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You're at! Yes it's true - a full year after trying (and failing) to buy I actually managed to obtain it, I'm very very happy. Anyway, you're at my personal homepage/collection of entertaining things/waste of bandwidth all wrapped up into one domain name- what more could you ask for?


  What's new?
Our newest feature comes straight from the hate mail file: Ask Spacefem's Boyfriend! Yes, enough of you thought that I was a raging lesbian that I've decided to give my man a brush with fame and let him answer your toughest advice question himself. E-mail me and I'll send it his way. He's way nicer than I am, for most of the questions my advice is always, "Tell the man to eat dirt and die!" but Dave doesn't do that so if you're in the mood for passive wussy advice this is the page for you.

Ever wondered how you could get loyal visitors to come to your site? Well now it's super-easy with our Advertise For Free program. Yes, you too can put a teeny-tiny banner in our left-hand column to try to get our happy visitors to come to your site! It's great!

In other news, I'm selling t-shirts and stuff for fun. No, I'm not making a profit yet, but I think I have some cool stuff so go check it out.


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Screw commercialism! If you're sick of being bought, this is a great site to bookmark.

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