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  This page last edited: August 02, 2002

Welcome to Taxgate

Taxgate is a Membership Association dedicated to educating ourselves in finding the truth to the complexities of the Income Tax

Our Nation was founded by tax protestors who sacrificed everything they had, their families, and their lives, as forefathers who gave us our freedoms we enjoy today.

Bookmark this page: Taxgate has easy to understand courses and information, we help develop effective issues, study IRS procedures, and link you to a large network of large network of assistance, researchers, attorneys nationwide. Members and general public enjoy access to courses, materials, in furthering their education on the income tax issues and more. READ THE DISCLAIMER AT THE BOTTOM OF THE PAGE
~ The Taxgate web site is equivalent to a 1,325+ page printed publication ~

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Tax issues:



  • The current 'Tax Code' is actually written in our favor.  Find out how and why we should enforce, understand, and keep the Tax Code as written, click here.


  • Tax exempt 401(k)'s and some pay no penalty for early withdrawals! Click here




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Updated April 14, 2002

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IRS Notice 2001-40

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Why did Employers Stop Withholding Federal Taxes?
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Do You Want A "New" SSN?
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Your Papers, Please...
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 Greg Galaski's Story of
Evidencing the Official Record

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Actions Prior to Seizure
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About Taxgate
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  IRS Presumptions & Due Process
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  Substantive Rights & Essentials of Due Process.... Click here

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Learning IRS Procedures & Policy
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Trillion Dollar Deception and
what you can do about it

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Is the IRS W-4 Form Mandatory?
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Dear Fellow American, I DO pay my taxes .... Click here

Understanding Court Decisions....
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Understanding Due Process
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An Interview with the IRS and Larken Rose
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 "Taxable Income"
by Larken Rose,
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Keep the Tax Code

Decode Your IMF The W-4 form
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SS # Law 101 Social Security
Criminal Investigation IRS Levies & Law IRS Liens & Law
The 1040 Civil We Won't Use..
Ruml & The Reserve Bank State Income Taxation The Obstacles
Fair Share? Why the Tax Code?? Rights of U.S. Citizens


If your current tax professional doesn't have the experience/knowledge/inclination to implement the above data, we help provide the needed support via the Members Hall of this site. 

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Welcome to  A Premier Income Tax Law Web Site
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Member or not, you can create positive effects with these laws by themselves.

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