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Saturday, January 5, 2002

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Tech-to-Go, held on January 5, 2002, was an overwhelming success. More than 2000 educators came together for an exciting and highly productive day. Among the speakers was Chancellor Harold O. Levy, Omar Wasow, an NBC technology corespondent for The Today Show, and Mark Gura, the director of the Office of Instructional Technology. The participants had a choice of 38 different workshops to attend. Each participant received a bundle of materials, including a Tech-to-Go CD-ROM that had summaries of the workshops, which is available by clicking here. Another special feature of the day was a morning slideshow that highlighted nearly 200 teaching tips, websites, and technology facts. Download it by clicking here.

The Tech-to-Go conference was produced by the Office of Instructional Technology and sponsored by Converge Magazine.