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Ontario government improves provincial highway numbering

    TORONTO, Feb. 11 /CNW/ - To make highway navigation simpler for
motorists, the Ontario government will renumber portions of six provincial
highways, Minister of Transportation Brad Clark announced today.
    "An efficient transportation system is crucial to Ontario's continuing
growth and economic prosperity. We are committed to making travel safe,
reliable and convenient for drivers," Clark said. "This initiative supports a
broader provincial-municipal strategy announced in the Throne Speech that will
improve highway continuity across the province."
    Ontario is working with municipalities and other stakeholders to
determine how best to achieve this goal.

    The six provincial highways to be renumbered are:
    - Highway 86 in Waterloo;
    - Highways 11, 11B and 65 through New Liskeard, Haileybury and Cobalt;
    - Highways 7A, 28 and 134 in Peterborough;
    - Highways 89 and 23 in Wellington County;
    - Highways 118 and 121 in Haliburton area; and
    - Highway 67 in Iroquois Falls.

    In addition, the province will install Highway 403 symbols, next to the
Queen Elizabeth Way symbols, on the QEW in Oakville and Burlington. This
"overlap", signing will connect the separate sections of Highway 403 in
northeast Oakville and west Burlington. The signs will be installed in 2002.
    Notice of the six highway-numbering changes will be posted on the
affected highways in the spring of 2002. To give the public time to adjust to
the changes, the new numbers will not be installed until spring 2003; former
signs will be left in place until spring 2004. The 2004 Ontario Road Map will
reflect the new highway numbers.
    This initiative will benefit local and long-distance travellers by
resolving highway numbering inconsistencies, reducing driver confusion and
increasing safety. Ontario has the safest roads in Canada and the second
safest in North America. Maintaining this excellent safety record is a top
priority of the province.

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