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Two weeks ago, we asked selected opinion leaders across the Commonwealth to tell us which elected officials would make the yearbook superlatives. We asked our friends to pretend they were in high school and politics was a game of winning popularity and status, rather than working for good public policy.  We understand this was a stretch for many of you but we appreciate your help!

The response was overwhelming and PoliticsPA thanks you.  A few notes:  many of those listed below have placed in multiple categories.  For example, Melissa Hart would have been listed as Most Likely to Succeed and as Most Ambitious.  In the spirit of egalitarianism, we decided to list only the category in which he or she placed higher.  In all fairness, we wanted to give the opportunity to distinguish as many different public officials as possible.

Finally, we notified everyone in advance and gave them the opportunity to respond.  In those cases, their quotes are listed.  In some places we have also added notes of our own.



Hardest Working

Mike Veon "Serving my constituents and helping Pennsylvanians has always been my
top priority as a state representative and legislative leader. When you see the benefits that hard work brings to the people you represent, you become even more determined --- and you're driven to work even harder. The fact is that when you enjoy what you're doing and you believe in the cause, it really isn't work at all. I only wish I could do more. But there just aren't enough hours in the day."

John Perzel "I learned at Moe's Delicatessen that the best way to get ahead was to work hard and seek out opportunities as they present themselves. That philosophy has served me well throughout my entire adult life. My job is to help people."
Robert Jubelirer "I somehow missed the 'no heavy lifting required' provision some people believe is part of the legislative job description."

Most Likely to Succeed

Bob Casey, Jr.  
Melissa Hart "Thank you, I'm honored. As a Republican running in a chiefly democratic area, it is especially gratifying to receive such a vote of confidence from Pennsylvania's political community.  Any future success depends on all of us, Democrats and Republicans, working cooperatively to move the Commonwealth forward."
  There was a tie for third place in Most Likely to Succeed among the following officials:  Ed Rendell, James Gerlach and Jeff Piccola.

Most Popular

Matthew Ryan "I am very gratified to have been voted a 'popular' elected official by my colleagues. However, for me to have been selected you must have allowed Bill DeWeese and John Lawless to have voted more than once."
Tom Ridge  
Barbara Hafer

�I�m elated,� Hafer said.  �When is the awards ceremony?  Maybe I should get back into the race for Governor.  But seriously, I am honored to be selected as one of the most popular elected officials by the opinion leaders in the state.   It is especially rewarding to be included among seasoned political veterans like Matt Ryan and Tom Ridge.�

Most Ambitious

Rick Santorum  
Jeff Coleman "Ambition without core beliefs and a purpose for seeking public office is nothing short of vanity.  I hope that others see my eagerness to serve not as an endless pursuit of the next title, but a transparent desire to serve others and advance causes in which I believe.  I'm flattered by the designation - and hope one day to be able to look at a record of accomplishment that equals the plaque."
Tim Murphy "I'm thankful for the compliment, but this is not about titles. It's about action. This is not about me. It's about families"


Toughest To Work For

Arlen Specter While our senior Senator did receive a few votes for Class Clown, Specter won more votes than anyone else, in any category. 
Bud George  
Dave Mayernick  

Best Dressed

Allyson Schwartz "I appreciate the honor...it must be the scarves."
Jake Corman "This never could have happened if I hadn't met my wife two years ago. She threw all my clothes in the dumpster, took me shopping and dressed me properly. Thank you for recognizing Kelli's hard work."
Bill Deweese  

Missing In Action

Bill Rieger We asked Rieger, Gekas, and Schweiker for comments... true to form they were Missing in Action.
George Gekas
Mark Schweiker

Most Athletic

John Pippy  
Bob Mellow We are checking to see if any French judges participated in our poll. We still can't figure out how Mellow and Murphy made it to the medal stand.
Tom Murphy  

Class Clown

John Wozniak  
Bill Adolph Unfortunately, no humorous quotes from this group but Wozniak, Adolph and Cawley make politics a bit more fun -- reminding us all not to take ourselves too seriously.
Gaynor Cawley