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November 13, 2000


Rook is a 4-player bidding and trick-taking partnership card game. If you are put off by the maddeningly complex bidding conventions of bridge, but desire more of a challenge than hearts or spades, then Rook is the game for you.

Rook has the following major differences from bridge:

  • The regular 52-card deck plus the Joker is used.
  • There is no dummy hand.
  • A player may not re-enter the bidding after passing.
  • Each player passes three cards to an opponents before play starts.
  • Some cards are worth points, as is the last trick.
  • The object is to win a certain amount of points, not a certain amount of tricks.
  • Bidding is based on expected points, not tricks, and makes no mention of suit.
Of course, if you have never played bridge, or if you have never played cards period, then these differences should mean nothing to you. That's fine - just read along and learn!

Read through my pages of rules and tips for more information on how to play. These pages are written with complete card novices in mind. More experienced card players can skim some of the simple stuff, of course.

My Rook et cetera page includes information on Rook decks, software, how to buy Rook decks and software, playing online, tournaments, and other random things I've been sent. Much of this and more is listed on my page of links.

And because I've been getting so many questions from people who obviously don't read through my web pages to find the answers, I'll answer the three most frequently asked questions right here up front:

FAQ: "I Want A Rook Deck!"

Yes, you can order a Rook deck through the internet! Go to my Rook et cetera page for more details!

FAQ: "I Want Software!"

Yes, there is Rook software available now! Go to my Rook et cetera page for more details!

FAQ: "I Want To Play Online!"

Yes, there is now a way to play on line! Again, go to my Rook et cetera page for more details!

Now, on to the rules!