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July News Items

William Luther Pierce
September 11, 1933 - July 23, 2002

The sad news has reached us of the death of Dr. William Pierce one of the most articulate writers and broadcasters and inspirational thinkers in American politics. His writings on a stance highlighting the failures of multiculturalism earned him both respect from patriots around the world and hostility from the American established media.

Dr. William Pierce - hard talking American patriot, RIP.

A highly intelligent man he achieved a masters and a doctorate in physics from the University of Colorado, after earning an undergraduate degree at Rice University and briefly taking graduate classes at Cal Tech. He then taught physics at Oregon State University from 1962-1966. Alongside his work in education he became interested in the political system, in the history of European culture and began to question why the people of European descent who had created the United States had begun to lose control of their destiny and lose control of their status in society. A parallel situation is happening in the countries of western Europe today, with a mass influx of refugees and a political system that encourages positive discrimination.

After brief periods in organisations which Pierce dismissed as immature he created a new movement called the National Alliance, headquartered in the US capital Washington D.C.

The National Alliance quickly began publishing a magazine for sale to the general public called 'Attack!' A hard hitting publication with an uncompromising title it echoed the period in the States of street protest during the Vietnam conflict and the civil rights marches.Once it was clear that this era was over, Pierce declared a change of tactics, but not strategy, and renamed the magazine 'National Vanguard.' NV was a more sophisticated magazine, designed to appeal to the professionals and others that Pierce felt were needed to build a revolutionary organization.

In 1985, Pierce moved the Alliance from Washington to a 400-acre parcel of land in Mill Point, West Virginia, near Hillsboro. In one of the most isolated, mountainous and unpopulated regions east of the Mississippi the Alliance was free to grow without the problems of living in the crime-ridden concrete jungle of Washington.

Pierce and the NA began a large number of ambitious projects designed to spread their message, attract new members and raise money to fund their work. Most projects were an ingenious combination of outreach and fundraising. National Vanguard Books, Inc. was started while still in D.C. to sell a wide variety of books important to people of European origin. In West Virginia NVB grew very quickly with hundreds of titles, a yearly catalogue and ever-increasing sales that required the building of a new warehouse.

Pierce also began a weekly broadcast called American Dissident Voices. At first a number of people, most notably Kevin Strom, wrote and broadcast the half-hour addresses but eventually the task fell solely to Pierce. The Alliance arranged contracts with a large number of AM and FM stations and also broadcast on Short-wave radio. However, the ADV address is now mainly a product of the Internet and tens of thousands of people each week either read or listen to it on the Internet or receive it in the mail as the publication 'Free Speech.'

Dr Pierce had a high regard for the British National Party, although we always differed from him in a number of fields, particularly our long-term commitment to electioneering and the democratic process. He no doubt regarded us as 'soft' and we in turn agreed with the admission he made to the author of his biography, 'The Fame of a Dead Man's Deeds', that his brutally frank rhetoric and prescriptions were "self-indulgent." That said, even as our paths diverged, we retained our admiration for his razor-sharp mind, his dedication, his capacity for hard work and his honesty.

For many years Dr. Pierce worked a grueling 12-14 hr day in his mountain base and when he was diagnosed with cancer earlier this month and hospitalised he stoically chose to return to his home in West Virginia on Saturday the 20th.

He died at about 12 midday on July 23rd 2002.

The death of Dr. Pierce has opened a huge gap in the nationalist movement in
the United States. We hope for the sake of the future generations of white
children for whom he felt so strongly that it will not be filled by crude inferior copies of William Pierce - the man was unique! For several years, he had said that the time was coming when a less blunt, more populist approach could bear fruit in the USA. One of his unrealised projects in that direction was the establishment of a mass circulation newspaper which would present the Alliance message in terms more on the wavelength of the 'Ordinary Joe'. More recently, there had also been signs that his Resistance operation was moving away from the excessive negativity of the music scene which it had moved into, and was beginning to push for a more positive message and image.

We hope that those who are left, at such short notice, to carry on his work, will find ways to combine the principles for which Dr Pierce stood so firmly with tactical approaches which allow the white survival movement in the USA to take full advantage of the impending collapse of the liberal consensus and the pressures caused by the globalisation of the US economy. We all face increasingly "interesting times" - if this World can be seen from the battlements at Valhalla, Dr. Pierce will be watching and analysing with his dry sense of humour and his burning love for our kind!