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Dmitry Is Now Free!

A U.S. Federal Court judge on Thursday, December 13, 2001 has granted Russian programmer Dmitry Sklyarov to return to his native land after a five-month enforced stay in the U.S.
The DOJ appearently agreed to drop the charges towards him if he would agree to testify in the government case that remains against his employer, Elcomsoft. Since Elcomsoft is located in Russia not bound by U.S. laws, the DOJ should no longer have a case!

It looks like we won this time, but the DMCA is still the law, and until that law is either revised or repealed, our freedoms still aren't safe!

For more details on Dmitry's release, read the full story here, the EFF Media Release, or what others have to say about it on Slashdot.

For past Free Dmitry protests, check these out:

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Miscellaneous Photos:

At the Allseer sponsored fundraising Party for Dmitry on Wed. night 8/29. Quite a large group of supporters showed up here. We had talks by Lawrence Lessig, Richard Stallman, and some others, including of course Dmitry Sklyarov himself!
Another photo of the party. It was held on the 2nd floor of an empty warehouse a few blocks away from the Moscone Center. They had free beer, chips and pretzels.
This was a mural or banner set up so that anyone may paint their own Free Dmitry or anti-DMCA slogan on it to show their support.
Here's a picture of my cute girlfriend painting a blue ribbon in support of free speech on the internet.
An older picture of the meeting of Friday, Aug. 10th at EFF headquarters in SF, before the following Mon. night candlelight vigil.

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Dmitry Sklyarov

Other Protest Photos:
7/23 - Adobe in San Jose:
 * Ed Hintz
 * Dmitry Azovtsev
 * Greg Broiles
 * Brad Young

7/30 - San Francisco:
 * Brad Young
 * Vadim Kogan and Amy Tang
 * Jim Pick
 * Sujee Maniyam (n/a?)

8/6 - San Jose:
 * Brad Young

8/13 - Candelight Vigil:
 * Brad Templeton (n/a?)
 * Robert Guerra

8/30 - San Francisco:
 * Fen Labalme
 * Michael Manoochehri
 * Ed Hintz

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 * Free Dmitry Sklyarov (Bay Area Central)
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 * Letters in support of Dmitry / opposition to DMCA.
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