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Soldier of Fortune 2 Demo -- Interview with my wife

gg, man. gg.

interviewed by buzby

Since Soldier of Fortune 2 is not a fully released game, we felt that it would be unfair to review an unfinished product. Instead, I sat down with my wife to get her impressions of the game. Needless to say, she is not a game player, but has had exposure to many FPS games due to my incessant playing. To protect the innocent, I have decided to call her "Jane" for this interview.

I should also note that my wife never swears. If she is quoting someone swearing, she will just use the first letter of the word. For instance if someone called her friend a fucking bitch, she would say that they called her an "f-ing b", which is pronounced "effing bee".

Buzby: First of all, thanks for taking time out of your busy schedule to sit down and talk with me.

Jane: What is that supposed to mean?

Buzby: Nothing. It's just a standard opening. We say that before every interview.

Jane: Sounds like you're making fun of me.

Buzby: I am not making --

Jane: "Busy schedule"? You make it sound like I don't do anything.

Buzby: Easy, easy. I am just saying thanks for doing this.

Jane: Well I just don't appreciate it.

Buzby: Okay. I'm sorry. Let's just start over. [Pause] Hello and thanks for talking to today.

Jane: [No response]

Buzby: Come on. Don't be mad. You wanted to spend time talking right? I need to get this review done, so now we can talk instead of me spending more time on the computer writing it.

Jane: I am not going to do this if you are going to make fun of me. You are the one playing video games. I should make fun of you.

Buzby: Okay. I am sorry. Now. Hello and thanks for taking the time to talk to us.

Jane: Hello.

Buzby: Please tell us your experience with Soldier of Fortune 2, The Multiplayer Demo.

Jane: My husband plays it when he should be sleeping. I have to listen to him play the game when I go into his office to read.

Buzby: What do you read?

Jane: InStyle magazine.

Buzby: Can you tell us about that magazine?

Jane: I thought we were supposed to talk about this stupid game.

Buzby: Okay. So tell me what happens in a basic game of Soldier of Fortune 2, The Multiplayer Demo.

Jane: That's a long name.

Buzby: Yes, it is.

Jane: You play these guys in masks on a building and you have to go in to the building and get a briefcase. [Note: I play Infiltration mode primarily] There are these other guys in suits in the building and they try to keep you from taking the briefcase and getting back to the top of the building with it. And every person you see is actually a real person playing on their computer somewhere. When you die, you watch the other people play.

Buzby: Okay. Anything else?

Jane: People say "Get me some backup!" and "Clear!" all the time. And you complain that shooting someone in the head doesn't kill them --

Buzby: Okay that's enough.

Jane: -- you say that you can "shoot a guy fifty f-ing times then he turns around and kills me with one shot."

Buzby: Okay.

Jane: I don't think you are very good at this game. Whenever I come in here, you are always watching other people play.

Buzby: Any other observations?

Jane: At the end of the game, everybody says "gg". [Repeating in her mocking dumb guy's voice] "gg","gg", "yeah, gg" "gg, man".

Buzby: And what does "gg" mean?

Jane: I have no idea.

Buzby: Care to guess?

Jane: Is it some kind of gangster thing?

Buzby: Gangster?

Jane: Yeah, because everyone is shooting everyone. Like "take that, g".

Buzby: No. It means "good game". Everyone is telling everybody else "good game".

Jane: Oh. That's kind of sweet.

Buzby: I don't think people would like it if you called it "sweet".

Jane: They shoot each other and yell at each other then everybody says "gg". That's funny.

Buzby: Yell at each other?

Jane: Yeah. They say that everybody is a cheater or a f-ing "camper".

Buzby: What's a camper?

Jane: I don't know. Maybe -- I don't know.

Buzby: It's a person who just stays hiding in one spot and waits for someone else to come along.

Jane: And that's good.

Buzby: No, that's bad.

Jane: Why is that bad?

Buzby: Because it gives that person an unfair advantage. They can just hide in a place that no one can get to them and wait. It slows the game down and makes everybody wait while that person is just hiding.

Jane: Well, that's what I would do if I played.

Buzby: Any other things that you have noticed?

Jane: Everybody calls each other names and you can vote people off like in Survivor.

Buzby: Right. And how do you vote people off?

Jane: You can go and ask people to vote yes or no to kick off one of the players. If you get enough votes to kick someone off, they have to leave. But if time runs out, then that player gets to stay and then they ask everyone to vote for you.

Buzby: And what are some of the names that people call each other?

Jane: I don't want to say. Not good.

Buzby: Any names you can say?

Jane: Bad players get called all kinds of names. Good players are called "bots".

Buzby: [laughs]

Jane: What?

Buzby: Sorry. Why do you think good players are called "bots"?

Jane: Because they are really good? Like a machine?

Buzby: No, I mean why do you think that?

Jane: Because every time you get killed you always say "that guy is a f-ing bot".

Buzby: What about the graphics?

Jane: They are good.

Buzby: I am doing this instead of writing a review. Help me out here. What's good about them?

Jane: You can blow up people and they lose their arms or can get decapitated. And you were excited because when someone dies you can see where they got shot. I think that's just gross though.

Buzby: What about the weapons?

Jane: You can play with a rifle with a scope thing or a machine gun. And you can throw grenades. There are no cars like in Halo though.

Buzby: Any other weapons?

Jane: No.

[Note: There are also knives, pump shotguns, an M4 with a grenade launcher and an assault shotgun. You can also equip 4 different types of grenades, NV or thermal goggles and a selection of pistols.]

Buzby: Okay. Anything else you want to say.

Jane: Just that I am glad the music is not as annoying as Halo and that kids should not play these games.

Buzby: Would you recommend that people buy the game when it comes out?

Jane: No. They would play it too much.

Buzby: Thank you for your time.

Jane: You are welcome., © copyright 2001-2002
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