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About Ariga

Ariga sounds Italian. It's not. Nor is it Greek, Phoenician or Turkish. It is a Hebrew word meaning weave, in other words, what we all try to do on the web.

The site was opened to the public in mid 1995 as an experimental web-publishing platform, the first web-based source of news from Israel, emphasizing the peace process, but including poetry, painting and other subjects of interest. Ariga now mainly carries information from pro-peace and human rights groups in Israel and Palestine. It is an open platform, unaffiliated with any specific group, solely owned, operated and edited by Robert Rosenberg.

At various times Ariga has been an hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, bi-monthly and quarterly, depending on how much time is available to deal with it. Archives of past Ariga front pages can be found here

The site is organized into three main sections -- Business, which as of January 1 2000 leads to Koldoon.com, the world's fastest growing database of startup technology companies and their investors; Peace, both on-site and off-site links to information resources about peace efforts for the Middle East; and Pleasure, arts, letters and entertainment.

Among the most popular sections in Ariga are:

The Yiddish page is an 850+ glossary of Yiddish phrases transliterated into English -- with translations. The Writers Guild of America chose it as the site they recommend to American writers who need a Yiddish phrase. You can scroll the full list for a specific term or word, or use you search button to find a word or phrase on the page.

The Human Rights and Peace Groups section where youc an find information about Israeli and Palestinian peace and human rights groups. For other peace group related links, click into the PeaceLinks page

The Treaties section -- from the Sykes-Pico agreement between Britain and France, dividing up the Middle East, to the latest international agreement (the Tenet work plan) -- in full text.

Visions: A Poetry e'zine with poetry from contributors near and far.

Ariga also includes

Robert Rosenberg's highly acclaimed Avram Cohen Mystery Quartet. One of the world's first e-books (online since 1995), is The Cutting Room, unfortunately now out of print, is available to Ariga visitors as a zipped file. Unzip it into a subdirectory on your hard disk and go into it using your browser, opening the index.htm file first. First chapters of Crimes of the City, House of Guilt and An Accidental Murder are all available online, with links to purchasing the books at Amazon, as well.

If you want to help Ariga's peace efforts, using any of the Amazon gateways at Ariga, to make purchases at the online store, is a great help. Five percent of your purchase goes to help keep Ariga in the air. Just bookmark any of the Ariga pages as your Amazon entry page and Amazon's system will know Ariga sent you. Ariga is not a charity, but if you want to contribute money to help keep this site going, you can make payments with PayPal - it's fast, free and secure!

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Ariga Bookstore



Peace Activist Connections, Links and Documents

Human Rights Groups in Israel and Palestine

Yitzhak Rabin's Last Speech

Treaties and historic documents -- From the Balfour Declaration to Now

PeaceWatch -- Keeping track of the process

Mideastweb.org an educational site

Ha'aretz Israel's best daily newspaper (in English)


More Off-site Peace Links

Contact Them -- Email and Fax numbers for U.S., European, Israeli, UN, and Palestinian officials

New: I'm trying out a guestbook -- reserving the right to edit, delete or comment on letters.

Ariga is not a tax-deductible charity, but if you think this site is helpful, you might want to contribute money to help it going. You can do it with PayPal - it's fast, free and secure!

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