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RAW Results, 7/29/02
RAW is Jericho!
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Eric Bischoff was accosted by Moolah and Mae Young. Moolah wanted a chance to plug her new book, and the GM grudgingly said he would let her do so.

Tommy Dreamer won the Hardcore Championship
Jeff Hardy took on Bradshaw in a Hardcore Championship match. Jeff pulled out a ladder and set it up inside the ring, but Bradshaw knocked him down with the steel ring steps. Jeff soon countered with the Whisper in the Wind and climbed the ladder to the very top step where he executed a Swanton Bomb to get the pinfall! Johnny Stamboli stormed in and hit Jeff with a spinebuster, got the pin and became the new Hardcore Champion! Tommy Dreamer dashed right in and rolled Stamboli up, pinned him and dashed off through the crowd!

Chris Benoit def. Rob Van Dam
Intercontinental Champion Rob Van Dam had his hands full with Chris Benoit throughout the entire match. Benoit got a near fall on RVD following an impressive hammerlock. Van Dam got his own near fall later on after the Rolling Thunder. RVD reversed Benoit's attempt at the Crossface and managed to set up the Five-Star Frog Splash. Benoit rolled a little bit to send RVD's ribs crashing into Benoit's! The Wolverine latched on the Crossface, but RVD got to the rope to break the hold. RVD once again found himself in the Crossface, but manged to squirm out of it. But quicker than a hiccup, Benoit rolled up RVD and got his feet on the ropes for illegal leverage and got the pinfall!

Eric Bischoff invited Moolah and Mae Young to the ring so Moolah could plug her new book. Bischoff cut her off several times. Meanwhile, Mae and Moolah started bickering in the ring. Suddenly, two big men came into the ring and shoved both women to the mat! Mae got bodyslammed and had one of the gigantic men nail her with a flying body press off the top rope! Bischoff introduced the men as Rose and Jamal.

The Undertaker def. Christopher Nowinski
In an impromptu match, the Undertaker nailed Christopher Nowinski with the Last Ride and got an easy pinfall! The anti-Americans came out and began attacking Taker, who fought back but was out manned. Test cracked a Big Boot to Taker's face and held up the American Badass for Storm and Christian to deliver the Con-chair-to!

Triple H arrived and headed to the ring where he explained his actions from last week. The Game lashed out at HBK for having a problem with being his manager. Triple H said that he is now the showstopper and that HBK's in-ring career is over. A stagehand came down and told Triple H to come backstage. The Game was directed to where Shawn Michaels lay battered and bloody after apparently being smashed headfirst into a car window! Triple H knelt by HBK and implored bystanders to get help!

The Rock def. Ric Flair
The 16-time World Champion found himself in a tough battle with the People's Champion, but finally succumbed to a Rock Bottom! After shaking The Rock's hand, the Great One took his leave, and Flair readied to make a huge announcement. But he was abruptly stopped by Chris Jericho's entrance music! Flair looked in confusion at the entrance ramp and was blindsided by Y2J! Jericho nailed Flair with a steel chair and said that from that moment on, RAW is Jericho! 


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