21:00, May 26, 2002, Taipei, Taiwan - China Airlines will send a flight at 20:00 tonight to Makung. The flight will carry 158 relatives and serving staff departing Makung at 21:30 and arrive in Taipei at 22:30. The volunteer staff will provide one-on-one service to the relatives. China Airlines arranged a C130 carrier to Makung tonight to carry six bodies back to Taipei. Senior Vice President James Chang will lead China Airlines staff to pay respect to them. The bodies will be stored at a funeral parlor in Taipei.

    So far all passenger flights remained unchanged. A compensation team led by Senior Vice President James Chang has been set up. The team will meet with relatives and insurance companies to decide the amount of compensation for each casualty. Although the finance operation will face much challenge, Mr. Chang asserted that China Airlines will do its best for the compensation operation.

    DNA checking with the found bodies has begun. Relatives of the casualties are invited to conduct the blood test at Criminal Investigation Bureau of National Police Administration and another two places for the cause of DNA checking between 8:30 a.m. and 9:30 p.m.

    Telephone number of China Airlines' Commanding Center in Makung is 06-9212163 ext. 918880. The phone and fax numbers of Relative Service Center in Makung are as follows:
Tel: 06-9228001~3, 06-9228005~13, 06-9228015~21 Fax: 06-9228022