

300,000 hits!! - Updated by dukester

Yeah, we're another site to have gone past the 300,000 mark. Hardly the celebratory event it used to be ;-)

Usual blah blah @ (but cool blah blah) and .

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