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about International Policy Network

International Policy Network (IPN) is a non-profit, non-governmental organisation whose mission is to encourage the sharing of ideas by intellectuals and others interested in public policy issues, especially those having international implications. IPN achieves this mission by helping to facilitate the publication of educational materials and the organization of conferences, seminars and other activities. IPN was formerly called The Atlas Economic Research Foundation UK, a charity established by Trust Deed in 1971.

The mission of International Policy Network is to 'share ideas that free people'. We believe that people around the world would be better off if they were governed not by overbearing autocrats or unaccountable bureaucrats, but by the institutions of the free society - property rights, the rule of law, free markets and free speech. (Where regulations are necessary, we believe they should be based on sound science and good economics.) We achieve this mission by working with organizations around the world who share these beliefs.


Linda Whetstone (Chairman)
Robert Boyd
John Blundell
Bridgett Wagner
Lawrence Reed


Julian Morris (Director, Policy and Outreach)
Roger Bate (Director, Media and Development)
Fernando Alessandri (Director, Latin America)
Amir Ullah Khan (Director, Asia)

Philippa Jeffery (Co-ordinator, Washington, DC)
Marcia Leighton (Co-ordinator, London)
Kendra Okonski (Co-ordinator, London)


IPN's work covers five broad areas, comprising numerous sub-areas:

  • economics: taxation, privatisation and competition policy.
  • sustainable development: biodiversity, climate change, resource management, land degradation, and water pollution.
  • sovereignty and globalisation: rules governing international trade, environmental protection and the Internet.
  • technology: the role of institutions such as intellectual property and product regulations, in stimulating or hindering new technological developments.
  • health: public health issues; the supply of health services; the regulation of medicines; the legal liability of medical practitioners.