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Windows on the World Temporary Offices
David Berdon and Co., LLP
415 Madison Avenue
New York, New York 10017
ph: (212) 832-0401 ext.# 612
fax: (646) 497-0889

Windows of Hope Family Relief Fund
Contributions can be sent to:
Windows of Hope Family Relief Fund
C/o David Berdon and Co., LLP
415 Madison Avenue
New York, New York 10017

Windows of Hope International Restaurant Event
Thursday October 11, 2001
For information on how you can participate in this event
go to or call M. Young Communications at (212) 620-7027

Information regarding the private function on the 106th floor,
call Risk Waters Group at 44-207-484-9700 or go to



Human Resources-Elizabeth Ortiz
Tele. (212) 832-0400 (Ext 389) Fax (212) 371-1159
-For employment verification letters and information for non-union employess and family members
of the victims who were non-union regarding insurance, workers compensation and health benefits.

Local 100 (HEREIU)
(212) 541-4226 Fax: (212) 399-3005
321 West 44th Street 5th Floor (Between 8th & 9ths Ave)
-Information regarding employment assistance.

HEREIU Welfare and Pension
(212) 957-9241
-Information regarding counseling, health, welfare and life
insurance benefits for members and surviving family members.

Unemployment Insurance Hotline
(888) 209-8124
-File Claims by phone 8 AM to 7 PM (Multi-lingual English & Spanish)
Note: NYS has waived the waiting period, claimants are immediately
eligible to collect unemployment benefits.

FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency)
(800) 462-9029
-Provides emergency housing, counseling and funeral planning and cash
for food and housing.

Social Security Survivor Benefits
(800) 772-1213
-Benefits may be available to surviving spouse and/or children.

Hospital Information (212) 333-7913 & (212) 560-2730
Hospital Information (NYC) (212) 746-4320
Mayors NYC Action Center (212) 788-9600
Missing Persons Hotline (646) 710-6245 (For Family Only)
Missing Persons Hotline (888) 856-4167 (For Friends)
Police Command for Missing Persons 455 1st Avenue (Next to NYU)
NYC OEM Office (212) 560-2730

Crime Victims Assistance Hotline
(800) 247-8035

**Victims or their families MUST register to receive benefits**


1. Pier 94 Family Relief Center (646) 710-6245
54th Street and 12th Avenue (Manhattan)

2. Westchester county Courthouse (Westchester)
White Plains, New York (914) 995-3358

3. Safe Horizon (Staten Island)**
130 Stuyvesant Place 5th Floor
Staten Island, NY (718) 448-3118 ext.21
**No Emergency Cash Awards Available

**That are not covered by other insurances or benefit planes
-Will pay the cost of counseling for any victim or witness to the tragedy
or any of their family members including spouses, children, brothers & sisters,
gradparents, grandchildren, aunts and uncles.
-Will pay certain medical expenses

-Will pay the cost of a memorial service
-Will pay the cost of reasonable funeral expenses
-Will pay the cost of transportation of the remains to other cities or countries for burial.

Please Note: The funeral benefit will be paid regardless, should you have a funeral at
a later date, in addition to memorial service benefit.

-CVB can pay up to 2 weeks salary of the victim (on the spot), up to $600 per week
and $30,00 lifetime, to help cover expenses.

To claim the cash benefit, you must present one of the following documents:
a. Recent Pay Stub, of the victim
b. Direct Deposit Statment
c. Letter for the employer, on company letterhead


a. Your Drivers License
b. Marriage Certificate (if survivor spouse)
c. Birth Certificate of a dependent child (if divorced or separated and receiving child support)

Please Note: Safe Horizon cannot issue immediate cash grants. They are only available at the
Family Relief Center & The Westchester Office.