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Black Sunday
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Cypress Hill at
Black Sunday at
Cypress Hill's zenith

1993's 'Black Sunday', in my opinion, is the best album Cypress Hill ever did. It was a slightly darker approach than the classic self-titled debut but was also a great improvement. Many people argue now that 'Black Sunday' isn't the best. But their is no specific argument as there are some who believe the debut album to be the best, others think 'Temples of Boom' and even 'Cypress Hill IV' is considered better. But I have reasons to prove 'Black Sunday' is THE Cypress Hill album.

The album opens up with the screeching alarm-like sounds of 'I Wanna Get High' which then turns into a slow flowing beat that may get that neck motion going. Don't be put off by B Real's terrible singing, he delivers one respectable verse that knocks down this average beat and which makes the track worth listening to. Doesn't start the album with a bang. True. It really starts on 'I Ain't Goin' Out Like That'. A THUNDEROUS beat with appropriate lyrics to set the mood, opened up by B Real yelling: "Comin out da SLUUUMS!!/It's da Hoodlums/I'm pullin my gat out on all you bums!". I especially like the part with the harmonica sounds on this track as it's used very well. Next up is 'Insane In The Brain'. An unbelievable track and one that every head should know the Hill by because it was massive.

The rest is equally hot. This album really is quality hip-hop wherever you are; in the crib, in ya headphones or in the car, this is brilliant music. What makes this the best Hill album lyrically especially, is that there are so many simple, yet instantly memorable lines. You always remember the song from THAT bit. For example, on 'Hits From the Bong'; "I love you Mary Jaaaane". Or on 'Insane In The Brain'; "Cops, come and try to snatch my crops". And also 'Lick a Shot'; "Lookin for da afro, one that's saggin". They probably sound cheesy reading them here (ultimately they are I suppose), but you have to listen to the album to understand the genius that this trio have made. Even casual hip-hop listeners will love it, so you gotta hear it.

REVIEWED BY:   lippdogg
ADDED:   2002-07-11

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