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06/17/2002 03:07 PM

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  PowerMax Error Codes - What does it mean?
  This document describes Maxtor's PowerMax diagnostic / error codes and the action a user should take when a failure condition is encountered.

Note: Do not run PowerMax from within a GUI environment (ie from a Windows desktop window), as this can make the test results inaccurate. Please remove any other hard drives you might have in your system which you don't want to test and overwrite.
  When the PowerMax diagnostic is executed and encounters a failure condition during testing, it will display a six or three digit alphanumeric diagnostic code. The six digit validation codes were added to the program for end-user warranty replacement purposes only.

Users with Six Digit Error Codes:
  • If you receive a six digit error code with an S57 at the end (xxxS57), it is recommended that you run the Write Disk Pack (Low-Level Format) option from the PowerMax utility.
    Warning: The write disk pack option will erase all data on the drive, so please backup all your data before choosing this option.

    Note: When running the 90-second quick test, we have found that the S57 error code may display even if there is no actual failure within the drive. This is a problem with the PowerMax diagnostic software and is currently being investigated for a future fix. If the Write Disk Pack option (low-level format) is executed successfully, and the error code with S57 still appears after re-running PowerMax, then the code is valid and the drive should be replaced.

  • If you receive a six digit error code with an MX1 (xxxMX1) at the end, this means that either the drive is not supported by PowerMax or you should try testing the drive on another IDE/ATA bus.

  • All other six digit error codes indicate that the drive should be replaced. The PowerMax diagnostic will typically provide a short description regarding the test that failed. However, there are no "user-serviceable" or field replaceable parts on the hard drive. Therefore all drives with a valid six digit code should be replaced.

    For information on warranty status and drive replacement (RMA) please visit our
    Warranty Information Page

Users with Three Digit Error codes:

Three digit error codes refer to issues other than the drive. Please refer to the table below.
Error CodeAction
004*Cabling/Jumper Configuration Problems
005*BIOS doesn't support capacity and/or LBA not enabled in BIOS.
006*No Partition Detected
008*Testing a Non-Maxtor/Quantum Drive

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