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"Jess Stairs" <Jstairs@pahousegop.com>

Subject:         Appropriations Chairmanship

Before we vote for Appropriations Chairman, embarrassing
questions must be addressed.  We hear about "buying votes" and
accusations of a pending indictment.  What is going on?  We need
an answer.  We have a "right to know."  Leadership must level with
us and tell us we have not done anything wrong.  

Am I a serious candidate, you ask?  I am as determined as General
Patton - fair as you would like people to treat you - and I am not a
"milk-toast" who is ready to hide when the heat is turned up.  

Why am I a candidate?


Leadership should not get involved and tell us how to vote in a
Caucus election.  If the slate is so good and as necessary as they
say, for the budget adoption and November success, isn't the
Caucus smart enough to vote for them without being told?  Are we
that dumb - naïve - incapable - and need to be lead to the ballot


Whether improper activities occurred or not, it looks bad.  The
Appropriations Chairman cannot be a fundraiser for HRCC - if it
looks like a duck, walks like a duck and quacks like a duck - it's a


Whether you like me or my voting record or not, I can handle the
tough job ahead.  This is going to be a budget like "77" and "91"
except the ball is now in our court.  I can go "toe to toe" and "face to
face" with DeWeese and Evans.  I don't know if they like me but
they respect me because I am a fighter and will not take their "guff."

John Perzel is a city fellow and fights like an alley cat.  I will join
him as a country boy and fight like a barn cat.

So many times on issues, we bought the votes and won but they
made us look like fools and outclassed us.  

During these tough days ahead, we must win the votes while
projecting favorably to the voters.  This will put us in a winning
position on election day.  

I have been battle scarred and toughened by being Education
Chairman and I am ready*"let's roll!"  

I have served 26 years in a "D" district and have handled all the
"crap" the D's threw at me.  I am a farmer used to working long
hours, hard work, and I can throw manure with the best of them!  

My commitment is to clean up our act, get through the budget and
win in November.   I am your friend and when I look you in the eye,
you can count on my word.  

As they say in the country, I will be as clean as a hound's tooth!"

Your colleague,