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Online Support
For technical support on Petz products please contact:


FAQ: I have Windows® 2000 or Windows® XP and my game is crashing. Is there a way I can still play with my petz?
Answer: The 4.2 patch fixes Catz 4 and Dogz 4 to run on Windows 2000 and Windows XP. You can download it from the Demo & Patch page.

FAQ: Will there be a patch to upgrade other versions of catz and dogz to Windows XP?
Answer: No, only the English verions of Catz 4 and Dogz 4 can be patched with the v4.2 patch to run on Windows 2000 and Windows XP.

FAQ: I've lost my serial number to Catz, Dogz, Catz II, or Dogz II.
Answer: Try these:

  • Dogz: 9001-5025-3220
  • Catz: 1287-5787-1258
  • Dogz II: 2111-8929-9494
  • Catz II: 3113-5687-8858

    FAQ: Do you have the serial numbers for Catz 3, Dogz 3, Catz 4, or Dogz 4?
    Answer: These products did not use serial numbers. You probably have Windows XP, which prompts for this information. Simply leave it blank and click "OK". (Please note that only the English version 4 products can run properly on Windows XP when yo use the v4.2 patch.)

    FAQ: Where can I get the downloadz for the previous versions?
    Answer: See Below.

    Dear Petz Owner,
    Unfortunately, the Petz Downloadz and the Petz Adoption Center are no longer available. However, many enthusiastic fans have Petz and Downloadz for the various Petz versions available on their own sites. They have collected and traded them over the years and now you can too! Please be aware that some users may have altered the Petz program files in order to create unique Clothes, Toyz and Petz. However, we cannot guarantee that installation of these altered files will work completely. The following is a list of the Downloadz and versions that have been made available over the years to help you in your search for new Toyz and Clothes for your fuzzy friendz.

    Thanks for your continued support!
    The Petz Team

    Petz 4

    • Bear's Winter Costume
    • Easter Basket
    • Elf Costume
    • Skateboard
    • Snow Globe

    Petz 3


    • Antennae
    • Art Deco Clock
    • Bag-o-Coal
    • Brown Picture Frame
    • Carnations Seeds
    • Carrot Seeds
    • Christmas Tree
    • Christmas Lights
    • Christmas Ornaments
    • Jack-O-Lantern
    • Love Potion
    • Marble Vase
    • Menorah
    • Sneaker Chew Toy
    • Soccer Ball
    • Sunflower Seeds
    • Tennis Ball
    • Violet Seeds


    • Buckskin Outfit
    • Camouflage Outfit
    • Cowboy Hat
    • Devil Horns
    • Duck PJs
    • Easter Outfit
    • Golf Outfit
    • Heart PJs
    • Indian Outfit
    • Pilgrim Outfit
    • Reindeer Outfit
    • Santa Claus Outfit
    • Ski Outfit
    • Tie-dye Outfit
    • Uncle Sam Outfit
    • Witch Outfit

    Game Add-on

    • Petz 3 Snow Scene

    Petz II


    • Auto-rolling Ball
    • Beach Ball
    • Catz Plush
    • Dogz Plush
    • Heart Candy Treatz
    • Holiday Surprise Box
    • Music Box
    • Plate of Leftovers
    • Potted Flowers
    • Red Toy Car
    • Satin Heart Pillow


    • Alley Cat
    • Chinchilla Persian
    • Dachshund
    • Dalmatian
    • Labrador
    • Main Coon
    • Poodle
    • Russian Blue
    • Sheep Dog
    • Tabby


    • Beach Wallpaper
    • Bunny Wallpaper
    • Cupid Wallpaper
    • Easter Egg Wallpaper
    • Firework Wallpaper
    • Holiday Wallpapers 1-6
    • 'I Love You' Wallpaper
    • Redhot Wallpaper
    • Rose Wallpaper
    • Shamrock Wallpaper
    • Tie Wallpaper
    • Turkey Wallpaper

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