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Meet Skunny a squirrel with attitude! Skunny has been given the job of getting back the recipe of the Pizza that has been stolen by the "Evil Chef Of Cadiz". Skunny must travel back in time to ancient Rome to retrieve the recipe. On his final mission he must confront the "Chef Of Cadiz" and do battle with the crazed chef whom was once described as "A person you could feed your mother in law to!"

Cheat codes are available



  • 256 color graphics painted by one of the best artists in the business.
  • Parallax Scrolling and masked foreground objects!
  • Sound Blaster and Adlib Compatible.
  • Interactive Springs/Catapults.
  • Timer Bombs for blowing away those nasty, nasty sprites.
  • Bribes for getting through doors.
  • Secret Sections full of goodies.
  • Automatic "Smart" save.
  • Keyboard/Joystick/Gravis Pad Support (Gravis Pad Recommended).
  • Ten levels (Registered Version).
  • Produce your own screenshots using the built in PCX screen grabber.


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