The Triffids

Perth 1978-1989



Stand Up                       1980    2

Single    AUS   Shake Some Action

Reverie                        1981    4   Produced by Tim Lambert

EP        AUS   Resonant REZ 011 13198

Spanish Blue                   1982    2   Produced by Les Karski

Single    AUS   White K8889

The Dungeon Tapes              1982   16

MC        AUS   N/A (only sold at shows)
          AUS   N/A (re-issue 1988, entitled "Son of Dungeon Tapes", only sold at shows)

Bad Timing and Other Stories   1983    4   Produced by Robert Ash

EP        AUS   White K9003

Treeles Plain                  1983   12   Produced by The Triffids

CD        AUS   Mushroom MUSH32421.2 (issued 1995)

LP        AUS   Hot Records HOT 1003
          UK    Hot/Carter HOT 1003 (issued 1986?)

MC        AUS   Hot Records HOTT 1003

Beautiful Waste                1984    2   Produced by The Triffids

Single    AUS   Hot Records HOT 707

Raining Pleasure               1984    7   Produced by The Triffids and Nick Mainsbridge

Mini-LP   AUS   Hot Records MINIHOT 1
          UK    Hot/Carter MINIHOT 1 (issued 1986?, insert)

Mini-MC   AUS   Hot Records MINIHOTT 1

Field 0f Glass                 1984    3   Produced by Mark Radcliffe

EP        AUS   Hot Records 12007

You Don't Miss Your Water      1985    3   Produced by The Triffids

Single    AUS   Hot Records HEP-726 (7")
          UK    Hot/Rough Trade HOT 12 26 (4 tracks, added "Beautiful Waste", 12")

Born Sandy Devotional          1986   10   Produced by Gil Norton with The Triffids

CD        AUS   White D38521
          AUS   Mushroom D19457 (Mushroom Midprice Masters)
          AUS   Mushroom MUSH32417.2
          EUR   Mushroom

LP        AUS   Hot Records HOTLP 1023
          AUS   White L38521 (re-issue)
          UK    Hot/Carter HOT 1023

Love In Bright Landscapes      1986   13

CD        AUS   Hot Records CD 38674
          AUS   Mushroom D19481 (re-issue 1994)
          AUS   Mushroom MUSH32420.2
          JAP   Megadisc MCD 7973

LP        AUS   Hot Records (10 tracks?)
          JAP   Megadisc MD 7973 (10 tracks?)

In The Pines                   1986   13   Produced by Bruce Callaway and David McComb

CD        AUS   Mushroom D19480
          AUS   Mushroom MUSH32419.2
          EUR   Mushroom 74321 26824 2 (issued 1994)

LP        AUS   Hot Records HOTLP 1028
          AUS   White L38718 (re-issue)
          UK    Hot/Carter HOT 1028

MC        AUS   White C38718

The Peel Sessions (5/5/85)   1987    3

Mini-CD   USA   Strange Fruit DEI 8340-2

Mini-LP   UK    Strange Fruit SFPS 036

Calenture                      1987   12   Produced by Gil Norton

CD        AUS   Mushroom D19458 (Mushroom Midprice Masters)
          AUS   Mushroom MUSH32418.2
          UK    Island CID 9885

LP        AUS   White L38824
          UK    Island ILPS 9885

MC        UK    Island ICT 9885

The Black Swan                 1989   13   Produced by Stephen Street and David McComb

CD        AUS   Mushroom
          AUS   Mushroom MUSH32422.2
          UK    Island CID 9928

LP        UK    Island ILPS 9928

MC        AUS   Mushroom
          UK    Island ICT 9928

Stockholm                      1990   12   Produced by Lars Aldman

CD        AUS   Mushroom
          AUS   Mushroom MUSH32423.2
          SWE   MNW MNWCDX9

LP        SWE   MNW MNWX9

Australian Melodrama           1994   19

CD        AUS   Mushroom
          AUS   Mushroom MUSH32424.2
          EUR   Mushroom

MC        AUS   Mushroom


Akers Will (b) 1980-1982 The Real Dreamers, The Family, The Holy Rollers, Gary Meadows Syndrome, Charlotte's Web, Self Righteous Brothers, The Blackeyed Susans, costar
Birt Jill (k,v) 1983-1989 Precious Title
Casey Martin (b) 1982-1989 The Nobodies, Lawson Square Infirmary, Bottomlessn Schooners of Old, The Blackeyed Susans, The Bad Seeds
Cromack Simon (perc) 1982-1983 ---
Gillard Margret (k) 1979-1982 ---
Kakulas Phil (g,v) 1978-1979 The Blackeyed Susans, Martha's Vineyard
Lee Graham (g,pd st,lap-steel,v) 1985-1989
MacDonald Alsy (d,perc,v) 1978-1980,1982-1989 Dalsy, Lawson Square Infirmary, The Blackeyed Susans
McComb David (v,g,p,b) 1978-1989
McComb Robert (viol,g,k,perc,bv) 1979-1989 Lawson Square Infirmary, David McComb and The Red Ponies
McGowan Andrew (g) 1978 ---
Peters Mark (d) 1980-1981 The Nobodies
Sinclair Byron (b) 1978-1979,1982 Eric and The Ions, Real Dreamers
Yates Jill (k) 1982 Teenie Weenys

Sources of information: Triffids Discography by Morten Skjefte, Sound Affects #24, Stefan Warnqvist, Vince Simonetti, Triffids Belgian Homepage
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