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Wasabi Systems, the NetBSD Company, develops and supports the NetBSD operating system for embedded systems and Internet infrastructure companies.

Our customers range from Fortune 500 companies to Silicon Valley start-ups, router makers to ISPs. Our development jobs have ranged from porting NetBSD to new hardware architectures to simple bug fixes and support packages for NetBSD users. And our team includes some of the leaders of the NetBSD project.

NetBSD is the operating system powering some of the most advanced Internet and telecom applications in use today.  And only NetBSD runs on over 50 different hardware architectures: MIPS, Motorola, StrongARM, PowerPC, you name it.  Because NetBSD is open source, it can save millions of dollars per product in costly royalties and license fees.  Because of NetBSD's high quality code base, the result of years of development by the NetBSD project, its functionality and reliability are unparalleled. What is NetBSD? And because of its outstanding portability, putting NetBSD in your product can save you months of development time.

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