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Welcome to Collectible Board Games. This site is devoted to collectible board games and related topics. Man has played board games for thousands of years. Some games continue to be played today while others have vanished into obscurity. Here you will find information regarding some of these obscure games. Obscure games are not limited to 100 + year old games. Each year, games are published around the world. Many of these game have limited distribution and limited availablilty. Once the game is "out of print", it can be quite difficult to locate a copy. You'll find here book reviews of publications, both in print and out of print. Get information regarding other board game collectors. View antique board games and explore links to other site containing board game info. Note: These pages were formatted using Netscape extensions. For best viewing results, use a Netscape browser.)

My Hobbies and Interest:

One of my Hobbies is collecting Board Games. I am a member of AGCA [American Games Collectors Association]. My collection currently covers the time period 1874 thru 1996. I am most interested in abstract, logic, and strategy games.

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Other Interesting sites on Board Games

Ken Tidwell's Game Cabinet

Get the latest regarding board games from Europe. Rules for many German board game translated into English, French, & Flemish. Great reviews on recently published games. List of mail order retailers for hard to get games. Worth a look see!

Abstract Games Magazine

Kerry Handscomb's quarterly magazine devoted to abstract board games. This high quality publication introduces a game and includes in depth strategy and tactics. If you enjoy abstract games, this magazine is required reading.

Peter Sarrett's The Game Report

Contains the first two years of back issues of the newsletter The Game Report. Each issue contains reviews on on 6 or more domestic and foreign games. Recent issues also include letters to the editor, commentaries, & opinions on the 10 games you would take during a shipwreck. This site also has a threaded discussion area. Surveys and online games promised in the future.

Bones Games

Original games in Adobe Acrobat files. Download a game, view it in an Acrobat viewer, & print the game to a laser printer. Several interesting abstract board games. A novel approach to game publishing


AGCA Member Rick Tucker's web page on Tiddlywinks. This site contains information of interest to tiddlywink players and historians. Rules, history, and information regarding competition can be found here. Links are provided to other tiddlywink pages.

The Crokinole Board

AGCA Member Glenn Kuntz's web page on Crokinole. This site contains information on the game of Crokinole. Variants & House Rules and a FAQ about Crokinole are presented. Includes subscription information to the "Crokinole Quarterly".

Museum of Games, University of Waterloo

Information on the Museum of Games collection at the University of Waterloo in Canada. University has a collection in excess of 5,000 games published from the 1800's to the present

Zbyte game company

Web page of playing card designer/publisher. Company is interested in new computer-related, logic-designed, or educational math games.

Download Jixxa (1.02 MB) from the Computer Gaming World ftp site

( One of the best implementation of the Jigsaw Puzzle under Windows 3.1. requiring 4MB RAM, & 256-color VGA Card. Includes two puzzles and many niffty features.

Jigsaw Puzzles for Windows

Jigsaw puzzles for Microsoft Windows. Each puzzle has 70+ pieces. Download files via your browser; and assemble the puzzle.

Touchstone Games Interactive Gallery

Woodshop in Ann Arbor, MI which manufactures several beautiful hardwood games and puzzles. This web page also features online play of some classical game and puzzles using your netscape browser.

Software Creations Web BBS

the first BBS on the Web. See the Web site of the future. Some of the best game software is available here.

Gamelan JAVA Game Site

100+ games and puzzles created with JAVA. See some of the newest technology on the web. Some of the games include multimedia features. JAVA IS REQUIRED TO PLAY GAMES AT THIS SITE. Netscape 2.0 for Windows 95/NT includes JAVA support.

Cafe del sol JAVA Applete Site

A collection of appletes written by Sun Microsystems employees (New Media Marketing Lab). JAVA IS REQUIRED TO PLAY GAMES AT THIS SITE. Netscape 2.0 for Windows 95/NT includes JAVA support.

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